2024: The End of Elections -- or of Election Fraud?

Try this:  Trump’s popularity and national fatigue with leftist outcomes -- transgender beer, rampant crime, invasion of illegals -- and America has enough and gives Trump more votes than the other guy in 2024 -- obvious to all.

Then, the election is stolen!

The Trump campaign focuses on not getting screwed with ballot harvesting -- blind to the dozen other forms of fraud coming their way.

This is where the multilayered, 20-years-in-the-making, voter fraud swamp comes out from the deep with everything they have.  A first step is to rally at the Spy Museum to get all the players on the same page.

The Trump team focuses on ballot harvesting.  Behind them is the hapless Republican National Committee building a new, just-in-time year-round voter integrity group engineered to miss over 90% of the institutional voter fraud our collaborative teams found in 2021 and 2022.

What about the other dozen ways leftists have in place today to tilt the scales?

Election fraud infrastructure is layered and multifaceted -- it’s not simply about mail-in ballots.

Voter registration time-series data shows the active intercession of governmental election commissions altering data, illegally changing voter rolls, and giving non-government, leftist actors illegal access to voter rolls during elections -- thus rigging elections. 

Current technology employed by Trump and the RNC cannot see any of it -- as we proved in the Kari Lake election.

Our team found active voter commission interference in the data in Arizona and Wisconsin elections.  Both swing states. 

United States Government agencies are undermining federal elections. 

Members of our team interviewed U.S. Postal workers in Illinois and Wisconsin -- learning they regularly collect loose mail-in ballots for Democrat operatives -- by the tens of thousands.  They toss returned Republican-area ballots into the trash. They actively work with leftist organizations to make sure only leftist-area ballots are in play.

Organizations like ERIC collect the names of 16-year-olds to be registered the day they turn 18.  This information is out of reach for Republicans -- but leftists can use it years before new voters appear on the rolls. States like Texas, shamefully, still use ERIC. Virginia courageously just checked out.

If Trump is the nominee, we know he is blind to most of the institutionalized voter fraud which will overwhelm him regardless of winning vote margins in seven swing states. 

Trump historically surrounds himself with mediocre people, who in the clutch disappoint, fail, or betray him. These mediocrities advised Trump to "out-ballot harvest" the leftists.  One day, we may learn who was Trump's "Fauci of ballot harvesting." We will remember her name.

Trump defines ballot harvesting as a get-out-the-vote campaign for Republican ballots. What about all the other ways leftists employed in 2020 and 2022 to win more ballots than votes?

Leftists define ballot engineering as manufacturing the ballots needed, monitoring election commission data in real time, and filling in the ballots required to win.  Illegal real-time visibility to election commission data helps a lot. The RNC ignores all these illicit but effective techniques, then litigates after the steal. There's a big difference between the two strategies. 

The Trump team rousts the rurals, evangelicals, those few hundred thousand listless registrants who appear in the query: “who is on this state’s voter roll and didn't vote last time?”

Trump's organization hears from pastors that hundreds of thousands of evangelicals stayed home.  Perhaps they did.  Maybe Trump's team can convince churches to collect their ballots and call the more recalcitrant ones. 

This may get Trump more ballots than he would receive without the activity.  It is absurd to think this changes the 2024 election outcome.

The leftists play a different game.  They have a ballot-harvesting enterprise at an industrial scale -- funded for over a decade by Leftist NGOs.

In every swing state, we found from 5% - 18% of the voters with "anomalies." People 1,000 years old.  Registered at a restaurant.  Living in a place with no bedrooms.  Registered at a hotel -- and voting from there -- for the last five years.  Voters registered in an apartment building in 2016 that was constructed in 2020.  67-year-olds voting every year -- from a frat house!

This anomalous army is visible, but not to Trump -- he is stuck with the useless RNC voter rolls. 

Take any large population county in any swing state. Compare its voter roll against the corresponding property tax roll. You would think the voter rolls are from a different state than the property tax rolls -- which are the most secure, pristine store of information about what stands on a piece of dirt. Take multiple copies of voter rolls on different dates, compare every record against the rest, and watch leftist-area registrations swarm 150 days up to the election -- registrants disappearing afterward. Watch 41,000 inactive voters vote, then become inactive again a few weeks later.

We do it daily with Fractal technology. We collect these on our Undeliverable Ballot Database.

There are not enough evangelicals on the planet, nor enough Republicans who did not vote in 2022, to fill the gap between what Leftists will pile onto the ballot stack from collected loose ballots and what Trump can find in churches or riding tractors.

If Trump magically finds the winning margin, the swing state election commissions can -- again -- produce whatever ballots are needed to keep their state slightly out of reach.  Or they will change print settings in Republican voting precincts -- again!

Courts and district attorneys will ignore challenges. The media has a narrative for election fraud denial -- just like 2020 and 2022.

Trump is blind to the interwoven, myriad election fraud schemes -- he only heard about the mail-in ballot thing.  His campaign blissfully grasps the tool mediocrities would come up with -- try to out-ballot-harvest the pros. 

The outcome, as the data shows, is predetermined -- just like 2020 and 2022.

The more successful Trump is, the more he brings out GOP marginals in the seven swing states, the more the leftist fraud infrastructure digs into its endless batch of illegally collected ballots to stop him.

It will be obvious Trump won -- just like Kari Lake.  The crime will be too big to hide.  Most people will see in stark contrast -- important elections are rigged!

Many Americans missed the importance of the Kari Lake election and why it is a harbinger for 2024.

The Kari Lake election showed leftists will take an election won by a MAGA Republican -- probably by 5-7 points, and shut it down with election commissions screwing with printer settings, changing zip codes days before the election -- and nobody but Kari does anything about it.

Kari Lake’s election was stolen by several means -- ballot harvesting may not have been the most significant.

The Kari Lake election shows there is no constraint -- no pushback, no matter how egregious the leftists act.  Republicans, moderates, no-labels types, and Chardonnay moms bend over and take it -- let’s “just move on, let’s focus on the future.”

Kari Lake’s election is a one-state example of what leftists have in store for Trump in 2024.

When 2024 is stolen -- in broad daylight, with everyone seeing the crowds, the excitement, the late-breaking polls -- then leftists surprisingly win, again with some damaged leftist candidate who barely campaigned -- something will happen. 

Most Americans will get it -- finally!

The picture one sees daily of hooded youths carrying loot, in plain sight of the police or security, from the convenience store, the Target, the high-end boutique, with nobody intervening, becomes the picture of American national elections.

In 2024, the story morphs from Trump to the culmination of 20 years of metastasizing election fraud -- finally too obvious to ignore.

It is the Kari Lake thing writ large -- and important elections as Americans once knew them -- are history.

A great question awaits this outcome. 

What happens when Americans grasp important elections are fake? What will they do?

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine.  His team currently manages the largest real-time U.S. election database in existence with over 1.7 billion records and the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

He can be contacted at Omega4America.com, and his Twitter is @Omega4America

Image: Pexels, Vitezslav Vylicil

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