If Only Our Tormentors Spoke Flyover

Society is a mess.  Western civilizational collapse nears.  On the bright side, though, politically incorrect underground humor is getting darkly hilarious.  Case in point:

Boomers: I can't believe I wore bell-bottoms.

GEN X: I can't believe I wore my hair like that.

Millennials: I can't believe I was Goth.

GEN Z: I can't believe I cut my d--- off.

It's funny because it's true, right?  Or perhaps it's sad because a percentage of America's youth would not only miss the joke, but also find it offensive.  I would rather shock the occasional brainwashed adolescent back to his senses, though, than pretend that it is sane and reasonable to stand idly by while children choose castration over dress-up!  Uff da.

Occasionally, some of our comment trolls will do one of those fake-exasperation digital shrugs and utter his/her/its belief that anybody not down with Marxist globalism is a dying fossil espousing irrelevance, and I think: "Dude, your generation is afraid of words, terrified of freedom, and can't tell boys from girls — that's not a recipe for survival!" 

You know what never goes out of fashion — whether you're twenty-five or one hundred and five?  Rugged individualism, unapologetic masculinity, take-no-s--- femininity, can-do spirit, and devotion to God.  Wherever those admirable traits abound, prosperity and population growth do, too.  Look back through history at the times now celebrated as filled with passionate intensity, intellectual explosion, artistic achievement, adventurous gusto, and untamable grit — nobody anywhere was obsessed with pronouns or cutting off his own...well, you know.  

It's strange that the "demographics is destiny" folks who wish to "cleanse" the West are the same ones who find procreation so icky.  Still, whenever I see a leftist exuberant about anyone over the age of thirty soon dying off, I know that he/she/it carries that broken totalitarian gene rife among eugenicists and genocidal butchers and shared by last century's Sanger, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Mao.  At the end of the day, "demographics is destiny" leftists are just the ones who would love to send two thirds of the population straight to the guillotine but lack the testicular fortitude to do anything but impatiently whine and wait.  That's what happens when you trade meat for soy, find blood and fisticuffs unsavory, and choose hormone therapy over strenuous activity.

The belief systems distinguishing ordinary Americans from their self-appointed ruling-class masters have become just too at odds to coexist (hee-hee).  Sometimes I think the only way to avoid almost certain future conflict would be to follow the practice of ancient tribes and exchange a small number of children to promote mutual peace between our starkly different clans.  That's essentially the model the "elites" already use against us, is it not?  Children across America get rounded up and sent to indoctrination camps called "public schools" that last thirteen or more years.  Those who show suitable promise to one day be obedient, faceless cogs in the ruling-class machine are encouraged to attend a four-year finishing school, during which time they receive a final round of intense "politically correct" brainwashing administered through a Pavlovian rewards system mixing celebrated groupthink with sexual experimentation, binge drinking, pharmaceutical dependence, and targeted rage.  Those who learn to repeat the right words and question nothing their government-corporate overlords tell them will find a stepladder of success leading to a life of bland mediocrity.  Those who perpetually follow orders and learn to punish freethinkers as "enemies" will be rewarded with Matrix-like tranquility and the self-assuring knowledge that allegiance to the State is for the "greater good."  After all, "demographics is destiny."  Oh yeah, and don't forget to cut your d--- off.

Just think how much better off we would all be if today's ruling class were similarly forced to send their children to middle-class homes for a period of no less than four years.  During that period, when blue-blooded progeny must survive in the wilds of "flyover" country, a healthy percentage might actually come to recognize just how insane the system of their ruling parents has become.  In the land where the smell of barbecued meat wafts through clean country air and the sound of gunfire means tomorrow's dinner menu is set, people learn the things that matter most through adventurous experience — not subservient indoctrination.  

Outsiders from Blue City Utopias would observe many strange new things.  For instance, it is not difficult at all to walk around with a loaded weapon without inadvertently firing it — just as it is not difficult to walk around with a stapler without stapling someone's forehead.  Even more startling, perhaps, they will find that robbers and other violent criminals tend to avoid locations where every able citizen is responsibly packing.  

It will no doubt come as a surprise to learn that ordinary Americans are not obsessed about an impending weather apocalypse brought about by monster trucks and John Deere equipment.  People liberated from Blue City groupthink learned long ago that climate fear-mongering has been part of D.C.'s imperial voodoo for over a century — seeking compliance by threatening ice ages, global warming, ocean floods, and tornadoes in illogical procession from one decade to the next as one ruling-class lie died after the next over time.  

In Blue City death traps, memories don't even last a year.  That's how billions of dollars in Black Lives Matter rioting and mayhem are flippantly excused, while January 6 is elevated to an "insurrection."  In "flyover" country, though, memories extend back through time and across generations.  People can tell you how much money was stolen from their great-grandparents when FDR closed the local bank.  They can tell you about every battle in every war their ancestors fought.  They can tell you when the railroad or some other interloper came through and swiped their family's land.  They can tell you about old cemeteries that time has otherwise forgotten and all the other great places to bury a body should the occasion ever arise.  If ruling-class children were forced to spend some time with ordinary Americans, they would learn that the suffering caused by errant, if not downright malicious, D.C. policymakers is remembered and recounted from one generation to the next.

They would also learn, no doubt, about real joy.  They would see what it means when family, faith, and community are held in higher esteem than the vapid "wisdom" of an already aging twenty-something pop star momentarily twinkling, while her handlers make a buck.  They would see that masculinity is a gift that is honed through character to provide strength and protection.  They would see that femininity is a gift that lays the foundations for future-building and the blessings of peace.  They would see that healthy, independent families create prosperous, self-sufficient towns.  They would see that religion is no "opiate of the masses," but rather a difficult yet rewarding path requiring commitment.  They would learn that only the selfish force strangers to warp their beliefs and that only the selfless possess the courage to remain calm when under attack.  They would come to realize that "flyover" country encourages peace and contentment because so many of its defenders value dignities and virtues that Blue Cities now lack.

Perhaps then our coming struggles could be avoided.  Perhaps then the ruling "elites" would understand that they are poking and prodding people who insist on not being ruled.  Perhaps those who screech about "diversity" would actually learn to be tolerant of those with whom they disagree.  Perhaps those who believe in all-powerful government would realize they stand no chance against people who believe in All-Powerful God.  At the very least, maybe they'd realize that they don't need to cut off their private parts to find love and happiness.

Image: pinkzebra via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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