Overcoming America's Political Paralysis

Why are some Americans having such a hard time figuring out what is happening to our country?  And for those who do see, why are so few taking action?

One in four Americans say they know someone who died from the COVID vaccine, and 50% now have less trust in government health experts.  Sixty-seven percent say they "weren't surprised" hearing that COVID came from a Chinese lab.

Most voters agree that the FBI has been weaponized by the current administration, and 61% believe that government agents helped provoke the J6 riot.

Ninety-one percent think bail should be set for criminals who may be a danger to the community.

Fifty-four percent think Biden is lying about his family connections to China.

Fifty-five percent of Arizona voters say issues in Maricopa County likely affected the 2022 results.

Sixty percent think climate change is a false religion, not scientific fact.

Most Americans now have zero trust in their government — the way it responds to health crises, the fairness of our law enforcement agencies, or its ability to conduct free and fair elections.  We think our president is a puppet of China.

So why does life seem to continue as normal?  In other countries, when elections are stolen or Social Security benefits are taken, it means rioting in the streets.

Why do we put up with policies pushing climate change and wokeism that make zero sense?  Who could entertain the idea that children can be given sex change treatments when just a few years ago, they were expelled from school for taking an aspirin without permission?

Why are we giving any of this "New World Order" nonsense any traction at all?

How are massive banks being run by idiots (with zero banking experience) who treat billions of dollars as their personal woke piggy banks, and take billions for personal cash while donating generously to the Democrats?

In 2014, BallotPedia studied congressional leadership income gains from 2004 to 2012 and concluded that most of our elected leaders are millionaires, while average Americans don't have $5,000 for an emergency.  During that period, American household income decreased by 0.94% per year, while congressional income increased by 1.55%.  But for the "top 100" congressmen, the increase was 114% per year, and the top 20 enjoyed an increase of 422% per year!

What would the figures would be for 2014–2022?

Our leaders become rich while in office and claim to represent us honestly, but all efforts to curb insider trading are met with stiff resistance?

The same goes for all government regulators in business, health, and other industries.  They work "for the people" for a few years and quickly transition to lucrative consultant or lobbyist positions for the very industry they were regulating.

Americans may be in collective shock, as everything we have thought about the greatness of America has been demolished in ten short years.  Perhaps the constant barrage of social guilt over our history of racism and sexism has short-circuited any objection to proposed liberal policies.  They just want what is fair, right?

We learned from a young age that America is an exceptional country, a "shining city on a hill."  Every person yearning for freedom and opportunity will do almost anything to become an American citizen.  We looked down on those poor third-world countries with their corrupt dictators and even more corrupt bureaucracies and made fun of communist countries, where you must bribe a public official to get a job or get your child into a good school.

We thought the U.S. was better.  We are a rich country with a tradition of public service.  Our boys went to war in 1945 to save the rest of the world for democracy.

We are finding it hard to believe that a rich country doesn't mean less corruption; it means more.  America is the prize of all prizes.  There is more to steal, and there are more sophisticated ways to steal it.  When crooks are caught, the legal system can be bought off if you "know the right people."  Lobbyists actually write our laws!

Admitting that we've been victims of a massive con, where our everyday lives are tainted by corruption, is extremely difficult.  From the politicians we have voted for and their undelivered promises to government bureaucrats who really run things, it's hard to admit that everything we thought about our noble country was a sham.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Separating the truth from the lies is like assembling a massive jigsaw puzzle with no edges and no picture on the box.  You pick through the pieces and assemble sections, but it's hard to discern the big picture.

The mystery of the "January 6 insurrection" was one essential part of the puzzle.  Why did the government arrest innocent people and then throw them in prison, mostly incommunicado, and then ferociously hide all interior video footage?  The brave twins at the Gateway Pundit finally explained the reason. Turns out the "insurrection" was declared and the Capitol chambers were emptied just minutes before the vote was to be taken to certify the fraudulent 2020 results.  When they reconvened later that evening under "emergency rules," the certification was rushed through without objection.

We are the world's richest banana republic.  Wikipedia defines it as "a country with an economy of state capitalism, whereby the country is operated as a private commercial enterprise for the exclusive profit of the ruling class."

We must now realize that in our corrupt government, everything they say is a lie.  Their job is to divert the American people from the truth of the scam so they can keep stealing.  We are now in the final stage, where the corruption is made permanent so nothing can be done to end our slavery.

Thankfully, there are independent sources of information where the grand plans are being exposed: articles on the WEF here and here, stolen elections, the J6 plot here, and here, the Trump prosecution, and China's plan for world domination.  The puzzle pieces are finally fitting together.

The good news is that the forces against us are smaller and weaker than they let on.  They still need us to capitulate to our own slavery.

Talk is cheap; action is priceless:

  1. Get educated and share what you learn with family and friends.  Hillsdale has a free course: "The American Left: From Liberalism to Despotism."
  2. Writer Allen J. Feifer suggests that we support honest political candidates, reread the Declaration of Independence, and speak the truth to all about corruption.
  3. Wayne Root suggests a Trump flu strike.
  4. Ellen Walter suggests we ally with non-woke businesses and industries.
  5. Become a James O'Keefe whistleblower.
  6. Fight back through local political issues.
  7. Buy a new pillow and support the free press.
  8. Be street-smart if you protest.
  9. Listen to a song, or write your own.
  10. Share videos that expose the lies about COVID, the border, systemic election fraud, banks (here, too), sex changes, J6, and climate change.  Go to Rumble and BitChute for uncensored videos.  Try FreeSpoke and Yandex for censorship-free searches.
  11. Starve the enemy — boycott woke products and services.
  12. Resist all efforts to create a "cashless society."  Digital money is the end of freedom.
  13. Use honest news sources, here and here.
  14. Send your other ideas to me to include in future articles.

Our ultimate solution is a top-to-bottom housecleaning — term limits, ban all lobbying except from private citizens, monitor all campaign donations, clean up the FBI and the woke military.

We must return our country to greatness again.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer.  For reprint requests on other websites, inside information for important issues, article requests, or comments, contact him at jackgleason9@protonmail.com.  Recent articles: https://www.americanthinker.com/author/jackgleason and https://canadafreepress.com/members/1/JackGleason/1249.

Image: Eric Fischer via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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