Leftism and the Minions of Satan

As more Americans abandon God, evil gains a greater foothold in the U.S., working nonstop to demolish our constitutional republic.  While many people sense a hidden malignancy choreographing what's taking place, they can't identify it.  Make no mistake: ultimately, Satan is behind these efforts, using his deluded followers, both in and outside government, to lure Americans away from Christian values to fundamentally transform their hearts, minds, souls and ultimately the nation. 

Our forefathers, like John Adams, understood that the Constitution was written for a moral and religious people.  Reading the founders' original writings, and not just the four or five that current history books highlight, it is clear that they chose the general principles of  Christianity outlined in the Bible as the best foundation on which to base that morality.  Absent a biblical God, our nation's morality is being rebuilt upon Satan's deception that the force of government can establish utopia on Earth using man-made values.  But without God's absolute truths, the nation and many of its people are unstable, providing government opportunities to exercise tyrannical powers, silence our faith, and steal our God-given rights.

Positioned in and outside government, Satan's enablers are plentiful and not afraid to attack anyone who threatens their agenda to attain such power, particularly Christians and MAGA-supporters.  From Obama labeling millions of Americans bitter clingers of their guns and religion to Hillary's desire to change America's basket of deplorables' religious beliefs, they do not hide their revulsion of those who trust God over government.  Biden's administration and its supporters are not at all different, embracing and giving voice to a multitude of Satan's lies, often twisting the Bible in their thirst to defy God, satisfy their lusts, and advance their political agenda.

Like the snake in the Garden of Eden, Biden, lies about his past; employs twisted biblical doctrine and imagery to get his way; and if that doesn't work, slings verbal abuse at his adversaries.  For example,  in Biden's Hitleresque speech on January 1, 2022, titled "Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation," he alludes to 1 John 1: 5-6 when claiming to be the guardian of truth and light against  MAGA darkness.

Evidence proves the opposite.  Look no farther than Biden administration's Transgender Day of Visibility comments on March 31, 2023, claiming that transgenders, in their delusional and mutilated selves, are image-bearers of God.  In reality, God made man and woman unique with different qualities to complement each other.  But Biden and his ilk want to substitute God's truth with transgender idolatry, where a boy with XY chromosomes can destroy healthy body parts, take massive amounts of hormones, and become a fake girl, and vice versa.  When their Frankenstein experiments go wrong, they scapegoat Christians for the failure of their evil actions, call for vengeance against anyone holding biblical worldviews, and declare the Bible hate speech and Christians the biggest threat to the nation.

Another twisting of God's truth is their white privilege/white supremacy mantra that labels today's whites, particularly white Christian men, as dangerous sinners and oppressors, with government as the redeemer and equalizer.  In reality, God proclaims that all have sinned and are in need of Christ as their Savior.  Mocking God, they usurp His rainbow, a covenant of peace after judging sin and, in its place, flood the world with messages of the rainbow as God's sign for inclusion and acceptance of all deviant behavior.  

In truth, while God is patient and wants all to come to Him, although repentance and a turning away from sin toward God through Jesus is needed. As Paul the Apostle clearly states in Romans, God's grace is not license to continue in sin.  

Although God warns against pride, leftists wear it as a badge of honor and even set aside Pride Month to flaunt their debauchery.  Since God is the author of all creation, he knows each one of us from the depths of our mothers' wombs and calls us His beloved and worthy of life.  They respond that unborn babies are just clumps of cells and a constitutional right exists to kill them, regardless of gestation period.  Furthermore, they encourage the murder of anyone who stands in the way of their child sacrifices.  Therefore, in their delusions, abortion is health care.  Yet at the same time, they push gun control on legal gun-owners, justifying their power grab with false concern that if it saves just one person, then it is worthy!  Finally, they want to remove parents' God-given stewardship of His children and give that authority over to the government to mold children into like-minded freaks partaking in their abnormal behaviors.

As an outward sign of Biden's faithfulness to Satan's idolatry, he filled government positions with deluded perverts.  To ensure that Satan's collaborators remain unchallenged, the Biden administration coordinated with outside groups to label opposition voices as disinformation and aggressively silenced them.  With the justice system under the same influence, the Biden administration attacks and persecutes with gusto its political enemies and unyielding citizens, including Christians, who won't bow down to their dangerous idolatry.   The continued unequal application of the law to further Satan's agenda without much resistance is a direct result of the effectiveness of the Biden administration's coordinated messaging with other Satan disciples.  It is further aided by the failure of Congress and the Judicial Branch to uphold their constitutional duties, either because they desire identical results as Biden's satanic followers or they are afraid of retribution if they resist.  As a consequence, the Biden administration has been emboldened to continue its persecution and expand its surveillance system against Americans it dislikes.

With Holy Week upon us, it is time for Christians to stop relinquishing our beliefs out of fear from retribution and vitriol.  Instead, put on the full armor of God to stand firm against the deteriorating culture, understanding that the more we voice God's truths to counter their lies, the greater their inner demons will scream, expecting to stop God.  But do not yield.  Instead, offer God's message of salvation, hoping it will plant a seed and move them toward God and away from Satan.  However, prudently realize that at some point, God gives Satan's unrepentant followers over to their depraved minds.

Given Satan's growing influence on American leaders and the dangers they pose, Christians should be encouraged by David, who picked up a stone to defeat Goliath.  His faith in God against overwhelming odds gives proof that God goes before us as our champion.  While God may not spare us from the effects of the storm, with God in the lead, we can stand confidently upon His truths and hold firm to our God-given rights against a godless government.  At the same time, we should warn those seeking unholy power,  "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?"

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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