America’s Geriatric Megalomaniacs

The root of all nation-destroying evil is the megalomaniacal abuse of power.   In the United States of 2023, no two people personify that more than ninety-two-year-old George Soros and eighty-year-old Joe Biden, who are essentially working in tandem to destroy the United States as founded.

George Soros, despite being someone who saw first-hand the death and destruction wrought by a megalomaniac in World War II, has become one in his single-minded determination to be the man who reshaped the United States into a Marxist/socialist one-party nation and permanently uprooted the Judeo-Christian foundation of American society. 

To achieve this end, Soros has deviously attacked the soft underbelly of a constitutional republic, the integrity of the voting process and confidence in an equitable justice system.   He knows that once these two pillars have collapsed, this nation will undergo an unalterable transformation. 

From 2000 to 2018 his foundations have spent over $8.9 Billion on these tactics.  In one year alone (2018) Soros spent $708 Million to affect the mid-term elections.  By comparison, it took the Republican and Democrat National Committees two years (2017-18) to raise $502 Million between them. 

Additionally, Soros has deviously co-opted an army of journalists to promote his agenda by paying many of them to be on the boards of organizations he funds and directly contributing money to media groups that hire the rest.  From 2016-2020 he dished out at least $131 Million to 253 journalism and activist media groups to promote his agenda.  These machinations also serve to create an army of paid-for minions whose additional task is to defend him against any criticism.

These American sycophants mindlessly regurgitate the assertion that since Soros is Jewish and survived World War II, any criticism is out-of-bounds and tantamount to unbridled antisemitism whenever he is justifiably criticized.

George Soros, a naturalized American citizen, should be sanctioned and deported  for being a collaborator with the Nazis in Hungary during World War II instead of being allowed to have a grossly oversized and malevolent influence on American society.

George Soros, in a 1998 interview on 60 Minutes  admitted to working with an Hungarian Nazi official to confiscate Jewish property:

Steve Kroft: “My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson, went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.” 

Soros: “Yes, that’s right. Yes”

Kroft: I mean, that sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many, many years.  Was it difficult?

Soros: No, not at all.  Not at all, I rather enjoyed it.

Kroft: No feelings of guilt?

Soros: No, none at all.

In another interview, he stated:

“1944 was the happiest year of my life.  This is strange, almost offensive thing to say because 1944 was the year of the Holocaust, but it is true.”

Over the years I have met and befriended numerous Holocaust survivors as we had one trait in common-- we were all World War II survivors, displaced orphans and refugees.   George Soros’s “happiest year of his life” coincided with the fate of a close friend of mine.

Joel was born and spent his early years in Vienna, Austria.  In March of 1938 under the guise of a plebiscite, the Nazis took over Austria and made it a province of Greater Germany.  Jews were immediately subject to arrests, confiscation of property, isolation in a de facto ghettos and mandatory migration to concentration camps and forced labor projects.

Many Jewish families fled the country.  Joel, then eight years-old, and his family immigrated to nearby Hungary which was and remained for a number of years the safest country in the region for Jews despite numerous anti-Jewish laws on the books.    Life was relatively calm until March of 1944 when the Nazis invaded the country as the Hungarian then-leaders were trying to back out of their alliance with Germany.

Within a few weeks, the Nazis, directly led by Adolf Eichmann, began implementing the “final solution” as nearly 440,000 Jews were rounded-up and sent to Auschwitz in a mere eight weeks between May 15th and July 9th.   Joel, then thirteen, and his family, which included two older sisters, were among them.  His parents and sisters were murdered, but Joel was somehow able to survive until the Russians arrived in January of 1945.  He never would talk about his days in Auschwitz and took that horrendous experience to his grave when he passed away nearly fifteen years ago.

Where was George Soros and what was he doing when Joel’s family and 568,000 Jews, over 70% of the entire Jewish population of Hungary, were slaughtered in less than nine months?  Collaborating with the Nazis.    

I do not know what was or is in George Soros’s heart, but no one with a shred of decency and morality who lived through those times and witnessed firsthand man’s unfathomable inhumanity to man would ever claim that 1944 was the best year of his life or that he has no regrets for his collaboration.   Only a vile megalomaniac would.

America’s other geriatric megalomaniac, Joe Biden, has always been ruled by his unrestrained narcissism and delusion of being praised in the history books as a president on par with or surpassing Franklin Roosevelt.  His impatience to achieve that goal had him seriously considering a presidential run in 1980 when he was but 37.  His first bid for the presidency came seven years later in 1987 when he was 44.

Biden is not nor has he ever been moved by ideology or love of country.  He is a self-obsessed blowhard who is currently, and without hesitation, promoting extremist left-wing ideology and society-destroying Cultural Marxism. He unquestioningly believes by doing so he will achieve his delusional all-encompassing objective of being an historically transformative president.

Over the years he adopted starkly opposite positions when he thought those policies would garner the esteem he desperately craves.  He was an overt racist and segregationist, a zealot for tough on crime legislation, an opponent of gay rights, a staunch supporter of a balanced budget amendment, a hawk promoting military interventions in numerous international conflicts, and an avowed opponent of unconstrained abortion rights.

This same warped mindset underlines Biden’s justification for the selling of his political office for personal gain.  For over 40 years he callously used and abused his family in his schemes and betrayed his country when, as Vice-President, he expanded his influence-peddling business globally into Ukraine, China, Russia and Kazakhstan among other nations, receiving $31 million from China alone.

Throughout Biden’s political career, in virtually every speech or answer to a question, he seamlessly lies about his life history, legislative matters, and his political opponents.  Incessant compulsive lying and obfuscation have been just another means to achieve his ends.

Neither Biden or Soros have an ethical or moral compass.   The American ruling class’s willing acceptance of money from Soros and their placing Biden in the presidency in order to defeat Donald Trump has created a vile duo that is taking the nation down a dark and dangerous path.  As Soros provides the money and organization, an oblivious Biden provides the execution of his nefarious plans.

Graphic credit: Trainwreck

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