Taking Back Our Country, One Word at a Time

Let us resolve to reclaim our own words.

The cloud of defeat enshrouding America is a spiritual, moral, and political conquest that seeks to control minds, debilitate character, and destroy institutions from within.  That conquest starts with the power to control our words.  We react, we write, we rail against them — but always using their words.  They control the conversation.  We have let the enslavers control our words.

The disruptive force throughout American history has been Christianity.  It disrupted slavery, segregation, and abortion because Christians rejected words of the oppressors.  They called slaves their brothers; they call the pre-born babies.  Freedom and sanity in your own life begin by reclaiming your words.  Bring intentionality to the words you speak.  If words don't serve truth and freedom, don't speak them.  Be a loud, proud Freedom-Talker.  Pledge to use language that expresses your values and beliefs, to refrain from false words, and to turn away from them without fear.

The Freedom-Talker's Oath

"I solemnly swear to speak words of truth of my understanding and reject false words, so help me God."

The following 10 phrases are links in the chains around your neck.  But they can be pulled off.  Some refer to things that don't exist; others are ignorant and dehumanizing linguistic distortions for things that do exist.

1. Our Democracy does not exist.  The word "democracy" does not occur in the Constitution.  We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy.  Philosophical arguments can be made regarding the democratic process in America, but the relentless use of our democracy is a coffin nail for the Constitution.

2. People of Color, Communities of Color do not exist.  The terms are actual hate speech designed to create a coalition of resentment among descendants of every continent except Europe.  Next time someone uses the term "POC," if you are of European ancestry, point to your hand and ask, "Does my skin look like cellophane?"  All human skin has color.  The exclusionary term POC is racist.

3. Black, brown, red, white, yellow people.  Human races may imprecisely exist, but there are no subspecies of humans based on skin tone.  The conquerors and their treacherous retainers color-code people to devalue individuality, and to divide and conquer us by politically favoring some colors while punishing others.  Skin color typology is the fallacious framework that enabled the catastrophic shift from honoring achievement to honoring identity.  Want to understand why young people are discouraged?  Start there.

Do you believe that the government-media obsession with race and reference to monochromatic color groupings advances the framework of freedom?  If not, resist the conquerors' cudgel-word Black.  It is rarely helpful to talk about race and never necessary to reduce human beings to a racial identity.  If it is absolutely necessary to talk about these identities, use cultural, not color terms.

4. Disinformation does not exist.  There are two kinds of false information: mistakes and lies.  The term disinformation is promulgated to obfuscate and sanitize lying.  Disinformation is lying committed by liars.

5. Conspiracy Theory does not exist due to a severe lack of efficient conspiracies.  Hopefully, soon, there will be more competent conspiracies providing theories.  Until then, conspiracy theory is the term enslavers use to discredit emerging information shared by people still capable of rational thought, which offers resistance to the destruction of America.

6. Climate Change.  An extremely complex natural phenomenon for which the conquerors offer a simple solution: give up your freedom to live as you choose.

7. Gender does not exist in humans.  It's been impossible for the enslavers to quantify the number of genders because it is zero.  There are two sexes and zero genders.  The hoax of gender as a socially acquired, fluid trait was cooked up by awful people like John Money and Judith Butler to inflict their own depravity and bitterness, to drain common sense, and to generate insanity in America.  The correct term is "sex identity."  The correct term for the subjective experience of being male or female is "sex identification."  This area of research and discussion became an obsession due to the conquerors' hatred of human nature.  Consider correcting the garbage science term gender fluid.  If you suffer to hear it, substitute the word "ambisexuality."

If you are having a party to celebrate the sex of your pre-born baby, call it a "Boy or Girl?" party.  Establishing immutable sex identity is a foundation of Godfulness, naturalness, and security from which the child can explore different feelings and activities.  Your son will grow up in a sick society where a boy is told he does not have to be a boy if he doesn't want to.  Don't give the insanity a head start.

8. Transgender does not exist.  Powder and paint can't make a man what he ain't.  Sex identity is the earliest and deepest form of ego identity, inseparable from the gift of life itself.  There is no more perfect application of the term "disorder" than disunity between the sex of the body and the processes of ego mind.  Centering life on sex identity disorder is an energetic sinkhole that undermines the chance of living a selfless, generous, fulfilling life for either sex.

Adults have the right to pass themselves off as the opposite sex, but unless the listener is another Helen Keller, it is not going to work.  (Actually, Helen would have known.)  Adults have the right to change their name, to have cosmetic surgery, to try to live what they hope will be their best life.  They don't have the right to force their own disordered imagination on others.  They don't have the right to dictate other people's perceptions or words.  Males with sex identity disorder must not be allowed to commandeer areas or opportunities reserved to females.  Freedom-Talkers, consider dropping transgender, and instead say "Male or Female Simulant."

9. Drag Queens, homely men who prance about in sexist, degrading caricatures of women, do exist.  The term is a misnomer that suggests cultural royalty for tasteless, passé cross-sex narcissism, repopularized as a form of mental child abuse.
Prior to the current fashions in decadence, how often did you find yourself chatting about lewd tranvestism?  Anyone who finds female impersonation entertaining, something is amiss.  Reach out, get help.  Suggestion for Freedom-Talkers, if necessary: "sexualized female impersonator."  Ignore it, and avoid media outlets that feature it.

10. Gay.  The cultural adoration of homosexuality is the second worst spiritual setback to befall America.  The worst was destruction of the ideal of the privilege of physical love being reserved to sanctified marriage.  That destruction arose in the 1950s with movements such as Hefnerism and Kinseyism and has gathered strength to this day, when the ever dwindling numbers of souls fortunate enough to enter the world are born out of wedlock.

A lie can never rest.  Falsehood is always on the move.  We watch a relentless march of untruths about human possibility and freedom, which has dallied for years in devotion to homosexualism.  Don't say gay; don't say straight; don't say queer.  Desexualize the words you speak; pull the pet names of the lie from your mind, root and branch.  If anyone imposes unwelcome sexual self-reference upon you, don't accept it.  Do not let any but God and your own conscience control your words regarding the spiritual questions of life.

The New Humanity will look back upon us with sorrow, much as we look back upon civilizations of the past that perished due to plagues.  Those people suffered plagues of the body; our civilization suffers plagues of the spirit.  The future will say of this time, they had the hand of God, and knowledge of science to end war, end hunger and poverty, to cure many of the diseases of that time.  But they were detained by worship of the lowest degrees of consciousness, their own lusts and hatreds.  They remained addicted to ancient grievances and clouded their own minds with novel ones.

Until the day of the New Humanity arrives, do one thing now: speak the words of truth and freedom.

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