How the Media Doubles Down on Falsehood

The release of the recordings of the supposed January 6, 2021 “insurrection” (J6) has sparked a lot of controversy in the media and on Capitol Hill. The J6 event was reported by the congressional “investigation” and the media as a catastrophe, akin to or worse than 9/11. Oops, now the truth is coming out with the release of over 40,000 hours of video surrounding the event, and we are finding it is nothing like that was depicted. Similarly, we have been told for almost three years how devastating COVID-19 was and that it originated in a market in Wuhan, China. Oops, again. Now the U.S. Department of Energy says the most likely source was a lab leak in Wuhan, China. For three years this was decried as false. Also, over the past three years we were told of the over a million deaths due to COVID, but how were these counted raises some eyebrows.  A 2021 American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) report noted “the White House Coronavirus Task Forcesaid this when asked about people who have COVID-19 but die from preexisting conditions: ‘If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.’” Early on there were reports of people dying in automobile accidents but, testing positive for COVID, were reported as COVID deaths. Additionally, the CDC has since noted that perhaps 75% of those who died during the pandemic died with COVID as opposed to because of COVID. The CDC reported, “In January 2022, the proportion of deaths with COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death was ~85%. By April 2022, it had declined to 60–70% and stayed at that level through September 2022.” Yet this was not widely mentioned in the media. They also reported that 75% of the people who were vaccinated and died with COVID had four or more comorbidities, the most serious being obesity. Age was also a significant factor when accounting for COVID deaths (95% of COVID deaths were people over 50, 80% over 65).

Science also “failed” the powers that be during the recent COVID crisis. How many times were we told “the science says this,” or “the science tells us to do that,” every time we were directed to wear masks, no masks, two masks, lockdown, open abortion clinics, bars, and strip clubs while churches remained closed, and so on? We have also been told that the “vaccine” (which is not a true vaccine) was better than natural immunity. Since then we have learned that, as one with a modicum of science background would expect, natural immunity resulting from surviving a bout of the virus is not only more effective but also much longer lasting than the vaccines. Additionally, we find that, despite the claims that the continuing “pandemic” was the fault of the unvaccinated, those who were vaccinated could pass on the virus as much, if not more, than the unvaccinated and the vaccine provided limited to almost zero protection.

Here are a few of the other recent items in which the media was complicit in spreading falsehood: the [COVID] vaccine will keep you from getting the disease; we’re in a pandemic of the unvaxxed; the vaccine is as good or better than natural immunity; inflation is temporary; Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation; masks (first one, then two, then one or more) are necessary to protect you; the vaccine is safe and effective; John Fetterman is perfectly capable of serving in the Senate; and so it goes.

I learned not to blindly accept the media in high school from a history teacher who wanted to make a point about the news media (all we had then were newspapers, radio, and network TV -- no cable). One Monday morning he brought in two articles from the NY Times (“All the news that’s fit to print” was their motto). The first article was a report on the successful landing of Dag Hammarskjold’s (Secretary General of the UN) airplane at a small airport in Africa. The next article, a day later,  reported that Hammarskjold’s airplane had, in fact, crashed and he did not survive. From then on I learned to take anything reported in the media with a heavy grain of salt.

And now we have another shooting of adults and children. The media and the administration immediately jump on the gun control bandwagon. Most legal gun owners are responsible citizens. The NRA tells us that no NRA member has been involved in any of these murders although NRA members have repeatedly stopped some from happening. But wait, was it a “MAGA extremist” doing the shooting? No, it was a transgender woman claiming to be a man (maybe trying to prove her manhood by killing innocent children). Just like most of these incidents, the perpetrator was from the Left. Ask Rep. Steve Scalise about the Bernie Sanders (i.e., leftist) wacko who shot four Republicans. Maybe we should prohibit progressives from having guns.

Despite Biden continually complaining about MAGA Republicans, it is the Left that is causing and sanctioning the violence in our country today. They have allowed and even encouraged Black Lives Matter and Antifa in their destructive “mostly peaceful” riots. Nearly 300 Catholic Churches have been attacked since 2020 with almost no response from the administration.

Still, there are people who blindly believe the media. My older brother called me this week, and, in our conversation, we talked about how people, when challenged about this, would reply, “they can’t put it in the newspapers if it isn’t true.” Often when you point out the error of such a statement with facts, they give you that “deer in the headlights” look. Hopefully, some events of late might actually open some people’s eyes.

In an effort to look like they are combatting this issue, we are inundated with “misinformation checkers” (aka fact checkers), who often still miss out on important facts and whose checking often leans significantly to the Left. And what’s worse is that people still believe the administration despite its disastrous impacts on our nation: readiness, strength, increased drug traffic and deaths due to the open borders, the COVID and COVID vaccine lies, the inability of almost three-quarters of our youth to even qualify for military service, long-term inflation, high energy costs, woke policies, and so on; all with a complicit media. And still the public hasn’t learned.

There may be some hope for the future. Left-wing feminist Naomi Wolfe posted this recently, concerning the Jan. 6 "riot": “To Conservatives and to those who ‘put America first’ everywhere. I owe you a full-throated apology.”

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