Is Resistance Futile?

Every sci-fi fan knows about the Borg, Star Trek's archenemy collective of cybernetic beings that ruthlessly assimilates other species and their technologies.  Their favorite phrase when overtaking a new life form is "resistance is futile."

Indeed, the Borg are formidable.  After thousands of years, their stolen technologies surpass anything the Federation has developed.  But oddly, while gaining significant advantage at the beginning of each encounter, they are always stymied by Federation officers and crew.

How is this possible?  With all their technology, and an endless supply of interchangeable soldiers and a collective "hive mind," they always lose at the end of the episode.

In one memorable episode, Captain Picard is assimilated by the Borg and is forced to betray the Federation as his knowledge is absorbed by the collective.  But as he is being assimilated, a single tear runs down his cheek, and we realize that the true Picard is still inside.

The heroes of Star Trek don't have the option of giving in to the Borg.  They know that if they surrender, they will become another part of the collective and their society, and all freedom, will cease to exist.

What can we learn in our current struggles to oppose the multiple threats to freedom and democracy facing the United States and the remnants of the free world?

The various components of our society — political and military leadership, corporate America, the medical/pharmaceutical field, and our judicial and electoral systems — seem to have been absorbed into a collective, even if we are not completely certain as to their full leadership.  The WEF?  China?  Cartels?  Democrat-Marxists?  Or a collection of them all?

The "Present-Day Borg" (PDB) used the COVID pandemic and lockdowns, and later the vaccines, to gain control over every aspect of our lives.  Our energy, water, and food supplies are under attack from our current administration (either willing traitors or plain incompetents) or through saboteurs coming across our wide-open borders.  Their control of our schools offer our children dumbed down educations with altered history, sexual confusion, and a complete absence of creative or logical thinking.  Our scientists have been co-opted to produce pre-determined results that advance the false narratives like "global warming," while any evidence to the contrary is "fact-checked" as false.  They intimidate through lies and deception, using our own legal system to accuse others of false crimes to silence opposition.

Their use of technology to brainwash and overpower us — Big Tech propaganda, censorship, and surveillance — is very Borg-like.  The World Economic Forum, which is most certainly among the core groups trying to take over our planet, is frighteningly interested in cybernetics and mind control; experimental nanoparticle injections; and crazy ideas like monitoring political views through internet surveillance, implanting devices to read minds, and eventually controlling us remotely.

They seek a world of mind-numbed robots to serve them in perpetuity.

But the PDB have their vulnerabilities, if free men are willing to discover and exploit them.

On conservative websites we often see outstanding articles on these challenges to America and our treasured freedoms.  The author frames his argument and then proves his thesis, but only rarely do we see suggestions on how to defeat our enemies.  So what actions can we take to resist the Present-Day Borg?

First, realize that the very factors that make them strong also make them weak.

The PDB collective can force people to be their slaves with no creative thought, forced obedience — control must be maintained at all times.  But these slaves will always remain human, with knowledge of right and wrong and no loyalty to their masters, only fear and hatred.

We need only look at Russian troops conscripted into battle against Ukraine.  As soon as they have an opportunity, they abandon their equipment and surrender.

The Uyghurs in China have been enslaved using every possible technology.  But how can the Chinese be sure that every third item they produce isn't being sabotaged in some tiny way?  How many people are needed to surveil each worker, and who watches the watchers?

Unlike the true Borg, the PDB are corrupt to the core, employing bribery, blackmail, and extortion.  Money is constantly siphoned out of every project to enrich the masters.  This leads to military equipment built with inferior materials and deployed with inadequate training.  A new missile might look scary and shiny in a Moscow Victory Day Parade, but it is unlikely to work properly in a real conflict.  The Chinese Army may boast two million men, but how many of them will be competent soldiers willing to give their lives for their country?

The education systems in China and Russia purposely turn out puppets who are willing to take orders without question, not creative thinkers or military strategists who might be a threat to their masters.

Yes, the PDB control the media.  But Americans, and the rest of the world, now know that everything we are being told is a lie.  We read between the lines and determine the truth for ourselves.  We seek new sources — The Gateway Pundit, American Thinker, and Canada Free Press, among others — but we now use our own minds to determine if each article is accurate.

We know that search engines are manipulating their results to shape our thinking and are willing to use alternatives like Brave Search.

The Present Day Borg pretend they are the majority.  In reality, they are just a group of con men criminals who are faking it until they make it.  But they are prideful and cocky, specifically because they interact only with people in their own circles.  No one disagrees with them, so they are willing to brag about their plans on videotape at their yearly forums and wherever they speak.

Thank God for websites like and that are willing to expose these maniacs.  Our job as patriots is to find and share these videos to everyone we can.

The PDB see the United States as the ultimate prize.  We have the most abundant resources on the planet, the strongest economy, an entrepreneurial class second to none, and the world's hardest and smartest workers.  Control America, control the world.

The economic power of the U.S. that the PDB covet finances their woke corporations.  But we control the $23 trillion we spend annually.  The 1792 Exchange has compiled a list of over a thousand companies ranked according to their likelihood of denying services, contracts, or investments based on a client's lack of woke thinking.  You can check out the companies you deal with to learn their score.

You can also report if you or your business has been harmed by a woke company based on your political beliefs or personal views.

We must resist all forms of wokeness because financial, educational, and workplace priority is given to their preferred racial groups, not based on hard work and merit.

To win this war, patriotic Americans must support our few brave leaders working to expose the corruption overtaking our country and those trying to restore our electoral system to fairness.  We must share what we learn with everyone we encounter, even if it ruffles a few feathers.

If we lose this war, all freedom is gone — forever. Resistance is our only option.

Jack Gleason is a conservative political writer. For reprint requests on other websites, inside information for important issues, article requests or comments contact him at  Recent articles: and

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