Democrats Seek to Remove the only Black Male from the Supreme Court

Squad” stalwart [New York] Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [AOC] says she’s willing to file articles of impeachment against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for failing to report decades of luxury trips with a billionaire GOP donor … [saying] “I think this is an emergency. I think that this is a crisis.  I think we’ve had a crisis for some time on the Supreme Court.

--New York Post, April 7, 2023

The Democrat News-Media Complex (the DNC) has “discovered” another intolerable crisis that they hope may enable them to impeach the only black male, Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in order to remove him from that position.

That's so that Joe Biden can put perhaps another black woman on the court who doesn’t know what a woman is, because that, not expertise in the Constitution, is the primary qualification for a SCOTUS seat by the Biden administration.  AOC, given her zeal for “social justice” [that is, injustice], says she is willing to file the articles of impeachment herself.  One might normally think that removing the only black male on the Court is a clear case of racism, but it is not because AOC is a Democrat and socialist and Justice Thomas is a Republican. Anyone who disagrees is a racist. 

There are in fact two crises, one more longstanding and one more immediate, that have been unhinging AOC and other Democrats for quite some time. 

The first and longstanding crisis is that since there are more Republican than Democrat justices on the Court right now, Democrats do not always get their way, which in their minds is a threat to democracy itself.

The second more immediate crisis is that Justice Thomas and his wife Ginni have accepted lavish gifts, in the form of cruises around the world, for the past two decades from a major GOP donor.  Call this the “cruises crisis”! This article deals only with the more recent intolerable crisis that Justice Thomas and his wife took cruises with a friend.

There are, however, a few not-so-minor problems with the case for impeachment that are tacitly acknowledged by the Democrat responses to the “cruises crisis.”  The main problem is that as NBC News, not exactly a bastion of right-wingers, but, in fact, a left-leaning station, has reported, there has for “many years” been

a loophole that allowed Supreme Court justices to avoid disclosing certain gifts — including travel — funded by their friends ….  The federal judiciary just last month announced in a letter to lawmakers that it had tightened its rules for what judges and justices need to include in annual financial disclosure statements.

Since Boston University is, apparently, better at teaching dancing than it is at teaching what legal loopholes are, Comrade AOC does not appear to grasp that one cannot impeach Justice Thomas for passing through a loophole that existed when he took those cruises. 

Prof. Stephen Gillers of the New York University law school, who, unlike most dancers, actually knows something about the law, does, however, understands this:

"In my view, before the recent amendments, the situation was sufficiently vague to give Thomas a basis to claim that reporting was not required.”  

In other words, changes have recently been made to close this loophole, but before that Justice Thomas could reasonably claim to have done nothing wrong under existing rules.  That does not, of course, prevent Comrade AOC and other Democrats from wanting to impeach Justice Thomas for rules that they have not fabricated yet.  Maybe comrade AOC and what remains of the Democrat Party will try to get him retroactively next. 

Indeed, although Comrade Sen. Dick Durbin, in the Durbin Statement on Reports of Justice Clarence Thomas’ Acceptance of Undisclosed Luxury Gifts from Republican Megadonor, may not grasp this himself, having been too distracted trying to find an insurrection and other Trump crimes against humanity that never happened, has already tacitly admitted that there is no legal basis to impeach or punish Justice Thomas,

Today’s Pro Publica report reveals that Justice Thomas has for years accepted luxury travel on private yachts and jets and a litany of other gifts that he failed to disclose. … Today’s report demonstrates, yet again, that Supreme Court Justices must be held to an enforceable code of conduct, just like every other federal judge.  The Pro Publica report is a call to action, and the Senate Judiciary Committee will act.

That is, comrade Durbin’s call for the Senate Judiciary Committee to act and create “enforcable” rules governing the behaviour of Supreme Court Justices acknowledges that those rules do not exist at present. 


Although there is a prima facia case to be made that such rules should be tightened, it is worth pointing out that this case is not airtight.  For there are reasons why one might not want to tighten these kinds of rules on SCOTUS justices, namely, that any such rules might be used by unhinged partisan dancers in Congress to remove SCOTUS justices on spurious grounds, thereby violating the “Separation of Powers” act of the Constitution. 

Further, if such rules are put in place, one will find that when Democrat appointees violate the rules there is no problem and what passes for our “news” media cannot understand what the fuss is about.  On the other hand, when Republican appointees violate the rules, or even when they don’t but are accused of doing so, it will be a crisis and an emergency, necessitating impeachment and, perhaps, even riots. 

If the current crop of “Democrats” had, instead of giving themselves over to theatre and hyperbole, including claims of fake insurrections and fake legal cases against their political opponents in order to destroy civil liberties and establish a totalitarian state, while neglecting the even worse sins on their own side of the aisle, exhibited greater standards of integrity, it might be possible to contemplate new ethics rules for SCOTUS justices. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats have amply demonstrated that they cannot be counted on the administer ethics rules and the rules of law fairly.

There is an additional irony to this story too delicious to ignore, namely, that Comrade  AOC is herself currently facing a House ethics investigation over gifts she took for the Met Gala. Comrade AOC wore a striking white dress with blood-red “Tax the Rich” lettering on the back but she only paid the designer after the House Ethics Office asked the congresswoman’s office about the garment.  Her Eminence was also given “a handbag, shoes, jewellery, makeup, transportation, and ready-room services that she didn’t initially disclose. The tickets to the event were $30,000 each.  Her fiancé was also given gifts.  Needless to say, however, none of this is any problem for the same reason cited earlier, namely, that she is a Democrat and, in addition, because, as a socialist, she needs to get used to being given free stuff produced by somebody else. 

If, however, Clarence Thomas had been given the very same dress, shoes and jewelry and worn them to the gala it would be an eyeball-popping mouth-frothing threat to Democracy itself crisis and calls for impeachment. 

Image: USDA, via Flickr // public domain

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