It All Began With the Pill

If the Nobel Prize Committee had the category of Most Influential Invention of the Last Century, one candidate might be the Pill, the contraceptive that came into widespread use in the 1960s and triggered a chain reaction of one tectonic, societal earthquake after another. I was a college student at the time and watched it happen.

If you want to know the origin of today’s sexual madness—”What’s your pronoun?” “Men can get pregnant.” Little boys get castrated; pubescent girls undergo double mastectomies, and drag queens entertain American kindergarten kids.—it all began with the Pill that re-configured the relationship between men and women as never before since the Garden of Eden.

The Pill’s advent ignited a tsunami of fornication, a.k.a. premarital sex and adultery, that led to a further tsunami of millions of couples divorcing, the invention of no-fault divorce, millions of tears, and millions of broken families.

The Pill produced “Women’s Lib” and women like Hillary “Lady Macbeth” Clinton, who sneered at motherhood and wanted a “career” just like a man.

“Women’s Lib” was followed in 1969 by “Gay Lib,” which burst out of a Greenwich Village bar for sodomites who were angry at polite society, which historically scorned their addiction as non-procreative hedonism. Because they did not generate the next generation, they were also called de-generates. But with the Pill divorcing procreation from its pleasure, polite society could no longer object to behavior enjoying the pleasure of sex without the procreation. The sodomites said, “You are just like us now, so you have nothing to criticize us for.”

Image: The Pill by jcomp.

This led, by 1972, to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removing homosexuality from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The thinking was that, if the sodomite is happy with his deviance, and supports himself with a steady job, who is to say this is a mental disorder?

The APA’s deletion then led to the eruption across the land of homosexual orgies in which hundreds of men participated, exchanging bodily fluids with total strangers who had come from far and wide, and returned far and wide, thus spreading the monstrous AIDS contagion, a disease far more lethal than COVID-19. One online source says 7 million victims have fallen to the Communist Chinese germ warfare attack on the world’s population versus the 40 million who have died from AIDS.

That APA decision came from psychiatrists who, before they specialized, had been through medical school and knew that male-to-male sodomy is known to damage the colon and lead to serious medical problems. Given the number of AIDS fatalities, deleting homosexuality from the DSM may have been the worst case of medical malpractice in history.

In the 1970s, I was an outside observer of these orgies because I drove a New York City taxicab on the night shift when the best business was in Greenwich Village. The behaviors on display persuaded me—at that time an open-minded liberal—that, contrary to the propaganda about the “gay” lifestyle, this behavior had absolutely nothing to do with love.

The 1972 APA decision also led to the United States Supreme Court’s decision the following year in Roe v. Wade. That decision legitimized the right of a woman, who created another human being in a night of pleasure, to kill what she had created. Suddenly, intrauterine infanticide was legal, a state of affairs the Court only recently slowed when it ruled in Hobbs that the states, not the federal government, had the final say in whether abortion could exist in their borders.

The Hobbs decision, though, hasn’t stopped the accelerating pace of today’s sexual lunacy, which includes not just legitimizing all variations of homosexual sex, but advocating for it in schools. In a chain of events going directly back to the Pill, we now have the appearance on elementary school library bookshelves of “gay” pornography, tampon dispensers in the boys’ room, and a female Supreme Court justice who does not know that a woman is called a woman because she is a womb-man, a human with a womb.

The Pill has produced a society that is dizzy with the fantasy that there is such a thing as “gender” (outside of grammar), let alone transgender, which is nothing but the old transvestism explicitly forbidden in the Jewish Bible right alongside male-to-male sodomy. The divine genius of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah (and three other towns) is that this is how societies die, via sexual abandon and sexual perversion, a couplet no longer permissible in the politically correct generation of the “woke.”

There is also a connection between the confusion over “gender” and the nonsense of “sexual orientation,” which implies there is more than one way to engage in sexual behavior when there is not. Except in societies that are entering their twilight, sex is about creating the next generation of society, and there is only one way to do it: one man, one woman, and all other uses of the organs of reproduction and evacuation are not sex because they have nothing to do with procreation. Every letter in the LGTB-etc. series stands for another deviant behavior having nothing to do with making babies.

The Pill led to sexual abandon reminiscent of a leak in a nuclear reactor. Nuclear energy is the best, cleanest, and most productive of all energy sources, but it needs a containment facility that, when breached, can lead to massive destruction and death.

Likewise, sex. It, too, needs a containment facility called holy matrimony, for marriage commonly leads to doing the most G-d-like thing humans do, which is—like G-d who created Adam and Eve—create another human being.

There is also meaning in the related Jewish story of the circumcision of Abraham and his followers. Circumcision is the sign of the Covenant with G-d. The Almighty might have chosen, for example, to command that a Jew tattoo some sign on the back of his right hand as a sign of the Covenant to do what is right in all things. Instead, the circumcision of the male member as the sign of the Covenant is a sign G-d wants His greatest creation—man—to manage his organs of reproduction in a spirit of holiness, not wanton libertinism.

Americans have come to where they are today because of the collapse of sexual propriety, something apparent everywhere in public spaces that are awash in erotic and pornographic advertising. The most popular TV broadcast in the year is the Superbowl, which invariably has a halftime show featuring scantily clad females bumping and grinding, something that, in an earlier and healthier generation, required a man to go downtown and pay money to see in the local Burly-Q. Today, on Superbowl Sunday, it is in everyone’s living room.

There is also a connection between the loss of a sense of right and wrong in matters of sex, and right and wrong in other activities, such as the FBI. In that institution, we’ve learned that the agents protecting the sexual perversity of the son of the President of the United States and the first family’s influence-peddling among the communists, have also allegedly led to hundreds of intramural sex harassment cases amongst agency employees.

It also is no coincidence that Hollywood movies for TV and theater these days seem to be following some kind of directive to screenwriters that every line of dialogue must now contain in some form—infinitive, past participle, present participle, gerund—of an old English verb believed to be an acronym signifying For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. The F-bomb is now ubiquitous in popular entertainment and common speech, used in anger, insult, and menace when it refers to the most divine activity human beings engage in, now profaned in a culture afflicted with some kind of spiritual gangrene.

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