Finance and the 'Great Reset'

As we connect the dots and put together the puzzle of what is going on in the world and here in the USA, first we must get out of denial, overcome the normalcy bias, and recognize that everything is different now than it has been at any previous time.

A very real war is being waged to destroy the United States from within, not from a foreign invasion firing bullets and missiles. In the crosshairs is the U.S. Constitution and the people’s rights and freedoms which it protects. There are also external actors in this war against the U.S. that include Russia and Iran. But China and its Communist Party (CCP) is the most formidable, and has a large presence within the United States.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army manual Unrestricted Warfare stresses the importance of defeating the United States by working through supranational bodies such as the United Nations, the WTO, WHO, IMF and the World Economic Forum (WEF), to name a few.

Through cultural transformation and elite capture, the CCP has also established beachheads which are internal fronts of the war to undercut the U.S. The cultural revolution within America has turned its universities, colleges, and many historical museums into centers of anti-American influence. Cultural revolution has also politicized federal government agencies over the last two generations. And then there is the influence of a myriad of protected activist 501(c)3 and (c)4 NGO groups such as Bill Gates and his family foundation, George Soros and his Open Society Institute, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and many more, whose programs and activities are more aligned with enemies of the United States than the American people and the Constitution that protects their rights.

We know we are in a communist-type revolution because we are being deceived by our government and legacy and social media, which are largely captured. And the deceit concerns the very things that are vital to our nation’s welfare and survival:

  • Lies about our insecure southern border facilitating an explosion of illegal immigrants, terrorists, criminals, and Chinese agents coming into the U.S.
  • Lack of transparency behind the dangerous biological gain-of-function research funded by the U.S. that hatched COVID-19.
  • Lies from U.S. public health care agency administrators, who imposed mandates on face masks, social distancing, lockdowns and then the untested “emergency use authorization” vaccines on the people.
  • Attempted denial of the rights of parents in  the care and education of their children.
  • Censorship, FBI harassment, and political demonization of anyone questioning, discussing, and investigating vote and election fraud and its effect on the stature and legitimacy of our present government.

Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Academia, Big Government, and its Media Complex have all failed us. Now Big Finance, which is made up of “too big to fail” banks -- such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo -- appear ready and willing to help the Fed roll out a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

CBDCs will be presented as a technological development that provides more convenience and security than physical currency. But make no mistake a CBDC is more social control than currency. A CBDC would end freedom and the privacy of consumer choice in the U.S. It would politicize the economy -- distorting and undermining the efficient allocation of resources by directing capital to government-favored sectors and defunding out of favor industries.

Just two weeks after the failure of two major banks -- Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and the forced bailout of a third, First Republic Bank -- the second largest cluster of bank failures in American history, the Fed undertook “stabilization” measures that will benefit large money center banks at the expense of smaller banks.

One thing is certain, socialization of failure through bailouts and forced mergers weakens accountability and invites more trouble, failure, and consolidation. And that surly plays upon peoples’ fears and may prompt their moving money to the large “protected” national banks, which paves the way for the rollout of a central bank-controlled currency.

When the government, its spokesmen or agencies and deep state NGOs use fear to justify new policy actions that violate your constitutional rights, tell them it’s a non-negotiable hard “no.” 

Remember the course we’ve been through:

We witnessed the hyped fear about COVID-19 used by big pharma and health care agencies such as  NIH, CDC, FDA, to strip the American people of their constitutional rights and submit to lockdowns, mask, and social distancing mandates and finally to a risky vaccine as the only solution to “stop” the spread of COVID.

Fear was used to change voting laws to help Biden gain ballots in 2020 and then fear was used again by the FBI to intimidate, silence, and stop citizens from investigating the ensuing vote fraud and election irregularities in multiple states.

We can see that the DHS does nothing to staunch the flow of illegal and criminal aliens across the southern border into the United States, which brings fear to affected communities across the country, who then may succumb to new policies that chip away their constitutional rights.

The FBI has used fear to intimidate parents protesting school boards promoting harmful critical race theory and sex and gender indoctrination to their children.

Fear is again being used by the government-banking complex and the media it controls, along with credit rating agencies such as Moody’s, which just lowered its outlook for the entire U.S. banking system to “negative.”

However, people should not overreact. Say no to fear and moving money from well-managed small community and regional banks and credit unions  to large money center banks.

U.S. government debt and the Federal Reserve bank system truly need a “great reset,” but not one that surrenders U.S. national sovereignty or strips citizens of their Constitutional rights. The most important reforms should start with cutting the size of the federal government and returning to a gold and silver-backed currency. Then systemic reform should be undertaken that increases and protects transparency, property rights, and promotes individual and corporate responsibility and ensures equal protection under the law.

Scott Powell is a member of the Committee on the Present Danger China and senior fellow at Discovery Institute. His recent book, Rediscovering America, was #1 new release in history for eight straight weeks at Amazon ( Reach him at

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