The UN Declares War on the 'Poison of Islamophobia'

According to the U.N.'s website,

[t]he United Nations on Friday [03/10/2023] commemorated the first-ever International Day to Combat Islamophobia with a special event in the General Assembly Hall, where speakers upheld the need for concrete action in the face of rising hatred, discrimination and violence against Muslims.

António Guterres, secretary-general of the U.N., delivered the keynote address, "focusing attention — and calling for action — to stamp out the poison of Islamophobia."  Below are key excerpts followed by correctives:

The world's nearly 2 billion Muslims reflect humanity in all its magnificent diversity.  They hail from all corners of the world.  They are Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Americans and Asians.

But they often face bigotry and prejudice for no other reason than their faith.

Think about what he's saying here: Muslims "face bigotry and prejudice for no other reason than their faith."  In other words, Western peoples — the world's most liberal and tolerant people by leaps and bounds — supposedly hate and mistreat Muslims simply and only because the latter have a different belief system.  In the real world, of course, it is precisely the West that developed the idea of religious freedom (which is sorely lacking in Islam).  If anything, the West is the only civilization that looks more favorably on all other belief systems than its own founding faith, Christianity.

The truth is, if there is any "bigotry and prejudice" against Muslims, it is not because Western people are so hostile to those who believe differently from how they do — a position better exemplified by Muslims — but due to any number of Islam's problematic teachings, including terrorizing non-Muslims into subjugation (jihad), executing apostates and blasphemers, treating women as chattel, and legitimizing child marriage (pedophilia), to name a few.

Perhaps aware of his silly position, the secretary-general went on to declare that "[t]he growing hate that Muslims face ... is an inexorable part of the resurgence of ethno-nationalism, neo-Nazi white supremacist ideologies ..."

Here one wonders: if the West is so plagued by "neo-Nazi white supremacist ideologies," as is everywhere preached, why were "people of color," including Muslims, ever invited to immigrate into the West in the first place?  How did blacks in America achieve freedom?  In both cases, it certainly wasn't due to force or coercion.  It was because whites collectively agreed to and promoted racial equality and diversity — something no other world civilization has done for the "other."

But perhaps the secretary-general means that whites have become more racist than their forefathers of the 1960s?  On the surface, this sounds absurd: the West is obscenely more liberal today — children are openly indoctrinated in sexual deviancy — than it was several generations ago.  On the other hand, if there is a growing dislike of Islam, perhaps that is a product of recent and actual experiences on the ground.  Remember, back in the 1960s, there were virtually no Muslims in the West, and those who were there were quick to assimilate.  Today, Westerners — especially Western Europeans — know all too well what living alongside Muslims entails.

As one example, forty years after formerly homogenous Sweden opened its doors to "multiculturalism" — which has meant taking in mostly male Muslim "refugees" — violent crime has surged by 300% and rapes by 1,472%, making the formerly tranquil Scandinavian nation the rape capital of the West.  The U.K. and Germany — which also have significant Muslim populations — are not far behind.

Unfazed by reality, the secretary-general continues:

Muslims suffer personal attacks, hateful rhetoric and stereotyping.  Many such acts of intolerance and suspicion may not be reflected in official statistics, but they degrade people's dignity and our common humanity.

Here is an interesting admission: for all of the U.N.'s whining about "Islamophobia," the "official statistics" do not reflect any special mistreatment of Muslims.

Meanwhile, statistics do show what the U.N. will never talk about: Islamic violence against non-Muslims.  In just the last 30 days up to March 14, there were 61 Islamic terror attacks that killed a total of 486 people in 20 nations.

Continues the secretary-general of the U.N.:

The linkages between anti-Muslim hatred and gender inequality are unmistakable.  We see some of the worst impacts in the triple discrimination against Muslim women because of their gender, ethnicity and faith.

Not only is this a bizarre comparison, but the claim that Muslim women suffer some form of "compounded" discrimination that is in dire need of attention is beyond hypocritical, as it perfectly fits the experiences of Christian women in Muslim nations.  In the words of one report dealing with the Muslim persecution of Christians, "[t]he most significant findings were that Christian women are among the most violated in the world, in maybe a way that we haven't seen before."  Six women were raped every day simply for being Christian, the report found.

As closely discussed here, if über-patriarchic Islam is misogynistic toward its own Muslim women, "infidel" women are at best "meant for one thing, the pleasure of the Muslim man," as one Muslim man told a group of teenage Christian girls before terrorizing and murdering one in Pakistan.

Speaking of Pakistan, which co-convened the "Islamophobia" conference that the secretary-general recently spoke at, every year, some 700 underage Christian girls are kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert and marry their abductors, with the police and courts almost always siding with the rapists.  After a nine-year-old Christian girl was raped by a Muslim man who boasted of having "done the same service to other young Christian girls," local residents explained:

Such incidents occur frequently. Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the [Muslim] community's mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war.

In short, the U.N.'s song and dance about "Islamophobia" is, like the U.N. itself, a farce.  That the one demographic most predisposed to "Islamophobic" tendencies in the United States consists of Muslims themselves makes that abundantly clear.

Image: sanjitbakshi via Flickr.

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