How to Lose in 2024

Industrial-scale fraud, committed by organized actors, accelerates over time like a drug-resistant bacterium. 

If you want to know how America is going to get screwed in 2024, follow the dough.  That is the Zuckerberg dough. Zuck and pals are spending tens of millions of dollars, not padding voter rolls, not fighting lawsuits, not getting voters out early… they are spending the dough infiltrating and controlling election commissions.

For those who think cleaning the voter rolls and voting early are enough protect 2024, our data proves you are delusional. The Left is all in controlling election commissions. Expect Kari Lake’s outcome to move from an outlier to a standard outcome in 2024. Election commission fraud, which we coined as sovereign fraud two years ago, has attractive characteristics for the Left. 

It always works -- because it is invisible. 

Election fraud tools are stuck in the 1970s -- useless “phantom” and “dead people databases” are out of date a month after being published. Lawsuits make great headlines but achieve little because nobody is going to change an election outcome, no matter how egregious the conduct and powerful the evidence.  A slate of Arizona candidates is the most recent victim.

The Zuckerberg boys will march into leftist-dominated cities - again, writing checks and controlling election machinery.  They know who voted, who did not vote, who never votes (and vote them), how many votes are needed. Each of these actions has a common characteristic -- it happens within 2-3 weeks during early voting!

Republicans and their obsolete voter integrity groups will focus madly on getting their vote in early.  They will focus on challenging dead voters.  All good things that will fail again.

The Zuckerbucks team has a grander focus.

Zuck’s guys know if those pesky phantoms are not off the rolls now, they won’t get taken off for 2024 -- too many obstacles, not enough time!

The Zuckerbucks money is going to that election commission where there will be zero Republicans, no voter integrity teams, and tons of phantoms with no controlling legal authority -- that’s what they did in 2020 and 2022 and have in store for 2024.

Why change?

Here’s how they are going to do it!  This isn’t speculation, we see it in the data for a dozen states. When mail-in ballots go out, an election commission will change the zip codes (again) for 30,000 voters who will not get their ballots -- someone else will.  Voter integrity teams and the Republicans will be totally blind to this -- how can they know when those zip codes get changed back 10 days later -- after the ballots are in flight?

Republicans are going to vote early.  Who cares?  In this one county, leftists just banked a 30,000-vote cushion.

During early voting, our leftists will add 22,000 new voters (again).  Why during early voting? Because the Republicans, using 1970s technology, never know it is being done.  They have a four-month-old snapshot from the “data driven RNC.”  Okay, this county just added 22,000 votes (again) to their buffer -- just in case.

Perhaps this is not enough!

The leftists, ever diligent, send out a phone app (again) tying directly to the state’s voter system, allowing new voters to be added.  They do most of it during the 30 days preceding the election.

Why?  Because the Republicans have zero real-time visibility to voter rolls in states they control -- and of course none in states they do not control -- so this goes unseen and unreported until it’s time to vote.

This is not news!  This happened at scale in 2020 and 2022 and we have the data to prove it! Every example above happened.  You may read about some of them a year after the election.

2024 is on the line and if Republicans do not wake up to leftists controlling election commissions -- even in Republican states -- 2024 will repeat 2020.

Republicans have ancient, well-funded voter integrity organizations with a proven process:  raise tons of dough, do seminars, file some lawsuits, take some phantoms off voter rolls, lose elections to leftist fraud, litigate, lose again. They were snuffed in 2020 and 2022!  They never saw it -- election commission fraud perpetrated at industrial scale -- because that isn’t what their donors want to hear.  Stick to the early voting and chasing phantoms! This is the Republican process and perhaps we ought to take a step back and ask “WTF are we doing here?”

Why aren’t we waking up to the obvious right in front of our faces?  Why are we accepting a presidential candidate and an RNC saying they will beat institutional voter commission criminal fraud by voting early and learning ballot harvesting?

Sometimes we watch a stupid thing happen in real time like a semi-tractor-trailer wreck on YouTube in slow motion and disbelieve how something so dangerous could happen!  We read stories about a historical figure with destiny in hand -- Napoleon in Russia -- questioning how he missed the winter thing.  Or Muslims taking flight lessons but skipping the landing part -- and wondering why nobody said anything.

We are that guy now standing there knowing with 100% certainty that leftists in 2024 are going to steal the election by manipulating election commissions. 

Zuckerberg publicly said where he is putting his dough!

We know it works because it is in the data from 2020 and 2022.  It is organized, centralized criminal fraud perpetrated by election commissions of both parties!  It worked for the last two elections!

Here we stand. 

Let’s vote early.  That’s the ticket!

Jay Valentine is traveling the country doing live demonstrations of Fractal real time analysis of state voter rolls showing how election commissions criminally manipulate voter rolls to win elections -- and how to stop it.  Arizona March 9.  Jay led the team that built the eBay fraud engine.  He can be contacted at  Twitter:  @jayvalentine99

Image: Dtobias

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