How Will We Know When We're Winning?

It's been said that we are currently in a battle for the soul of America.  It's an appropriate turn of phrase, theologically speaking.  Just as God wants to save souls and restore them, patriots want to save the soul of America as founded, restoring her to her place as "the shining city on a hill" once again.  Just as Satan wants to destroy souls and subjugate them, leftists seek to destroy the soul of America as founded, subordinating her to the interests of globalists and the ambitions of our communist adversaries, particularly China.  

American leftist ideologues — those Democrats philosophically aligned with our communist adversaries — have been part of the Democrat Party for decades.  In the last few years, though, these leftists and our communist adversaries have finally made their move.

Leftists have now fully taken over the Democrat Party.  They've purged any Democrat politician holding office who wasn't on "the team" by using the primary process.  The Democrat Party, as we once knew it, doesn't exist anymore.  Further, Chinese connections and money have coerced established, regular politicians into joining "the team," turning them into willing allies of the leftists.  This may even include some Republican leaders, who now seem to be active saboteurs of their own political party.

I'll refer to this alliance of Democrat leftist ideologues and Chinese-owned politicians from both sides of the aisle as "the left."  That is the force currently destroying the soul of America.  For those of us who want to save the soul of America, the left is the enemy.  We "patriots" must defeat this enemy, or the country is lost. 

The left arranged that the battle for the soul of America would be fought on a battlefield of its choosing.  This is a propaganda battle, where the left has falsely shaped public perception to camouflage itself after seizing control of our government.  Leftists carefully prepared this battlefield ahead of time, and they are strongly dug in.  Now we have no choice but to fight them on this battlefield. 

Leftists began by preparing a series of false narratives.  They used COVID-19 as an excuse to change voting laws all over the country to help them steal elections, starting with 2020.  They instigated violence during a massive protest of the 2020 stolen election to fabricate the January 6 narrative of an "armed insurrection."  That false narrative was used to justify weaponizing the FBI and DOJ to jail protesters without trial and censor all political opposition on social media, in open defiance of the U.S. Constitution.  They have worked to convince the public that they represent the majority of Americans, and that all those who oppose them are racists and white supremacists.  They have relied on their nearly total control of the media to propagandize the public and keep the truth hidden.

By September of 2021, we patriots were perilously close to being permanently shut out of government because of widespread election-rigging.  We had been almost completely silenced in the public square, and we had been outmaneuvered in terms of strategy.  The battle for the soul of America was about to be lost.

Then, as often happens in war, we caught a huge break.  Elon Musk bought Twitter, discovered that the federal government had been hiding important information from the public and engaging in the censorship of conservatives, and decided to blow the whistle by releasing the information via "The Twitter Files."  That happened in October of 2022, a couple of weeks before the 2022 midterm elections.

With that, the carefully laid plans of the left began to unravel.  Public reaction to the Twitter Files probably stopped leftists from retaining control of the House of Representatives in 2022, which was catastrophic for them.  Patriots suddenly had a beachhead in government from which to fight.  The new Republican representatives came to the House determined to halt the destruction of the country by the left.  They formed a coalition, taking control of the process of electing a new speaker of the House, forcing the formerly squishy minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, to make major policy concessions to secure their votes. 

That coalition has pressed McCarthy to battle the left and has supported him every step of the way.  McCarthy and the Republican patriots in the House have been effectively working together to right the ship of state.  There are several investigations into such items as FBI and DOJ censorship and the suppressed information regarding COVID-19.  McCarthy released hidden video evidence exposing the false January 6 narrative, and Tucker Carlson publicly revealed those lies to his huge national audience.  They have now uncovered proof that Joe Biden and his family are being paid by China, our mortal enemy.  The fact that the sitting president of the United States is probably committing treason should alarm every American.

The left chose the public perception battlefield, but now it is losing control.  How can we tell?  Polls reveal that most of the false narratives constructed by the left are crumbling.  There is growing public outrage at the weaponization of the FBI and DOJ.  People are increasingly aware of efforts by the left to censor its political opposition.  The public are realizing that the government lied about COVID-19 and tried to hide information from them.  The public now know that everything they've been told about January 6 is a lie.  Polls reflect that the public believe that the 2020 election was stolen.  In a battle for public perception, this is what it looks like when your side starts to win.

What does it look like when your opponents start to lose?  They start to deviate from their original strategy and make mistakes.  The leaders of the left are panicking under pressure.  Sen. Chuck Schumer foolishly demanded that Tucker Carlson be censored by Fox News.  House minority leader Hakeem Jeffries ludicrously declared that releasing the January 6 tapes to Fox News created a security breach.  They are now launching desperate gambles like trying to indict President Trump and announcing plans to arrest an additional 1,000 January 6 protesters.  These foolish demands and desperate gambles are almost certain to further galvanize public opinion against the left.  They chose the battlefield of public perception.  Now their plan is falling apart.

The left still controls most of the levers of power and has deliberately created a host of disasters, both at home and abroad.  Before we can even engage with these problems, we must win our current battle first.  To save this country, it is imperative that we rid the government of the left.  We hold the House now, and representatives there must continue to publicly expose the left and what it has done.  In addition, there are efforts being made to restore election integrity all over the country right now.  Fair elections are essential, so we must fully support that effort.  We stand to increase our majority in the House and might manage to take the Senate in 2024.  With fair elections and the truth about the left exposed, the American people will vote to take their country back from these corrupt frauds who have stolen it.  Take heart.

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