Democrat Bloodlust

“Shoot him!  Shoot him!”

-Democrat Steve Schmidt, to “a cheering crowd” on HBO’s Bill Maher show, referring to “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley, The Federalist, March 6, 2023

Jacob Chansley has just been released early from his 4 ½ year sentence a few weeks after Tucker Carlson released new footage from the Capitol on Jan. 6 that shows Chansley peacefully walking around the Capitol with police officers and leading a prayer in the House chamber thanking the police for their help. According to the Democrat Newsmedia Colluders (hereafter the DNC), Chansley is the “QAnon Shaman” that ‘led’ an armed insurrection against the United States on Jan. 6, 2021, and of whom MSNBC said, “Make no mistake… Chansley is a stone-cold thug.”

YouTube screengrab

Quite surprisingly for the leader of an armed insurrection, Chansley was not carrying a gun through the Capitol.  He was carrying what CNN describes as “an American flag on a speared flagpole,” and which “government prosecutors have characterized as a weapon.” Surprisingly, however, Chansley was not seen using the flag as a weapon.  He was seen using it as a flag.  He did not point it at anyone or use it to beat or threaten anybody.  Despite this, government prosecutor Kimberly Paschall in made-for-TV words called Chansley the “terrifying … flag-bearer” of the mob “chaos.” But Chansley is nowhere seen leading the mob. He was not carrying a flag celebrating “chaos.”  He was carrying the American flag.  Is that against the law now?  Prosecutor Paschall also stated that Chansley made a “call to battle” but there was no call to “battle” in Chansley’s remarks. He called to end corruption and the deep state, perhaps by voting, if, that is, our totalitarian overlords are still willing to permit that.

Naturally the Democrat stenographers in what passes for our “news” media immediately denounced Tucker’s conclusions from the videos as false!  AP states that

Court documents and video footage from the attack on the Capitol make clear that Chansley, who is … one of the most recognizable Jan. 6 rioters, entered the Capitol without permission, was repeatedly asked to leave the building and was not accompanied at all times.

Where is the video of Chansley rioting?  Please show it, AP!  And what legal statute does AP cite that justifies putting someone in prison for 4 ½ years and solitary confinement for a year for “entering the Capitol ['the People’s House'] without permission” or for not leaving when asked or for walking around the Capitol unaccompanied?  Please provide the Statutes AP!

Similarly, CNN, doing its best to support its DNC narrative, accuses Chansely of additional sins before that day.  Prior to January 6, Chansley “posted vitriolic messages on social media, encouraging his thousands of followers to expose corrupt politicians, to ID the traitors in the government, to halt their agenda, to stop the steal, and end the deep state.”  Get it?  He was guilty before he got to the Capitol!  That’s why our benevolent government threw him into solitary confinement for a year and ruined his life. 

Apparently, CNN holds, not only that one is no longer allowed to “expose corrupt politicians”, “end the deep state,” etc., but that one is now no longer even allowed to call people to do those things.  The First Amendment no longer applies to people like Jacob Chansley who call to end government corruption.  Corrupt politicians everywhere must be overjoyed.  But what is the statute CNN references that makes saying those words illegal?  Is it a US statute or an old Soviet Union statute?   If one is no longer allowed to say “vitriolic” things, does that apply to Maxine Watters, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden too?

Of course, the Democrat stenographers in the print media also did their best to bolster the narrative.  Fortune magazine reports that “Chansley was the most prominent figure in the attack on the Capitol earlier this month … [P]rosecutors allege there is strong indirect evidence that Chansley and others may have intended to capture and assassinate members of Congress.”  First, where is that “strong indirect evidence” that Chansley might assassinate people?  We haven’t seen it.  Second, it is arguable that Ray Epps, who appears to be seen on videos encouraging people to enter the Capitol but remains mysteriously uncharged is more “prominent” than Chansley.  The DNC made the face-painted Chansley the most prominent figure for their own political agenda and are not happy at seeing this exposed.  If there is a video of Chansley beating people with his flag then put him in prison (but not into “Solitary” because that is a tad too Soviet Unionish for true Americans).  No wonder that Tucker’s release of this evidence was met by “rage” and hysteria in the DNC.

For the sin of carrying an American flag and being polite to police officers on the Capitol and for failing to believe things that Dear Leader has declared to be verboten, Chansley was sentenced to 4 ½ years in prison and kept in solitary confinement for 10 months.  Naturally, when Carlson released the tapes of what Chansley was really doing on Jan. 6, 2021, a gaggle of the mouths for hire and fan boys and fan girls in what remains of our “news” media ejaculated in unison that Carlson’s tapes don’t prove anything. But then why was Chansley suddenly released so soon after Tucker’s tapes were made public?”

The answer is that Chansley did not lead a violent insurrection on Jan. 6.  Despite the fact that most of what passes for our “news” media began referring to “the insurrection” remarkably soon after Jan. 6, 2021 before any investigation had been carried out, almost as if they had all been handed the same script, an FBI informant in the Proud Boys (the DNC’s favorite culprit for their Jan. 6 storyline), testified under oath that there was no coordination on Jan. 6.  Since one requires coordination for an insurrection, there was no insurrection on Jan. 6.  There was a rowdy mob facilitated by Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to call out the National Guard to defend the Capitol on that day.  Now why would she do that?

Steve Schmidt of the twice disgraced Lincoln Project does not look well.  His call, based on incomplete information about Jan. 6 at the time, for the government to start killing people, appears to have been a tad premature.  Isn’t that what they did in the old Soviet Union before it collapsed in a real insurrection? Isn’t that what Castro did in his show trials?  Schmidt is only one person, but where was the condemnation by Democrats and the mainstream media?  Where is HBO’s condemnation of Schmidt’s call for murder on its platform?  Does HBO support Schmidt’s call to shoot peacefully demonstrating people?  Where are Biden’s, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s condemnations?  Doesn’t Schmidt owe Chansley and the people of the United States, an apology?  And what is Schmidt still doing on television?  The answer is easy: Schmidt announced that he is a Democrat now.

The Leftist/Democrat bloodlust did not arise by accident.  The strategy of fomenting hatred to achieve political goals only ends in one place that no one should want to go. The DNC doesn’t care:  There’s something happening here. Its well past time to pay attention.

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