What Is Happening in Our Schools?

In March 2023, a 10th-grade teacher (and football coach) at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon asked students to describe their sexual fantasies in detail in two separate assignments.  One assignment was entitled "With Whom Would You Do It" and featured a spinning wheel labeled with pornographic classifications such as "anal penetration, oral sex, licking of the ear, and kissing."  In the second assignment, students were required to draw three written items from a hat and use them in their "Fantasy Story."  Items included such things as candles, massage oil, feathers, and syrup.  Upon hearing of the assignments, outraged parents appeared at a school board meeting expecting the board to take appropriate action against the teacher.  When the board denied that the assignments had even been given, parents demanded that the entire school board be removed.

This story raises a number of important questions.  For example, how is it possible for this situation to occur?  What kind of people are being hired to teach K–12?  Perhaps most importantly, why wasn't the teacher following the school curriculum?

The frightening answer is that the situation occurred because Marxism has taken over America's education system, and the teacher was, in fact, following the school curriculum.  While America's founding fathers are rolling in their graves over the current state of our nation, Karl Marx is having a heyday. 

One goal of Marxism is to separate children from their families, religion, nation, and culture.  Today's grandparents may remember the introduction of sex ed in public schools in the '60s and '70s.  It was a controversial issue and faced much opposition, though at the time, it appeared little more than a new twist on biology instruction.  In truth, however, the push for sex ed started in 1912, when the National Education Association (NEA) passed the first resolution for teacher training programs in sexuality education.  By 1940, sexuality education was declared an "urgent need" by the U.S. Public Health Service, and its purpose shifted from an anti-sex agenda to the sexual adjustment of individuals.

Despite the undeniable correlation between sex ed programs and increased sexual activity among teens, it didn't stop there.  Today, countless (countless!) organizations like Planned Parenthood, the American Public Health Association (APHA), and Sex Ed for Social Change (SIECUS) promote and write the curriculum for sex education in schools.  This curriculum include a handy Marxist toolkit, complete with forms and checkboxes mapping the agenda at every grade level and ensuring that the concepts are infused throughout every course, regardless of subject matter.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is one piece of the Marxist educational pie.  Distributed under titles such as sex, wellness, and mental health education, SEL is the delivery mechanism for indoctrination, normalization, and brainwashing processes to occur.  Ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT); Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE); Gender Identity (G.I.); and Queer Theory are interwoven throughout the curriculum.  Data-mining uses computer applications like Rhithm to routinely conduct seemingly innocuous surveys to collect and report the mental, emotional, and social health status of each child.  But the surveys are not innocuous, and the data collected are readily manipulated to justify implementation of socialist policies.  For example, survey data may be used to decide that a child needs mental health counseling, and, at age 14, children may receive mental health counseling without parental knowledge or consent, including issues related to gender ideologies.  For more information on data-mining and surveys, please check out Rhithm online.

Parents are busy.  We have jobs, homes, family, pets, and never enough time in a day.  We come to trust or believe we need to trust our government (the one who collects our tax dollars) to provide certain resources such as free education for our kids.  But today, we're getting a sickening feeling that things are not what they appear to be.  A little research online reveals the magnitude of the problem.  Powerful global organizations are promoting and normalizing the adoption of these Marxist methodologies.  It may be difficult, even impossible for everyone to do something or anything.  But knowing the truth is a great first step.

For more information on the SIECUS platform, check out its "Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten through 12th Grade."  "Kindergarten"?  But never fear!  The Guidelines have "been developed by a national task force of experts" and approved and adopted by our very own Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Key Concepts include Sexuality and Society, Gender Identity and Roles, Sexual Identity, Sexuality and the Law, Sexuality and Religion, Diversity, Masturbation, and Sexual Fantasy.  Yes, "Sexual Fantasy."

So the teacher and coach in Eugene, Oregon surely felt justified in sharing his own perversion with a class of 10th-grade children.  Even school counselors are instructed on ways to "push gender theory and intentionally put a wedge between parents and children."  In other words, whatever ideas parents have regarding "sexuality and their child," schools are teaching things they won't hear in church and certainly won't read in the Bible.

For more information on what's happening in our schools and what you can do, I recommend the website "Courage Is a Habit."

Image: jarmoluk via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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