Trump at the Gates

A few days ago, we heard from William Barr, D.C. lifer, former attorney general of the United States, and elections savant.  Barr made a prediction about Trump’s fate, via Fox News and the Murdochs, who hate the former president with a passion.  Or, at least, Fox board member and quisling, Paul Ryan, does.  How outsized Ryan’s influence is on the Murdochs is anyone’s guess.  Or, since Ryan is so spineless, maybe it’s the other way around.    

Bill Barr is less a savant than a channeler of D.C. conventional wisdom.  Here’s Barr parroting his D.C. chums, from Fox News, April 9:

"I think ultimately the savvy Democratic strategists know [the Manhattan District Attorney's Office probe] is going to help Trump, and they want him to be the nominee because he is the weakest of the Republican candidates, the most likely to lose again to Biden," Barr said on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday.  

Where to start unpacking Barr’s stupidity? Or rather D.C.’s stupidity, which abounds.  D.C. is an echo chamber and all they do is talk among themselves and run with whatever line emerges.     

First, Barr credits “savvy Democratic strategists,” whom he claims had something to do with Alvin Bragg indicting Trump as part of their master plan to maneuver 45 into the GOP nomination. 

Goes the scenario: Trump then loses in ’24 to old Joe, an obviously frail, mentally deteriorating then 81-year-old who even now tries to shake invisible hands, falls too routinely, babbles, takes incessant stage direction, and shuffles -- not strides.  He hangs out a lot at his Delaware digs and eats tons of ice cream, like many dementia sufferers tend to.  Old Joe is going to be better off physically and mentally a year from now?

Tucker Carlson mentions Gavin Newsom as nomination timber.  Newsom, the failed governor of the long-gone “Golden State.”  Newsom is a younger, maybe even more incompetent and rabidly partisan left-wing version of Old Joe.  Newsom would double down on Biden’s disasters.   

Perhaps brilliant Democrat strategists pulled the strings of the clearly vacuous Manhattan DA, but to what avail? 

Bragg is merely the latest to advance a “Get Trump” ploy.  Democrats have tried to waylay Trump since he announced for the presidency in the autumn of 2015.  Anyone with eyes can see that there was no overarching strategy other than nailing the Donald in the moment

The Mueller special counsel investigation ate clock and spent $32 million of taxpayer money, only to report that no there was there.  Two goofy Pelosi-driven impeachments made impeachment a toothless, highly politicized gesture.  The January 6 “insurrection” is, with every new revelation, being laid bare as a political hit job by Democrats and by two Republicans pawns, venal and dumb Liz Cheney and equally spiteful and idiotic Adam Kinzinger.    

The Democrats’ machinations were piecemeal.  Every one of their nefarious gambits were thwarted by a wily street fighter, Trump himself.  Even the Great Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid by administration strongarms (aka, the FBI), is floundering, though the DoJ, led by the wormish Merrick Garland, is trying -- in vain, to date -- to play angles to make the charge stick -- while, mind you, one-foot-in-his-grave Joe Biden escapes his egregious mishandling of classified documents (Joe wasn’t president when he actually violated the law).

There’s no law that prevents Trump from running for president while fending off  Bragg’s lame prosecution -- if Bragg gets that far.  Or Dekalb County, Georgia’s “Get Trump” ploy, run by another partisan prosecutor, Sherry Boston.  What’s Georgia’s Republican AG, Chris Carr, going to do about that? 

Alvin Bragg’s “34-count indictment” of Trump is so paper-thin and tenuous legally that, even if the Democrat-run judicial system in rotting New York City and New York state, fails to overturn whatever Hate Trump Democrat jurists decide, a fairer federal court (up to SCOTUS) will. 

Weaponizing the law is a bold act of intensifying cold war.  Red state DAs better screw up their courage and join the fight.  Congressman Jim Jordan is working in that direction. He’s starting to put the screws to Bragg’s banana republic attempted takedown of a political opponent, which, if successful, would, finally, heave the nation into no-holds-barred conflict.  Emboldened Democrats won’t stop at Trump. 

Ending this means fighting fire with fire, and with better cause.  Red State AGs and DAs must join the war, indicting rogue Democrats for apparent violations of law.  Only reprisals with legal justification -- and there is plenty of fertile ground – will stop the madness and prevent the country from pitching into catastrophe.               

And another strike against Biden, his corrupt establishment handlers, and their “Marxist” administration functionaries, whose governance and policies are currently separate disasters (older but relevant list hyperlinked) barreling toward crises.  A series or convergence of crises are very much on the table.  Either way, the hammer blows to the republic could be unrecoverable.  A second Biden -- or Newsom -- term would ice the cake. 

Unending spin and gaslighting by the dim and untalented press spokes-of color-lesbian, Karine Jean-Pierre, and true reptilians like John Kirby, who knowingly, shamelessly lies and gaslights like an old Soviet flak, can’t forestall or divert the hard realities heading our way.  Reality is a cruel master and always wins in the end.  Amping up the lies will not register with Americans in the throes of surging, acute pain.   

Here’s news that Barr and all the inbreds in D.C. can use: Between now and when the 2024 General Election mail-in ballots start dropping -- and Democrats hanker to cheat -- much will transpire across the nation and globally.  Some variables can be accounted for, many cannot.  Some might send us reeling if we knew.  Good news?  Not very likely, but who knows? 

The stock-in-trade for D.C. strategists and talking heads is making prognostications for 2024.  Have at it; DCers love money.  But they never saw Trump emerging in 2015. 

How about Obama beating the Democrats’ resident witch, Hillary Clinton in 2008?  In 2020, Biden looked like a doddering blip until the rest of the Democrat field proved to be Lilliputians (what does that tell you about that scrap, Old Joe?).  Kamala Harris was the thing; she had “of color,” female gravitas, only to prove a complete babbling moron, enough to gain a place on Biden’s ticket.  DCers may have called that one right.  Birds of a feather. 

Let’s close by offering guesswork, not predictions.  Will Trump secure the GOP nomination, as Barr claims?  Likely, but not because Democrat geniuses maneuvered Bragg into indicting him.  They aren’t that clever. 

All the Bragg indictment has accomplished is to galvanize Trump’s already passionate base.  Democrats and Bragg aren’t chess players thinking three moves ahead; they just want to bag Trump now.  Their generation is about instant gratification, not patient, studied strategy.   

Trump’s massive base will turn out in large numbers during the primaries and caucuses because they see an obvious wrong and will rally around their man.  Again, much can change. 

The establishment GOP has been reduced to a rump, thanks to America First, and are -- as Mitch McConnell proved -- appendages of the D.C. establishment and the Democrat Party.  Bloodless Democrats aren’t going to pull petting zoo Republicans’ nuts out of any fire.   

As to fifty general elections, many bets are off.  Since 2019, Democrats, the establishment, and left have worked expertly in skewing election playing fields.  They prewired local election offices (they who count the votes) using “Zuckerbucks,” in part, and through other massive amounts of dark money; by enacting COVID emergency measures ramming through mail-in balloting with no accountability (like IDs -- and with the full compliance of scared, witless RINOs); and through alleged in-election ballot-stuffing (see Dinesh D’Souza’s blackballed 2000 Mules).

So, if Trump is nominated -- or DeSantis or any of the current also-rans -- that’s the hostile environment they face. 

God help Trump, DeSantis, or whoever.  God save the Republic. 

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith.  He also blogs at Flyover.  He’s recently returned to Twitter.  His Twitter handle is @JRobertSmith1.

Image: National Archives

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