Transgenderism Stripped Naked

There is no such thing as transgender because there is no such thing as gender outside of grammar. Feminist theorists like the late Kate Millet pilfered the term from linguistics, where it refers to the practice in many languages (if not English) of labeling nouns, adjectives and, sometimes, verbs, as either masculine, feminine, or neuter. “Gender” was chosen to name an imaginary, inner identity that can be either male or female or a mixture of both having no necessary connection to a person’s anatomy. And never mind that no medical expert can locate its source in the brain or body. Whatever the “transgender” person is feeling, it is no more tangible than a dream or fantasy.

Before the invention of the term “transgender,” “transexual,” a.k.a. “sex change” was in fashion, though no one ever has been changed into the opposite sex. No male has ever been surgically fitted with a working womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc. The first surgeons who tried to transform a man into a woman were doctors in 1920s “Cabaret” Germany. It is a fair bet that the mad Dr. Mengele at Auschwitz knew of that operation before he executed his satanic “medical” experiments on captive, helpless Jews.

Likewise, no woman has ever been implanted with seed-producing testes and a working male member.

Actually, before the birth of “transgender” and “transsexual”—the honest term was transvestite, meaning one wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, and understanding the mental disorder of “transgender” requires a basic understanding of the uniquely human behavior—among all G-d’s creatures—of wearing clothes. 

Image: Addiction (edited) by Waewkidja.

Contrary to what one might think, clothes were not invented to protect man from the elements. In the Garden of Eden, as in Polynesia, you didn’t need clothes. Their invention answered a wholly psychological need, i.e., something in the realm of human experience that has no material existence in our three-dimensional universe. The word psychological comes from the Greek psyche, meaning soul (as the Greeks understood it) and, like a dream or fantasy, it is wholly intangible. No psychiatrist has an instrument to peer into a dream; he can only listen to the patient’s report. 

Such is the current abuse of the word “gender.” Indeed, all ideas in the mind and feelings in the heart have no concrete existence. G-d Himself invented clothes to remedy the discomfort of shame that His highest creations felt when they discovered they were exposing their organs of reproduction and evacuation. (Genesis 3:21) 

The Bible also records that 2,447 years later, when the Israelites were given the Five Books of Moses at Mount Sinai, those volumes prohibit not only two men from engaging in a fake version of normal, healthy, procreative intercourse with a woman -- mistaking another man’s colon for a womb as the place to deposit his seed—the Books also prohibit men and women from wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. (Deuteronomy 22:5).

Now, fast forward from Mt. Sinai in the year 1313 BCE to schools today that invite men dressed and made up as women to dance lewdly in front of little children. Although, to be honest about it, human entertainment has long included men dressed as women, eliciting in the audience nervous and sometimes hysterical laughter.

Why is that? One reason may be that it incarnates the titillating, mythical fantasy of a hermaphrodite (not to be confused with a newborn with physical birth defects) -- that is, an imaginary person with both sex organs capable of having sex with himself. As the Greeks taught us, Narcissus fell in love with his own image in a pool of water and his fate was to pine away, dying alone and childless, because of his unrequited love for himself. 

So-called transgenderism is a mental disorder, a variety of pathological narcissism. We also know from the Bible that so-called homosexual behavior and cross-dressing have been around since the ages of Abraham and Moses respectively, which texts refute any psychological theory that mental disorders result from some kind of trauma or events, when the Bible says nothing of trauma. 

These behaviors seem to be, so to speak, factory-installed. They are temptations-in-potential at birth. Some people become addicted to them, but most do not. They are as much an innate part of the human condition as the unfortunate human behaviors of lying, stealing, killing, and committing adultery. This is evident from the Ten Commandments because seven of them begin “Thou shalt not….” That’s because you will want to.

By donning women’s clothing, a man tricks the brain into thinking there has been a union of male and female in conjugal embrace, and the brain starts pumping out pleasure hormones, including endorphins, a term verbally related to morphine, from which heroin is synthesized. Endorphins are one’s internally produced “morphine” that, like heroin, can be addictive. People become addicted to their own pleasure hormones in a class with other opioids. The transvestite is in conjugal embrace with himself, and it keeps flooding him with pleasure hormones 24/7. Common among these addicts is the behavior of staring at one’s image in a mirror for hours on end.

Transgender is a word in a list of similarly dishonest neologisms meant to camouflage the perverse misuse of the organs of reproduction and evacuation. “Gay” began as code among those on the prowl for partners, and it is a fearful sign of the times that it is now the preferred term, when it is a lie. Too many of the “gays” are anything but gay.

The historical record also suggests that even the word “homo-sexual” was invented as camouflage in late 19th century Germany, at a time when German academics were debunking the Bible as a fraud. This was the age of Friedrich Nietzsche declaring, “God is dead” and, in universities, the Five Books were dissected by the “Higher Criticism” to prove they are not the words of G-d.

In this spiritual atmosphere, the concept of sodomy seems to have been rebranded as too religious, too judgmental and was replaced by “homo-sexual” as a pseudo-scientific, pseudo-medical/psychiatric term, when, on reflection, it makes no sense. Homo means same, and two members with the same anatomy cannot engage in sex.  What homosexuals do cannot be called that because it has nothing to do with procreation. It is all hedonism, the pleasure of procreation without the procreation.

Today’s plague of “transgenderism” is more verbal deception for a behavior as old as Moses. The term’s purpose is to claim that being “transgender” is something a person is born with when there is no physical proof of that. It is one of a string of propagandistic, dishonest euphemisms such as “gay sex” (sodomy), “oral sex” (fellatio), “gender dysphoria” (when there is no such thing as gender), and “sexual orientation,” implying there is more than one way to do it, when there is not (unless one redefines it as nothing but pleasure). Every letter in the LGBT-etc. series stands for another deviant activity having nothing to do with making babies. What cancel culture has done is cancel sexual deviance as a psychiatric malady. 

Dare we imagine that the sorry state of America today could be divine retribution from the G-d Who created clothes, in response to the death of moral judgment in the sex life of His greatest creation, which punishment includes a president who his first day in office issued his support for sexual perversity?

And now we have suffered from the diabolical eruption of massacres perpetrated by homicidal “transgender” maniacs.

Sha’i ben-Tekoa is the author of PHANTOM NATION: Inventing the “Palestinians as the Obstacle to Peace and podcasts at

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