How Could a Democrat Voter Learn the Truth?

I'm a lifelong Republican voter, born and raised in Massachusetts.  My Dad is a well informed, outspoken, rock-ribbed conservative republican.  I remember him putting a Barry Goldwater bumper sticker on our station wagon in 1964, when we lived in tough, blue-collar Worcester.  This man is afraid of nothing.  

I was afforded many opportunities to listen to lively political discourse at family events while I was growing up.  These people loved one another, so the discussions were never nasty or hurtful.  Most of the younger members of the family watching these discussions eventually gravitated toward being Republicans.  Family fights and ugly words would not have produced that result.  That was an important lesson.

It's no secret that deep-blue Massachusetts breeds rabid leftist ideologues — it's the state's chief export (and I do mean chief).  However, those people aren't anywhere near the majority in Massachusetts, even though they run the place.  The fact is, these people aren't the majority anywhere, though they try to convince us otherwise. 

Here is the problem in a nutshell.  Most Democrat voters don't realize that leftist idealogues have hijacked the Democrat party, actively pushing traditional Democrat politicians out.  They don't yet understand that the Democrat party they knew doesn't exist anymore.  Almost all of the major news organizations work together to lie to Democrat voters and feed them misinformation constantly.  Corrupted government entities like the FBI and the DOJ, and the leftists running all social media, have worked together to censor and silence any dissenting voices.  The goal is to create a false reality in the eyes of Democrat voters and shield them from the truth.  This is vital to ensure their continued support on Election Day.

Most Democrat voters I talk to up here are comparatively normal, although deceived and misinformed.  Most of them don't seem to like leftists very much, though.  Many of them can't identify with their own party anymore and feel like displaced persons politically.  When he was voted in as House minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries received 100% of the vote from his party.  It's interesting that he had only a 35% approval rating among Democrat voters at the time.  That left 65% who disapproved.  That tells me that, yes, the leftists have hijacked the Democrat party, and it tells me that there's a large pool of Democrat voters who aren't on board with their party right now.  Quite a few of them are starting to tune out, too.  Have you seen CNN's ratings lately? 

We have a rare opportunity.  Shocking levels of malfeasance and corruption from leftist Democrats have recently been revealed to the public.  They can no longer hide what they really are and what they're doing to this country.  Let's dialogue with that disillusioned 65% and show them the evidence.  They have no one else to tell them the truth.  It's the only way to undermine the stranglehold leftists currently have on the Democrat party. 

I'm not saying we should waste our time trying to talk to people who wear "pussy hats" and take their toddlers to Drag Queen Story Hour.  Only a psychiatrist can help people like those.  I'm saying that we can, and we should, try to engage positively with reasonable Democrat voters about the current state of the country. 

First, we need to get the idea out of our heads that every democrat voter is a Marxist.  Many are, there's no doubt.  However, the guy next door mowing his lawn and taking his kids to Little League is not a Marxist.  He's a guy who never hears the truth, doesn't know where to find it, is probably part of the 65% who aren't Hakeem Jeffries fans, and is likely to have tuned out of current events to keep from losing his mind.  He just doesn't know enough to stop pulling the "D" lever on election day.  If the truth can find Naomi Wolfe, then we can reach this guy.

Below are a few subject ideas, with some information links to show people.  As you see below, try to ask non-confrontational questions, and know your facts.  Remember, we're trying to expose reasonable Democrat voters to truths the lying media never let them see, not win an argument.  Try to guide them to good-quality, well sourced information on sites like American Thinker, Breitbart News, American Greatness, etc.  If you can expose them to the truth, they won't be able to unsee it.

Right Track, Wrong Track

Did you know that nearly 70% of Americans polled think the country is on the "wrong track" at this point?  That's 7 out of 10 Americans.  Do you agree with that majority?  Do you think most Democrats you know agree with the majority?  Who do you think makes up the small group who feels like everything is just fine? 

Government Censorship

Have you heard any information from the so-called "Twitter Files" on the news?  Are you comfortable with the idea of the FBI, and even the White House, censoring free speech on social media?  It's clear now that the federal government worked to eliminate all opposing political views, tried to remove people who disagreed with the Democrat party, and hid important medical information from the public.  Are you aware that it is a violation of the U.S. Constitution for the federal government to engage in censorship of any kind?  Have you ever seen the government behaving like this before?

Untrustworthy Media and Politicians

President Biden, various Democrat politicians, and the media keep repeating that President Trump said white supremacists were "very fine people" at Charlottesville.  They also say he never condemned the white supremacists.  These people are knowingly lying.  Did you ever actually see the transcript of President Trump's full remarks at Charlottesville

We've been told for two years that the protest on January 6 was an "armed insurrection."  That claim has been used to justify the arrest and incarceration of hundreds of people, and used to justify the censorship of those who disagree with the Democrat party.  No one outside the January 6 Committee was allowed to see any of the supposed evidence supporting all this government activity.  Recently, hidden security tapes were seized and finally made public by the speaker of the House, who allowed Tucker Carlson to play them on his news show.  Did you see any of the revelations from these security tapes?  If so, what did you think when you saw that we've been lied to by our government?  Do you still trust President Biden, Democrat politicians, or the mainstream media to tell you the truth about important issues? 

Enemies of the State?

President Biden repeatedly says that he considers conservative Republicans "enemies of the state" (here and here), as do other Democrat politicians.  Do you agree that fully half the country's voters are "enemies of the state," simply because they don't agree with President Biden and current Democrat policies?  Are you comfortable with President Biden recklessly taunting American citizens (here and here) during speeches, saying that they would "need F-15s" to prevent the federal government from basically trampling our guaranteed constitutional rights?  Have you ever heard a U.S. president saying things like these before?

Image: Thijs Paanakker via Flickr.

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