The Public Health Establishment That Flew Too Near to the Sun

The public health establishment, like Icarus on wax wings (in their case, lies, power grabs, political manipulation, rich economic reward), flew too close to the sun and melted their means of staying aloft. 

The New Anti-Fauci Legislation

This week Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Chip Roy introduced long-overdue legislation to rein in and reform an out-of-control and counterproductive public health establishment. The bill, entitled the NIH Reform Act would replace the Anthony Fauci-led National Institute of Allergic Diseases (NIAD) with three separate agencies: One to deal with allergic diseases, a second with infectious diseases, and a third to deal with immunologic diseases. Directors of each of these institutes would be subject to Senate confirmation and would serve no more than two five-year terms. No longer would any one person like Fauci be given such overreaching authority (“dictator-in-chief”) for decades. Senator Paul explains, “This will create accountability and oversight into a taxpayer-funded position that has largely abused its power and has been responsible for many failures and misinformation during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Congressman Roy expanded on the need for this legislation.

From the earliest days of the pandemic, unaccountable public health bureaucracies proved themselves far more adept at ruining lives than saving them. Never again should a single individual, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, wield unchecked power and influence over the lives of the American people. 

The legislation is co-sponsored by senators Mike Lee, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Braun, and Josh Hawley.

The Paul-Roy criticisms of Fauci are well-warranted and documented.

Fauci lied and suppressed views of respected professionals with whom he disagreed

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook were pressured hard to silence dissenters, creating the impression than the scientific community was fully in agreement with Fauci’s policies.  The threats included anti-trust suits and ”increased liability for user-posted content.”

If scientists went along, they got along with fat grants from Fauci. 

 The content suppressed included things like these:

...accurate reports of "breakthrough infections" among people vaccinated against COVID-19, accounts of "true vaccine side effects," objections to vaccine mandates, criticism of politicians, and citations of peer-reviewed research on naturally acquired immunity. 

Fauci, in fact, colluded to smear the better credentialed than he professors who called for an end to the lockdowns.

So extreme was the manipulation of the news that a federal court has indicated that they may well have constituted violations of the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech and debate. 

Among those whose views were muzzled to protect Fauci’s role as “dictator-in-chief were signers of the Great Barrington Declaration: Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University, Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford, and Martin Kulldorff of Harvard University, who had argued against the lockdowns. They said there was no reason for low-risk people to be kept from going to bars and restaurants, offices, sporting and entertainment events. The declaration said it was sufficient to provide focused protection of the vulnerable older population. It also suggested that increased infection of those at lower risks would build herd immunity, which rather put paid to the ludicrous masking, social distancing, school closings and tracing policies Fauci commanded. (Who in their right minds could justify the expensive tracing protocols in urban areas; permitting shopping in big box stores but not in neighborhood bodegas?)

Bhattacharya is right -- open discussion would have been a better path. (So would other policies, as Sweden’s experience demonstrates.)

In a recent tweet Bhattacharya supported the proposed legislation. “We need to reform both public health so that it is not susceptible to hijack by panic mongers who have little regard for the civil liberties or the wellbeing of the kids and the poor when the superbug hits.”

Some of Fauci’s Many Lies and Contradictions

Fauci certainly spent a lot of time in the media spotlight. Unfortunately for his present reputation, many of those performances were videotaped and his many lies and contradictions have been captured.

His most serious lies regard his role in the gain of function research at Wuhan and the origin of Covid-19 to cover up his role in creation of the virus and its spread, though the damage this preening martinet caused to this country is incalculable.

The Political Machinations of Fauci and Much of the Public Health Administration

The Brownstone organization makes a persuasive case that Fauci deliberately imposed a vaccine delay to cost Trump’s re-election. 

We already knew that Fauci, the FDA, CDC, and the pharmaceutical industry went to great lengths to block treatments based on repurposed pharmaceuticals, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, while putting all hope and money into Covid-19 vaccines. But a new book reveals that Fauci also forced Moderna to delay their clinical trial by three weeks -- which pushed the release of their preliminary results until after the presidential election.  

Moderna was not the only company whose progress Fauci halted:

It does not matter how one feels about Trump or Biden. A massive political win in the week before the election would have convinced enough voters of Trump’s competence and thus pushed Trump’s vote total over the top.

What about Pfizer? They also could have published their preliminary results prior to the election which might have secured Trump’s re-election. According to Loftus, Pfizer “opted out of Operation Warp Speed for fear it would slow the company down.” Pfizer still took $2 billion off of the Trump administration for advance purchase orders. But Scott Gottlieb and Pfizer clearly preferred Biden and so they held their preliminary results until November 9, 2020 -- just 6 days after the election. The Biden administration returned the favor by giving Pfizer a blank check and authorizing shots for additional age groups based on the worst “clinical trial” results anyone has ever seen.

The important thing to understand in all of this is that Fauci, the FDA, NIH, and CDC are political functionaries pretending to be scientists. Pandemics, vaccines, and public health are a way for the machine to direct billions of dollars to their base and reward large donors to the party. These companies and their bureaucratic enablers were happy to take money off of Trump. But they knew that they could get an even better deal from Biden. 

Add this to the efforts by Democratic operatives to void and circumvent election laws, permitting unheard of manipulation of mail-in balloting and other election procedures to Biden’s benefit.

And as you may remember, the lockdowns were used to prevent churchgoing, even people meeting for 10-man minyans to pray, and children cooped up inside NYC apartments from playing outdoors in public parks, while they cheered and encouraged thousands of Black Lives Matters demonstrators, often within blocks of those same parks. They used the mandates to favor the Left as they destroyed the very fabric of American life.

This is not Fauci’s first rodeo. He played the same fearmongering power grab with Zika, a mosquito-borne disease that was claimed to cause microcephaly. In a recently released book, Dr, Randall Bock documents how the Zika outbreak in Brazil was based on poor science never peer reviewed. Analysis showed that the “genome and morphology of Zika are nearly indistinguishable from …dengue, itself long endemic in Brazil. ”Despite millions of prior cases of dengue, there was no evidence of any association with microcephaly.”

Despite the absence of scientific association with the birth defects, Fauci claimed an “explosion” of children born with the defect and expressed confidence that “any questions that Zika causes microcephaly “would soon be removed.” It wasn’t. There was and still remains no evidence of such an association. Bock thinks the failed hypothesis of a connection is being kept on life support because it fills the public health establishment’s “ambitions for social change and control.” Hard to argue with that.

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