Democrat Left Goes All in on Hate, Disruption, and Violence

The Republican Party threw away two easily won elections in 2020 and 2022 by focusing on unproven allegations of widespread election fraud. Regardless of what you or I think of that election, the swing voters who decide the elections do not believe there was election fraud, so we need to focus on winning issues in 2024.

The Democrat Left has demonstrated repeatedly that it is the party of racial animosity, anti-Semitism, civil unrest, shouting down political opponents, and even battering women who get out of line. Note that I say "Democrat Left" rather than "the Democrats" because there are still some traditional centrist and pro-worker Democrats who still identify with the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy rather than that of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.

The Tennessee Three

While expulsion came across to me as too draconian for the disruption of legislative proceedings by three Tennessee Democrats, and counterproductive because the communities that elected them returned them to office immediately, the Democrat Left has put itself on record as (1) condoning the disruption and (2) lying about Justin Jones and Justin Pearson being ejected for legislating while Black and/or protesting. The First Amendment right to protest is not a license to hijack the floor of a state legislature with a bullhorn.

This is far from Justin Jones' first brush with violations of parliamentary rules and even the law. He was arrested for misdemeanor assault for throwing coffee on two other legislators, although the charge was dismissed after he stayed out of trouble in accordance with the judge's instructions. Jones also played a role in obstruction of traffic during a Black Lives Matter disruption (I say "disruption" rather than "protest" because protest is a First Amendment right and obstruction of traffic is unlawful), and appears to assault a driver with a traffic cone. He also stood on top of a police car during more BLM antics, although he apparently did not damage the car. Now let's take a look at who condoned the behavior in question.

  • Kamala Harris, who is one heartbeat away from the presidency and control of our country's nuclear weapons, said of these three individuals, "A democracy says you don’t silence the people, you do not stifle the people, you do not turn off their microphones when they are speaking about the importance of life and liberty." Actually, Vice President Giggles, your microphone is turned off in any kind of legislative assembly or parliamentary activity except when it is your turn to speak. If you don't understand that, you are incompetent, dishonest, or both.
  • Joe Biden, who does control our country's nuclear weapons, "…thanked the lawmakers for spotlighting what he called undemocratic and unprecedented attacks on them this week, and invited them to the White House in the near future." Maybe he should also, under the same standards he just expressed, thank the people who invaded the Capitol on January 6 2021 but did not destroy property or assault police (the Tennessee Three did neither), invite them to the White House, and thank them as well.
  • Barack Obama said, "This nation was built on peaceful protest. No elected official should lose their job simply for raising their voice–especially when they’re doing it on behalf of our children." This shows that he also is incompetent, dishonest, or both because they didn't lose their jobs for "simply raising their voices," which they have a constitutional right to do in an appropriate place such as outside the Legislature building. If Obama thinks they have the right to shut down proceedings instead, he does not understand the Constitution which brings into question his competence as an attorney, or he chooses to misrepresent it.

Biden, Harris, and Obama have therefore put themselves squarely in the camp of the leftist extremists who think it is OK to shout down a Federal judge at Stanford, and also shout down not only conservative speakers but also one from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Solid Blue San Francisco State University is OK with Men Who Batter Women

A gang of thugs at San Francisco State University who objected to swimmer Riley Gaines's opposition to having to compete against biological males forced her to take refuge in a classroom for three hours while some demanded money to let her leave. A man, and I use the term loosely, allegedly used his fists on this woman, which normally constitutes misdemeanor assault. I cannot give legal advice, but my understanding is that a demand for money backed up by a threat of physical force constitutes robbery or extortion. False imprisonment, which can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances, also comes to mind.

SFSU's President, Lynn Mahoney, said of these events, “Last Thursday, Turning Point USA hosted an event on campus that advocated for the exclusion of trans people in athletics. The event was deeply traumatic for many in our trans and LGBTQ+ communities, and the speaker’s message outraged many members of the SF State community." The President of SFSU is of course lying about anybody wanting to exclude trans people from athletics. Nobody is going to stop Lia Thomas from competing against other men in a sport in which upper body strength conveys an advantage.

Maybe the man who allegedly used his fists on Gaines is unhappy that she alleged that Lia Thomas exposed his "courting tackle," the term used by George Macdonald Fraser's antihero Harry Flashman for male genitalia, in the women's locker room. Maybe President Mahoney is also OK with thugs forcing a terrified woman to hide in a classroom for three hours for fear of being gang-beaten by them. The rest of us, including potential SFSU applicants, are free to conclude that SFSU is a physically unsafe learning environment where (alleged unless and until somebody is convicted) assault, unlawful imprisonment, robbery, and/or extortion are tolerated.

18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights says meanwhile it is a felony "If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any [constitutional] right or privilege so secured.…" The phrase "go in disguise on the highway" brings to mind Ku Klux Klansmen on horses with torches in their hands. I see no difference between the thugs who terrorized Riley Gaines for not knowing her place and the night-riding Ku Klux Klansmen of the post-Civil War Confederacy.

This Needs to be a Central Issue in 2024

The Democrat Left, including the current and former heads of the Democrat party, has come across as condoning disruption of the legislative process and, in the case of SFSU's leftist administration, failure to condemn unequivocally physical threats and violence against a speaker. This, along with the fact that ActBlue Charities has apparently renewed its relationship with Black Lives Matter, needs to be a front and center issue in 2024.

I intend to report more on this later, but suffice to say for now that BLM meets the ADL and IHRA definitions of anti-Semitic (denial of the right of Israel to exist), promotes looting and rioting, endorses convicted Jew-murdering bomber Rasmea Odeh and convicted cop killer "Mama Assata" Shakur, endorses suspected cop killer and hijacker Charles Hill, and glorifies Fidel Castro whom BLM says should "rest in power." The Zachor Legal Institute has meanwhile alleged that BLM has ties with "domestic terror affiliates" of foreign terrorist organizations. The bottom line is that the Democrat Left is infested throughout with Jew-haters, race hustlers, looters, rioters, people who disrupt legislatures and speeches, men who use their fists on women with whom they disagree, and an organization (BLM) that praises terrorists, cop killers, and a dictator who murdered thousands of Cubans.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history, and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way. He or she is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to "cancel culture" for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

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