The Religion of the Left

That they hate is us clear. But why do they hate us? And why are they so crazy?

It’s their religion.

While based on Christianity, what they have is bent and twisted. Let us compare their “version” to the real one.

The Great Commandment of the New Testament, taken from the Old, is “Thou shalt love God with all thy heart and mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.” This is a personal command, directed at each individual person. It should be, because our worth is judged individually, and our salvation is gained on the basis of individual merit.

What if someone messed with the Great Commandment, “just a little”? They did. The “Great” Imperative is: “We shall love God with all our hearts and minds, and our neighbors as ourselves.”

Instead of the individual being the focus, the operand, of the commandment, now it’s the collective. Worth is now assessed collectively, and salvation is gained collectively. The most important thing is to be among the “we.” Salvation depends on it.

Thus, it is not so much that the Great Commandment has been set on its head as that it has been perverted. A heretical formulation has given birth to a heretical and perverse religion.

Sacraments and prayer to help the individual keep the Christian Commandment are replaced by rites aimed at demonstrating membership in the collective. Thus, “Virtue signaling” is engaged in, reminiscent of odd superstitious incantations that used to be condemned as primitive.

And like old superstitions, such rites have little reference to the real world in terms of logic or effectiveness. They are absurd, and very often dangerous.

Which is why logic and rationality, indeed, reason itself, is a thing alien to these people. Nuclear power plants are, in objective fact, non-polluting and therefore green, but the Left hates them.

Shutting down gas production is a good, to them, and all the things we might point out that happen as a consequence, including inflation, are not only irrelevant, but do not even enter the equation. Same for those MRNA shots, the masks, the non-prosecution of criminals.

Because of the ingrained irrationality, negative consequences are ignored (Ohio train wreck) or are explained away by resort to uncontrolled and unseeable forces, like shamans of old: any problem associated with the open border is caused by a social force called “migration” which just happens like the tide; inflation comes and goes as an economic cycle.

Note, however, that the religion of the left, while false, has great power, great attraction, and to deny this would be perilous and stupid.

First, once an adherent completes a rite, it is over. Once one has danced around the gilded idol, one is done. There is no ideal of inner and individual perfection that one is called upon to emulate and reach for (as there is in Christianity). The Left’s religion demands no more of its devotee; he is purely and simply done.

So that he may now engage in any form of libertinism. Nothing is denied. (Shower with your teenage daughter; pourquoi pas?) Whether one wishes to engage in any particular vice, to engage in any sin, is entirely up to the individual, and the making of such a choice is without meaning. There is no morality that we would recognize as such.

No rationality, no morality, no restraint. Just moments of frenzied, spinning absurdity. Which is why they are crazy. And why you can never make them realize it.

Now, why do they hate us? Ah.

Their Great Imperative reads, “We shall love God with all our hearts and minds.” “We” means you. Whether or not it includes them in this sense is irrelevant. What is relevant is that in order for there to be a “We,” it must include “You.” The imperative is collective, and there is no Therefore, if you do not go along, you are going against. Since they are embarked upon achieving collective salvation, you are directly in the way.

Oddly, this is reminiscent of the view of the ancient Roman religion regarding Christians. The ancient Roman religion could handle any sort of cult, and there were many. They did, however, all fit in to the overarching Roman religion and its worldview. But the Christians did not. Hence the old Romans called the Christians… atheists. And sought to exterminate them.

Further, nothing can be allowed to stand in the way: there must only be the collective and the atomized individual. Morality, any type of virtue, must be destroyed, as must anything that gives birth to virtue. Innocence, even of youth, must be sullied; self-defense must be considered a crime; the family must be de-engineered and degraded.

The other remarkable facet of this, the Left’s religion, is that it is very attractive. Because the entire rationale is collective, aye, and undergirded as we have seen by force, the devotee of the leftist religion gets not only to tell you what to do, but he gets to make you do it.

What fun! What glee! What power! No responsibility. And, because this is the USA, the amount of money available to fuel the nonsense has no real limit. (Don’t have it? Increase taxes, print it, borrow it -- whoopee!).

Even more: the devotee is also morally superior, since, hey, salvation. Because the Left’s Great Imperative is a heretical reformulation of the Great Commandment and therefore at first glance seems similar to it, the Left has been able to ape Christian rhetoric. This is another very alluring facet of their religion: join it and voilà! you trump the pope.

Accordingly, the Left’s rhetoric is couched in the name of freedom, justice, charity, and so forth.

A biological male wants to play on the women’s sports team. They are all for it, since. It is the height of morality to support the biological male; it is, they say, only fair.

But there is nothing fair about it: to go along is to dismiss and ignore the effects, all negative, upon the women and girls. Presumably they are not second-class citizens; but no, there is a choice made between the biological males and the females, and it is supposed to go against the females with no consideration for them whatsoever.

This reveals that the motive for the Left’s awful religion; other than adding to atomization and to a general lack of happiness, such a discriminatory preference as is being discussed has no economic function; it does not move control of economic power to the state, for instance, as nationalization of industry would.

Which is one of the main reasons that it is not wholly accurate to describe the positions of the Left as being socialist, or communist, since those have economic goals in mind, as well as political, but the Left’s policies, while certainly having economic effects, are not based on economic ideas, though they are warm to socialistic ideas, being as these are necessarily collective.

One could go on and on, cataloguing how the Left uses, and hides behind, purportedly moral stances. But the purpose here is not to list them, but to note that 1) their arguments are couched in moral language, 2) their arguments are not moral, highly immoral, and 3) these religiously-couched stances help them hide.

Hide what?

Hide their existence. Quite like what is said of the devil, that his best trick was to convince many that he did not exist. It was a good trick the Left had. Mouthing what seemed at first to be consonant with the American way, they were able to work across decades and to such effect that we hardly knew what hit us or how this great U.S. of A. became so changed and nearly lost.

Which is precisely why they abhor Donald J. Trump.

For until the coming of the Donald, they had not only a secret religion, but a secret state religion. A secret state religion that was and is against everything America stood for.

Tadas Klimas, the author of several books, is a former U.S. intelligence officer awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement ( NIMA ). He also was a law professor and at one time was Chief Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, first Chief of State of the restored Republic of Lithuania, Prof. Vytautas Landsbergis.

Image: Félicien Rops

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