Hollow Warriors

“If the United States does not compete effectively against adversaries, it could ‘lose without fighting.'” -- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley; in the Executive Summary of Joint Concept for Competing.

In mid-March, the Joint Chiefs issued a 91-page press release titled JOINT CONCEPT FOR COMPETING (JCFC) which announces the Pentagon's shift in the way it views warfare and its intent to proactively counter the CCP's long-range strategy to conquer the United States. The CCP's strategy is traced to a treatise, published in 1999, by two CCP coronels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, under the title Unrestricted Warfare.  The goal, in unrestricted warfare, is to weaken the United States into submission, through an array of corrosive tactics, over a long period of time.  Essentially, to "win without fighting."  "The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden."  The Joint Chiefs summarize:

"Adversaries are employing cohesive combinations of military and civil power to expand the competitive space. Adversaries aim to achieve their strategic objectives through a myriad of ways and means, including statecraft and economic power as well as subversion, coercion, disinformation, and deception. They are investing in key technologies designed to offset U.S. strategic and conventional military capabilities (e.g., nuclear weapons, anti-access and area denial systems, offensive cyberspace, artificial intelligence, hypersonic delivery systems, electromagnetic spectrum)

Simply put, our adversaries intend to “win without fighting,”

But they are also building military forces that strengthen their ability to “fight and win” an armed conflict against the United States."

"This really is a big deal."  Casey Fleming, CEO of the firm Blackops Partners, stresses the significance of the Pentagon's press release in an interview with NTD's Tiffany Meier.  "Every American needs to understand what this really means.  This press release is something very serious for every American to get knowledge on and pass it among their families, peers, colleagues, and so on."  He explains that the target of the CCP's silent war on America is every American citizen -- every man, woman, and child...literally.

Fleming regrets the Joint Chiefs' watered-down terminology that they use in this document -- terms like "competition" and "adversary" -- when the Chinese are using "war" and "enemy," respectively."  In his conversation with Tiffany Meier, Fleming is explicit: "The military still likes to call it 'competition.'"  He shakes his head in disapproval.  "Let me tell you, it is absolutely war! When the Communist party refers to it as 'war' then, by golly, it's war!  Make no mistake.  And when the Chinese Communists say that we are their 'number one enemy' ...then, by God, we are their enemy!  There's no mistake on that."

While the Joint Chiefs are more diplomatic in their language, they are declaring the same thing: WAR!

"The Joint Force will conduct irregular warfare operations and activities proactively to subvert, create dilemmas for adversaries, and impose costs on an adversary’s strategic interests, including its economy, civil society, institutional processes, and critical infrastructure. Irregular warfare favors indirect and asymmetric approaches, though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and political will."

Though, in the context of the real world, it would not be unreasonable for the average American to doubt the sincerity of the Joint Chiefs.  It's not like the CCP's covert war on Americanism is a recent revelation for them.  In March of 2015, for example, The United States Army Special Operations Command submitted a document called the White Paper to U.S. leaders and policymakers, which conveys much of the same information found in JCFC. 

Further, The book, Unrestricted Warfare, by the Colonels Qiao and Wang, really represents a fine tuning of the 74-year-old objective of the Chinese Communists to bring the United States to its knees within a century.  That important history is detailed in a three-hour documentary, The Final War, produced by the Epoch Times.  China's slow war on America began the day the Communists seized power in Beijing -- October 01, 1949.

It is not particularly reassuring to think that this perpetual war on America could have escaped the notice of the Department of Defense intelligence agencies all this time.  Even if we give The Chiefs the full benefit of the doubt and say '"better late than never," it would still be fair to ask if they are sincere when:

a) they do not immediately block and prohibit projects like the planned CCP battery company in Michigan, which will host up to 300 Chinese nationals who are scheduled to live and work there to serve as CCP operatives.

b) they allow the CCP to buy up vast tracts of U.S. agriculture land -- often in the proximity of military installations.

c) they know that the invasion at our southern border (and now northern border), utilizing Mexican drug cartels as proxies for human and drug smuggling, is a tactic right out of the Unrestricted Warfare playbook, yet they don't lift a finger to put a stop to it.

d)  they allow the likes of the United Front Work Department, and Chinese-U.S.. Exchange Foundation and all their CCP agents to operate freely within our nation, exerting their Marxist influence across our national institutions -- from our children's classrooms to the halls of Congress; into the White House and perhaps even the Pentagon itself.

These and a string of other infringements on United States' sovereignty by the CCP, on American soil, would never be tolerated by Red China, if Americans tried these antics on their turf.  So, no person can be blamed for being skeptical about the Pentagon's commitment to counter China's persistent war on Americans.

What is the point of a military if it does not defend our borders from invasion in times of war?

Seizing all CCP properties in the U.S. and rounding up all "the enemy" operatives within our borders and sending them back to Red China, where they belong, would be well within the rules of engagement of unrestricted warfare, where the first rule is: "there are no rules, with nothing forbidden."  Doing so would send a clear message to Mr. Xi that 'two can play this game;' and send a loud message to Americans that "YES, WE ARE AT WAR!"

The idea of passing the word along the grapevine to family and friends, as Casy Flemming suggests, while well intended, will not go far.

Until the Joint Chiefs do these obvious things to fight this war, their document, Joint Concept For Competing will mean little to nothing to the average American citizen.  If they do not take these actions, in a way that is visible to everyone, General Milley's tentative prediction of "losing without fighting" will surely go down in history as self-fulfilled prophecy.

Photo credit: C-SPAN video screengrab

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