The Democrat-Media Insurrection Myth

The breach of the capitol, serious though it was, cannot be described as a “deadly insurrection.”  Sadly, though the contrary was what was [widely] reported [by the news media], Officer Sicknick died two days after Jan 6, from two [brain] strokes.  -Liberal journalist, feminist and Gore and Clinton campaign advisor Naomi Wolf, after watching videos of the Capitol riot released by Tucker Carlson, March 10, 2023

[D]espite frantic claims from major players like CNN, the Capitol riot was not “a coup” that almost ended modern American democracy. Speaking as a political scientist … lists of historical coups and insurrections consist almost entirely of violent military affairs.  -Wilfrid Reilly, “Tucker’s special aside, there’s been plenty of mythmaking surrounding [Jan. 6, 2021],” National Review, March 11, 2023

There were two events recently that were met with considerable hysteria by what remains of the Democrat party and their stenographers in what passes for our “news” media.  First, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, who promised to restore freedom of speech there.  Second, Tucker Carlson’s release of the videos of the Capitol riot that took place on the Jan. 6, 2021 given him by Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. 

The reasons for the hysteria in Liberal Land over both of these positive developments is that the Democrat-Media Collusion Team has been in charge of virtually all institutions since Jan. 6, 2021 and they had painted a picture of the events at the Capitol Jan. 6 that would further solidify their own wealth and power.  The Democrat-Media Collusion Team, the self-described great defenders of our democracy, cannot not abide any such positive democratic developments.  Imagine what the serfs might think if the government or “news media” actually told them the truth for a change!  It’s absolutely terrifying.

This is not speculation because Liz Cheney, whose father’s performance as vice-president  was strongly criticized by Trump long before Trump became president, was not bright enough to refrain from stating well before her alleged House “investigation” was completed that it was her aim to prevent Trump from getting elected again.  Seething revenge does not tend to help one either to see things clearly or to keep one’s big mouth shut.  Thanks Liz!

The storyline put together by what passes for our news media is that Trump led an armed insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021 that necessitated a House Committee investigation of what happened that day (actually for the political motive to recommend Trump for an indictment in advance of the 2024 election).  The media’s job, including CNN, MSNBC, and most newspapers was to refer confidently to “the Jan. 6 insurrection” as if that were a settled fact already in the history books. 

What passes for our news media did not say that some people believe it was an insurrection and others believe it was only a riot by some buffoons and then present the facts and let the peasants decide what they thought about the matter.  No, what passes for our news media needed to state the conclusion of that “investigation” long before it was completed. 

The reaction to Carlson’s videos (what used to be called “evidence” in the old days before the adolescent revolutionaries took over most of our institutions), was panic.  Comrade Schumer angrily took to the floor of the Senate to call Carlson’s act of journalism “disgraceful” and call for Fox News to censor him.  It is now “disgraceful” to give any evidence to the peasants not authorized by the Democrats.  For, even though what remains of our “educational system” no longer teaches the proles to think for themselves, it is in the nature of the human spirit that a few of them will do it anyways and see through the smokescreen. 

The Chairman of the Jan. 6 Committee, Bennie Thompson, even admitted that the committee had not even looked at the videos!  But why should they when they already had their conclusion before the “investigation” was completed, with no cross-examination of witnesses by Republicans allowed,? Thanks, Liz!  

Since an actual insurrection, as opposed to a Democrat-media storyline insurrection, requires a few guns, the same Democrat-Media Collusion Team that gave us the comical Trump-Russia collusion hoax, worked hard to find some guns at the Capitol on Jan. 6th For example, NPR reported that contrary to the right-wing view that the mob was not armed “the alleged rioters … did come armed … with … stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles wielded as clubs” and someone “also allegedly planted pipe bombs by the headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties the night before the riot and remains at large.” 

With regard to the pipe bombs “allegedly” planted, they were not at the Capitol, and, since no one knows who planted them, and since some were near the Republican headquarters, no one knows that they were planted by Trump supporters!  Too difficult for you NPR?   Since NPR is supported by taxpayer dollars it is supposed to be non-partisan, right?  Perhaps NPR can identify an insurrection somewhere in actual human history that was carried out with stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles.

In addition, and this is truly comical, in an attempt to show that it is a “myth” that people involved in the Capitol riot were not "armed" because they did not have real guns, NPR pompously states “The Facts,” namely, “At least three people arrested in connection with the Capitol riot are facing gun charges, though the government has not alleged that those three were part of the actual breach of the building.”  Similar CNN reports that Lonnie Hoffman was sentenced for a gun crime but “isn’t accused of entering the Capitol or joining the mob during the riot that day.” So, the Capitol rioters were armed with guns but no one is saying those three went into the Capitol?  Keep trying, CNN and NPR!

NPR also states that officer Brian Sicknick died one day after two rioters allegedly sprayed him and other officers with what prosecutors describe as an "unknown chemical substance."  It is not an unknown substance.  It was pepper spray and that is classified as “a non-lethal” weapon.  Maybe NPR should just try stating the facts, if they can somehow manage to get those right, rather than promote their Democrat Party narrative?

The Democrat-Media Collusion Team has labored hard to get some guns and bombs at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, but they just haven’t managed to get enough for a real insurrection.  A stun gun, some flag-poles and pepper spray does not cut it.  And the media’s repeating the “armed insurrection” storyline over and over again for years does not make it true.  Most of the media know that.  They’re just playing games.

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