Is 2024 Only A Mirage?

Victor Davis Hanson recently published an essay titled “Our French Revolution.” In it, he describes the cultural upheaval we are experiencing in America today and how we should view those presently in control of our government who clearly intend to destroy what America once was.  In short, we are in the midst of a modern-day Jacobin revolution.

Once again, however, left unsaid is what exactly should patriots be doing between now and the next elections in 2024 to stop this emerging tyranny before our nation reaches a point of no return. 

Every day, we hear from many patriots who tell us that we’ll be able to fix it all in 2024 when Trump is re-elected and we take the White House back from the Democrats.

But, to be safe, should we not be asking, is that a realistic strategy or only a form of group denial by some among us who refuse to accurately assess our present reality? The indictment of President Trump this week strongly suggests it very well could be the latter.

Set aside the legitimacy of the charges, whether President Trump will eventually emerge victorious over Alvin Bragg and even whether he would be your first choice to be our next President.  The fact is, the ruling elite now in power are aware that even if he is not convicted, under no circumstances can they ever risk his again regaining control of our federal government’s levers of power.  Those elitist members of the swamp know that to allow President Trump to return to the White House would likely expose them to being indicted, prosecuted, and most likely convicted by his administration for the crimes they have all committed in the course of their numerous malicious conspiracies to illegally interfere with our elections for the overall intentional purpose of overthrowing the administration of a duly elected President of the United States of America.

In pertinent part, Proverbs 28:1 tells us this truth: “A guilty man flees when no one is chasing…” Translated to the present circumstances: the elitists know that the indictment of President Trump last week not only motivated him to want to hold them accountable for the witch hunts they have plagued him with over the last six years, but has also opened for him the precedent he needed to be able to indict them for their crimes.  Moreover, all of President Trump’s persecutors no doubt have a very real fear of being held accountable should he regain power because they know in their hearts such retribution is something they would do if they were him.  Thus, whether or not President Trump would actually follow through with such a purge of these corrupt elitist criminals does not matter.  What does matter today is that they think he would, and they will therefore do anything they can between now and the next election to stop him.  Which, in turn, means that is all that should matter to all patriots right now, because it is that fear that will drive their actions to stop President Trump in his tracks between now and 2024.  All that is left is for patriots to anticipate the means by which these tyrants will attempt to accomplish this purpose, which is anyone’s guess at this point. 

Will the Democrats again attempt to rig the elections as Biden did in 2020?

Some may say, “We won’t let them do that again this time around.” But that assumes they will even care whether you witness their cheating in 2024, which, in turn, denies the truth that, at this point, they have become completely indifferent as to whether anyone even knows of their cheating any more.  This was clearly demonstrated in 2022 with the otherwise inexplicable upset of Kari Lake in Arizona and the equally inexplicable victory of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania.

Remember, these bad actors are also the folks who encouraged unethical federal prosecutors to callously force Jacob Chansley -- who posed no real threat to them whatsoever -- to enter a plea for four years in prison while they knowingly hid from him, his defense attorneys, and the court, the exculpatory videos that established his innocence.  In a fair world such prosecutors would be fired, disbarred, and sent to prison to take the place of the man they wrongfully forced to go there.

But so far, they haven’t been, and such is but one more example of justice wrongfully delayed that should be a warning to us all.

If such unethical -- and indeed, criminal -- federal prosecutors, and the tyrants they work for, would be so evil as to do that to a powerless man like Chansley who posed no real threat to them whatsoever, there is little doubt that such evil people will not hesitate to do far worse to prevent a presidential candidate like Trump from gaining victory and therefore, continue to insulate themselves from any accountability for their wrongs. 

All this to say that our hope that the 2024 elections will enable us to restore America’s greatness is very likely a mere mirage… and, it is to our peril -- as well as President Trump’s -- if we continue to deny it and do nothing now to challenge the tyranny before us.

Cliff Nichols is the author of A Barrister’s Tales, the curator of The American Landscape and the drafter of The Declaration of Liberty

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