Trump Is American Freedom's Indispensable Man

In 1999 Colonels Qiao Laiang and Wang Xiangsui of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (Communist China) wrote the landmark book Unrestricted Warfare.  The essence of the colonels' thinking was their adoption of Machiavelli's thought as applied to war and expanding the concept of war beyond the clash of armed forces:

Achieve objectives by means fair or foul, that is the most important spiritual legacy of this Italian political thinker of the Renaissance.  In the Middle Ages, this represented a breakthrough against romantic chivalry and the declining tradition of knighthood.  It meant using means, some possibly comprehensive, without restraint to achieve an objective; this holds for warfare also.  Even though Machiavelli was not the earliest source of "an ideology of going beyond limits" (China's Han Feizi preceded him) he was its clearest exponent. (p. 154)

For now, Joe Biden is the face of the domestic enemy waging unrestricted warfare on the United States.  One must wonder, given his conflicts of interest, what coordination may exist between Biden and the Chinese Communist Party.

The history of this war was chronicled in the late Rich Higgins's memo to President Trump, Michael Anton's accurate 2020 analysis of the unfolding plan to oust President Trump and replace him with Biden in a color revolution coup and the infamous 2021 Time article by Molly Ball, which was the coup-plotters' after-action report to conquer America.  Many details of the successful overthrow of the 2020 presidential election are set forth in the Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona; in the first-person account of Overstock founder Patrick Byrne; and in the separate analyses by Peter Navarro and Seth Keshel.

Taken in its totality, the scope and scale of this unrestricted warfare attack on the United States dwarfs the perceptions of those who continue to believe that legacy media censorship played a pivotal role in stealing the election from President Trump and the American people.  Although the information warfare against Trump undoubtedly had an effect, the totality of the evidence and analysis already cited makes it clear that Trump overcame it to win at least five million more votes than Biden.  And that is a conservative number.

Joe Biden was crushed in a popular and electoral vote victory for Trump, even though only readers of the New York Post and Breitbart knew about the "laptop from hell."  The victory was so large that corrupt election officials in the battleground states found it necessary to halt the counting in the middle of the night to allow for the injection of millions of fake votes.  The enemies determined to defeat the United States in the Battle of the 2020 Election created (and probably flipped) enough votes to erase President Trump's victory.

The patriots at the Capitol on January 6 were there not to overthrow the election, but to defend it.  They failed.  The decision of Congress to count manifestly fake electoral votes for Biden appears to be final and unreviewable under the Constitution.

For the past two years, the Biden cabal has waged an intensive information war on the United States.  But now the tide is turning.

The accelerating criminal use of federal law enforcement and prosecutors for political intimidation makes it more obvious to Americans (along with the mountain of video, eyewitness, forensic, and statistical evidence) that the 2020 election was stolen on an industrial scale.  After all, Biden's people continue to behave in the same brazen, criminal way as they did for a year before he was installed in the presidential office.  Their current behavior serves to validate for Americans that Biden stole the election.  Most Americans believe that the legacy media are using the big lie tactic, not President Trump.

Perhaps most telling is that in March, the singles "Justice for All" (President Trump and the J6 Choir of political prisoners) and "Trump Won" (Natasha Owens) topped the music charts.

The American people are rejecting the lies of the illegitimate Biden regime and the legacy propaganda press.

Leaders such as Mark Levin, Tom Fitton, and Mike Davis all recognize, without using the terminology, that unrestricted warfare is being waged on the United States.  They have each called for Republican prosecutors to search state laws and bring the criminal law to bear on the domestic enemies of the United States.  Speaking to the NRA on April 14, President Trump promised to bring 100 warrior United States attorneys into this struggle when he returns to the White House in 2025. 

Victor Davis Hanson recently reminded us how vulnerable, in general, our enemies are, with 20 examples of perfidy.  Hanson is pointing to the tip of the iceberg.  While Biden's team of outlaw prosecutors, federal and state, have to lie and file frivolous papers to persecute Americans, their cabal is exposed by its criminal acts to future criminal prosecution.  It is unlikely that these people will be shown again the forbearance they received after the 2016 election.

Serious plans to put the Executive Branch under the control of the American people in 2025 are underway.  The Heritage Foundation leads a coalition effort called the 2025 Presidential Transition Project to assemble the policy, personnel, and program to dismantle the Deep State.  The America First Policy Institute has a parallel project to staff the next administration with competent people who will energetically execute the policy of the next president.  A study of how to staff the next administration was described by the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees' founder, Troup Hemenway, in a recent Newsweek op-ed

New York County district attorney Alvin Bragg's frivolous indictment of President Trump provided what Lara Logan described as a "clarifying moment," where the nation sees who the enemy is and sees President Trump as our defender.

At this moment in history, President Trump is freedom's indispensable man.

As General MacArthur returned to the Philippines to drive out an evil tyranny and clear the way for the freedom and democracy promised by America, so will President Trump return to the White House in January 2025 and restore to America the democratic constitutional republic taken from us by our totalitarian enemy during the grim election attack of 2020.

Peter Knickerbocker served in the Trump administration at the Department of Defense.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Correction: Patrick Byrne is the founder of Overstock, not eBay.  We regret the error.

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