Appointment in Chicago -- Democrats and Destiny

We, destiny, and the Democrats have an appointment in Chicago for a presidential convention.

Writer John O’Hara recalled a preordained encounter with the Angel of Death in Appointment in Samarra, but this is different.  The Democrats see impending doom but have chosen to embrace it, not to escape it.

Many polls show most U.S. voters -- even most Democrats -- do not want Joe Biden to lead the United States.  Democrat Party leaders do not seem to care.

Picking America’s crime capital as their venue and reconfirming a corrupt, senile idiot as their leader, the Democrats may next change their name to the Donkey Party or the Jackass Party.

Why the hell not? Joe Biden and Chicago: what could be more appropriate? 

For over 30 years, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was the dumbest and most unoriginal man in the U.S. Senate, focused on what was on his head -- transplanted hair -- rather than what was not in his head -- knowledge or wisdom.

Yet, wondrously, both the outside and the inside of Biden’s head remained largely empty. Transplanted hair somehow refused to grow on top of thoughtless terrain.

Biden famously stole entire speeches from foreign leaders while brazenly claiming a “brilliant” academic record and numerous other personal achievements. He testified about driving an 18-wheeler truck, about emerging straight out of a coal mine, about facing down a sinister gang leader named “Corn Pop.”

“Thou shalt bear false witness, as often as possible, especially if talking about  yourself,” was Biden’s version of the ninth of the Ten Commandments. Clasping his heart, he swore he was a religious man who fondled women, who took showers with his daughter, and who allegedly sexually assaulted a staffer.

The people of Delaware, a former slave state, seemed enslaved to Biden’s “charm,” ignored his little faults. Delaware sent him back to the Senate time and again, and the fawning media covered over his transgressions with an “aw shucks, that’s just Joe being Joe” attitude.

In Washington where “seniority” and “senior moments” go together, Joe Biden became more powerful, a veritable institution. From the youngest senator, Biden rose to be chair of key Senate committees -- judiciary and international affairs. At public hearings, he often displayed ineptitude and downright ignorance, even showing racist views when questioning people like Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell.

Along the way, Senator Biden ran for president several times, and people laughed, until he fumbled his way to be Barack Obama’s vice president.  The “experts” in the media -- you know, the chin pullers at NY Times, WaPo, CBS, CNN, NBC and ABC -- all assured us that Biden would be the “gray eminence” or “the mature foreign policy expertise” that would guide the young Obama.  Not really.

President Obama was a complete foreign policy disaster, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who brought destruction everywhere he touched. Obama, encouraged by Biden, had a special message for the Mideast: chaos in Libya, cash and atomic bombs for Iran, Muslim Brothers in Egypt, outright destruction in Syria.

What foreign policy genius:  Obama-Biden undermined America’s role in the Mideast and weakened our best ally Israel while ushering Russia into the region. That Nobel Peace Prize looks like a travesty to end all travesties: Hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees flooding Europe.

But wait, there’s more: Obama-Biden undermined the U.S. in South America and emboldened China in Asia. Obama also encouraged the aggression of Vladimir Putin: we heard him on an open microphone.

To his credit, Obama did not listen to Biden when Joe the Foreign Policy Expert advised against killing Osama Bin-Laden. So give Obama credit for getting one thing right. Obama was also right about one other thing.

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up,” President Obama once privately said.  “You know, Joe, you don’t have to do this (i.e. run for president),” Obama added, but Democrat “elders” grabbed Biden as their choice to prevent the nomination of Vermont’s leftist crypto-communist senator, Bernie Sanders.

So veteran congressman and power broker James Clyburn got Biden a victory in the 2020 South Carolina primary, and the party elders united around Biden, pushing other candidates out of the race. Meanwhile media aided the plan to keep “Good Ole Joe” under wraps at home, supposedly because of Covid-19 virus concerns.

Today, we all know the truth. No amount of censorship or tweaking at Twitter, Facebook, or Google can hide the amazing amount of hard evidence of Biden family corruption and Joe Biden’s personal mental disintegration.

From the computer of Hunter Biden and other sources, we know China and Ukraine have both invested in the Biden family. This cannot be hidden any longer. Similarly, Biden’s own personal decline cannot be hidden. 

Despite the strained efforts of the main media. Biden rarely has a real workday, is unable to take two consecutive office appointments, is almost always on vacation or taking some down-time.

There are two central truths about Biden:

  • The man who cannot complete a sentence without lying is now the man who cannot complete a sentence.
  • The man who cannot go a day without lying is now someone who cannot go a day without lying down. 

For Joe Biden, the signs of mental decline are clear, even for an idiot. So are the signs of overmedication.

So, full speed ahead, Democrats exult, as they announce they are off on the road to Chicago (with a scheduled pit stop at another South Carolina primary) just as a mass mob marauds downtown, attacking tourists.

So who will Biden and the Democrats meet destiny at their Appointment in Chicago? One thing is sure: those who count on the United States are preordained to a doleful destiny if the U.S. is led by the Donkey Party.

Meanwhile, let’s get the media to play the typical distraction game: “All of you look over here at Donald Trump and his insurrection boys and his porn star girls.”

Dr. Michael Widlanski is an expert in political communication, a former reporter and college professor who is the author of Battle for Our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat (Threshold-Simon and Schuster). He was strategic affairs advisor in Israel ’s Ministry of Public Security, editing captured PLO documents. Earlier he advised Israeli negotiation teams at the Madrid and Washington talks in 1991-92.  Dr. Widlanski was a visiting professor at Washington University in St. Louis in 2007-8 and at the University of California, Irvine in 2014, taught political communication for two decades at the Hebrew University and Bar Ilan University.  Earlier he was a reporter at the New York Times and   Cox Newspapers, war correspondent for Israeli Army Radio and Diplomatic Correspondent for  Israel Television in English (IBA).

Image: National Archives

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