The Derailment of Candace Owens

Lately I’ve been lost in thought, lamenting the diminishing presence of Black women in Donald Trump’s America First movement.  In doing so, it’s impossible to think about the movement without the now pop-culture-laden Candace Owens rearing up our thoughts. She was formerly a commanding presence as a Black woman in support of President Donald J. Trump.   But I will be frank and reveal that Candace Owens lost me very early in my Trump journey.

I was fortunate enough to first come across Owens in a clip where she declared racism is not a problem in America, only to later read up on her and discover that she had been the victim of race-related threats,  threats that prompted her to team up with the NAACP, file a lawsuit, and score just under forty-thousand dollars in damages.  Apparently, racism is a problem for her when there’s a monetary windfall in her favor.

Even though I found myself in agreement with a great deal of what she espoused, the disingenuous racism remark left a bad taste in my mouth. I always considered Owens an opportunist who was as much out to promote herself as the agenda of the American right, and upon hearing that Trump had removed her from his circle of trust, I was not at all surprised. 

Is racism a problem in America? Yes, I do assert that it is.  For those, such as myself, who set out with a plan to succeed…  are we hindered by racism?  No.  Nothing of value is easily obtained in America, no matter your race, gender, or any other demographic.  Like it or not, we exist in an exhaustive daily grind that can sometimes undo us. Only the strongest and most fit will survive and prosper.  But I refuse to embrace the mindset that racism is not a problem and would never approach the masses of Black Americans with such sentiment.  Racism in America is indeed a problem.  Can it hinder you?  No. Not in today’s America.  It cannot.  I encounter it more often than I’d like, and more than one might imagine, if you are not Black.  But certainly not every day or even close to every day… and it most certainly does not hinder me. 

As for President Trump, he has already proclaimed that he seeks to “heal the divide” and that those who have been ”forgotten” will no longer be forgotten in his new America.  I seek nothing more than for him to live up to that promise as the future unfolds, but let’s first get past the muck and mire of the globalist, New World Order tyranny. From there we’ll be free to re-examine and heal our challenges as a new nation.

Owens uploaded a video on her You Tube channel, commenting on her fall from Trump’s graces.  She first noted that President Trump only pays attention to mainstream media, and not that of alternative media.  This could not be further from the truth.  It’s evident that Trump clearly understands the gravity of the alternative media. In recent weeks, he has even begun to re-truth “Anon-ers” on Truth Social.  The MAGA movement has been built upon and is maintained and flourishes via alternative media sources.  President Trump does not ignore alternative media outlets to give attention exclusively to the mainstream media. Even newcomers within the movement understand that Trump must still address the mainstream media in order to remain relevant to the masses who have yet awakened. So, he reacts to and addresses damning reports from the mainstream media. To assert that he is out of touch with the alternative media movement only serves to lift the skirt of Candace’s own ignorance with respect to the grinding wheels of the movement.  That, or she simply needs to grasp at straws and declare anything at all about Trump to make clean her descent from his circle.

In an additional affront, Candace has gone on to assert that President Trump is “Vengeful, Paranoid, and lacking in humility.” …and this unsavory conclusion is reached because he merely possesses the discernment and presence of mind to sever communications with her.

Are we to believe that the most powerful man in the world can decide to keep people in his circle who do support him, his aspirations, and challenges?  Is President Trump sensitive about who is in his corner? Can he be salty and dismissive?  I’m sure he can be.  But he’ll garner no resentment from his many supporters.  With the weight of the entire world on his shoulders. You don’t get to be where President Trump is unless you surround yourself with people who are loyal and on the same page. If there is indeed paranoia, I’m sure it’s quite warranted.  He’s got daggers pointed at him from every direction, from those who were former allies, or pretended to be.  It is Candace herself who lacks humility.  She is steeped in self-aggrandizement, and is keen to speak with headstrong fervor, but lacking in a spirit that requires muted reflection. 

Candace’s verbal assault on President Trump originated when she diligently pressed him on the failures of the COVID vaccines. Yet it appears that she simply wasn’t familiar enough with the grassroots elements of MAGA. Many within the movement have agreed that if Trump had advised his supporters to refrain from getting the vaccine, the pharmaceutical and globalist establishment would have escalated the spread of the “patented” man-made virus, and blamed Donald J. Trump for the deaths of millions.  Their plan was to delay the vaccine altogether. 

Keep in mind that until Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed, it was reported that an effective vaccine would take an entire decade or more to fruition, leaving us with the ravages of a destroyed global economy, meaning the collapse of businesses, joblessness, homelessness, broken families,  mental illness, suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, and the overall destruction of what Americans value most in their day-to-day lives, only to be then coerced into the nefarious Great Reset in order to pacify their despair.  Instead, by swiftly introducing the vaccine, it’s been the opinion of many that this is why Donald Trump now boasts that he’s saved millions of lives.  Which, as the aforementioned scenario never came to pass, he did. 

Because Trump stood his ground in support of Operation Warp Speed, Candace pushed to the point of insult and lost his favor.  Upon losing his favor he was suddenly deemed out of touch.

Today Owens is uploading lighthearted videos urging American women to give up “yoga pants” as their go-to for casualwear.  Like everyone else, she’s got an opinion ranging from the Kardashian clan to casualwear.  Nothing wrong with this.  But pop-culture utterings remain a far cry from a voice that had the potential to move beleaguered masses. She attracts non-thinkers, the same Americans who remain glued to mainstream media… and don’t have a clue with regard to the globalist onslaught corrupting and destroying our nation.

Owens has become a diminished Black presence in the America First movement who will not be missed.

Janet Walters Levite
Truth Social: @JanetLevite

Image: Gage Skidmore

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