Obama Bad; Biden Worse

Barack Obama was a bad president, but Biden is even worse, writes Christopher Roach at American Greatness.

Let's face it, as America's First Black President, Barack Obama had the opportunity of the ages to put racial animosity to bed, and start a new age of comity. But he didn't.

Optimism surrounded his election, and even many opponents were hopeful that his victory would demonstrate to both white and black Americans that extreme racial tensions were a thing of the past and no longer a consuming national problem…

But no.

[Obama] never hesitated to criticize white Americans in general… and race relations were noticeably worse at the end of his term than they were at the beginning of it.

Then there's Biden:

Unimaginably, Joe Biden is a worse president than Barack Obama, a complete phony and a disaster in every way possible, as is the deep state that controls much of his agenda.

Why? Why didn't Obama make himself the Hope of the ages and Change racial animosity? Why has the "moderate" Biden supercharged the woke agenda from climate change to systemic racism?

My analysis comes down to two reasons.

First, in politics you must have an enemy. Otherwise, government has nothing to do.

Second, in politics you never admit you are wrong and you Made Things Worse. You always blame the enemy. See Reason One, above.

Let's apply Reason One to Obama and the race question. Why didn't Obama bury the hatchet? It's simple. Ever since Marx, our educated rulers have practiced an over/under political formula, where the ruling educated class rules as the Ally of the Oppressed in a war against the enemy oppressors. If the working class are no longer the oppressed du jour, then blacks must be defended against racists, women against sexists, gays against homophobes, and now transgenders against the mighty armies of J.K. Rowling. Otherwise, what's the point of politics for Barack?

Let's apply Reason Two to Biden and "worse." I say that just about everything that the educated ruling class has imposed upon the human race for the last century has Made Things Worse. Pay-as-you-go Pensions? The government's Social Security is going broke. Health care? Government has given it away for free to some people and made it insanely expensive for others. Welfare? Free government money has demolished the low-income family so that the men don't work much and the women don't marry much. Education? Education is now just about teachers getting paid to do nothing and contribute to Democrat campaigns. But free stuff!

Let's just assume that my analysis is right, that politics needs an enemy and that our modern government-centered pensions, healthcare and education have Made Things Worse. Would any woke progressive ever admit it? Not a bit of it. Transgenders are victims, period. If Social Security is in trouble it must be because of Evil Republicans that want to cut it. If health care is in trouble it must be because of greedy drug companies. If education is failing to educate black kids, it must be because of systemic racism.

And I don't mean that the progressives are being cynical and blaming Republicans. I mean that their saving faith tells them that they cannot be wrong and that their failures must all be the fault of the racist-sexist-homophobes on the far right.

Our modern educated ruling class can never be wrong. So they always find an enemy and blame them for the disaster issuing from the ruling-class policies.

Let's review the history of such disasters.

After the French Revolution with bread prices in the stratosphere the solution was to blame les aristos and guillotine them.

After the Bolshevik Revolution and failed Five Year Plans, the solution was to blame the kulaks for the lack of food, and "saboteurs and wreckers" for the failed industrial experiment, and then execute all the second-tier Soviet officials.

After the Maoist Revolution in 1949 Mao ran the Campaign to Suppress Counter-Revolutionaries in 1950, the Thought Reform Campaign against intellectuals and then the Loyalty and Honesty Campaign in 1951, the Anti-Rightist Campaign in 1957, then the failed Great Leap Forward and subsequent Great Chinese Famine, and finally the  Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, which started with the purging of top university officials in China -- usually with students beating them to death. After defeating all his enemies, Mao finally went to his well-deserved rest in 1976.

Hey, you DEI administrators! Suppose that Next President Hunter Biden needs to blame someone for the utter failure of U.S. education and sics all the woke trans kiddies on you, for a change? Think it couldn't happen? I'm sure that all the university presidents in China in 1965 thought the same thing.

Okay. So now we know why Obama was bad and Biden is worse.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? No contest: it's Mao ZeDong.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

Image: National Archives

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