Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time

God must approve of MAGA, because Donald Trump is surely blessed.  He's never been a politician, and he's famously undisciplined on the campaign trail.  But he is always blessed with the most incapable opponents to run against.  Those opponents have been the embodiment of incompetence magnified by unlikability.

In 2016, The Donald ran against Hillary Clinton.  She had the charm of a cockroach and the ethical standards of a...well, a Joe Biden.  She had been a "do nothing" senator and then became a "do something" secretary of state. But what she did was

  • botch Libya — leading to the deaths of four Americans,
  • watch as the Syrian carnage unfolded,
  • expose national secrets on an unsecured bathroom computer,
  • and lose $6 billion of State Department funding.

Then she arrogantly ran for president on a platform of experience and competency.  The left was shocked when Donald Trump won — though I can't imagine why.

It's possible that Trump will get the nomination again, and he is blessed again.  Joe Biden announced his candidacy in an early-morning video release, because he wasn't capable of doing it live — and we all know it.  That's how horrible of a candidate he is.  Joe certainly isn't the worst the Dems could put forward, but that's a testament to how bad their choices are, not how good Joe is.

Granted, Biden took (and I do mean took) the office from Trump in 2020.  But 2024 will not be 2020.  Joe was hauled into the Oval Office by deception and gaming the system, not by winning the contest of ideas.  The propaganda ministry sold him as a seasoned, kindly statesman, who would return professionalism to the office.  The ministry was assisted by a swamp that leveraged a pandemic for election changes — which have since been found unconstitutional.

I doubt that strategy will work again.  The Biden administration has been eye-opening, to say the least.  Even his own party is begging him to not run again.  Democrats see the problem, just as the voters will.

The Biden 2024 candidate has a disadvantage that the Biden 2020 candidate didn't have: a record of executive leadership.  Let's look at a few things that define his presidency.

Joe surrendered in Afghanistan to a poorly armed and poorly trained band of thugs.  A force of 80,000 men beat our 2-million-man professional army because Joe gave up.  In doing so, he left behind over $7 billion of advanced armaments, turning Afghanistan into a better armed version of the terrorism sponsors that it was on September 11, 2001.  He abandoned Americans and broke promises to our allies in the process — setting back international relations by years.  How many citizens will vote for President "Surrender" in 2024?

Joe went on a spending spree with a compliant Congress.  He used our money to give handouts to his political pals — as if the money would never run out.  Joe racked up almost $4 trillion of national debt in his first two years alone — and now refuses to even discuss budget control with the Republican-led House.

His spending, in conjunction with a broken supply chain, incentivized unemployment, and a throttled energy sector has triggered 40-year-high inflation.  The runaway inflation even has a new name — "Bidenflation."  As Americans watch their savings vanish, how many are thinking, I want some more of that "Bidenflation" guy?

On his first day in office, Joe canceled the border wall and many of the Trump immigration protocols.  Have Americans noticed those illegal aliens, being dropped off in their neighborhoods, in the middle of the night, by the Biden administration?  Are they more welcoming than the residents of Martha's Vineyard were?  Do the voters think an influx of fentanyl and crime is a fair trade for cheap labor?  Will they vote for four more years of open borders?

We also must discuss the corruption.  Evidence is now emerging that multiple family members are implicated in the Biden family money-for-influence racket.  The family made money from China — which now apparently has permission to fly reconnaissance aircraft over America.  It also took money from Ukraine — whose leadership Joe has enriched with limitless supplies and limited accountability.

At least Joe can still run on civility — or not.  Can he maintain that façade after calling half of the country fascists, on national TV, in front of a red backdrop, and guarded by the military?  Was he perceived as the kindly statesman as he screamed and waved his fists like a deranged dictator?  Do the citizens who voted for a return to normalcy want four more years of divisiveness?

That's Joe Biden's record without even talking about vaccine mandates, broken supply chains, train wrecks, and the student loan bribe.  In three short years, Joe has managed to check the incompetent and unlikable boxes — just as Hillary did before she ran against The Donald.

The next campaign will be different from the last one.  There will be no pandemic skewing election laws.  Many of the steps that helped Joe into office are not going to happen again.  Last-minute changes that relaxed ballot security, election auditing, and eligibility verification have since been deemed illegal.  Mail-in balloting is here to stay, but that's just a tactical adjustment the RNC will make.

There will also be no propaganda ministry heavy lift to carry Joe over the finish line.  Have you noticed that the MSM are starting to hint at Biden corruption and failures?  That's because they understand how propaganda works.  It works when it's believable — and fails when it isn't.  The awfulness of the Biden administration has negatively impacted every American family.  It can't be hidden.  It exceeds the ability of the propagandists to gaslight.

The advantages — propaganda and voting changes — that propelled Biden to the Oval Office are vaporizing.  Joe will have to make his case to the voters based on his record this time.

This will be the first time in modern history when both candidates have four years of presidential leadership from which voters can draw comparisons.  It will be a choice between

  • Trump's prosperity and Bidenflation,
  • Trump's national security and Biden's surrender, and
  • Trump's energy independence and Biden's broken supply chain.

Will the guy who did a prerecorded campaign announcement even show up in person?  Will he hold rallies or whine from his basement?  Will he cowboy up and debate — defending his record — or will he coward out?

I'm guessing there will be some excuse to avoid debating.  Perhaps Merrick Garland will announce that the white supremacist domestic terrorist threat is too great for Joe to appear in public.  It would be best for him to stay in his basement, cozying up to his soft serve machine.

Joe will be left with only his record, and Donald Trump will be left with his.  Do you see Donald's blessing yet?

Of course, it's possible that Trump may not get the nomination.  Then Joe will need to defend his record against someone without a national record for reference.  It will be Joe's record of failure against the sunny promises of someone else.  How is that any better for Joe?

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He has written for American Thinker and American Free News Network.  He can be reached at

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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