ESG Will Bankrupt You — Financially and Morally

Do you believe in cautionary tales or think most things happen without warning?  Your answer might reveal how your psyche processes information to which you are exposed.  Everything you need to make good decisions is readily available, depending upon which sources you rely.   

Recently publicized topics should set your spidey senses twitching:

  1. Silicon Valley Bank suffers an abrupt collapse.

  2. Joe Biden resurrects the all-but-dead Willow Creek Oil project.

  3. Biden’s Energy Secretary praises China’s work on climate change.

  4. The president delivers his vision for his FY 2024 budget, with a $6.9 trillion price tag.

  5. 40,000 hours of security footage inside the Capitol on January 6th are released to the public, initially through Tucker Carlson.

All of these bullets connect — ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ideology permeates everything, and it will cost us all.  You’ll understand who wins and who will lose when ESG is fully implemented.  ESG is intended to replace the profit motive for large companies with something more akin to a social conscience.  What could go wrong?

Prepare to be amazed!

Silicon Valley Bank

The biggest little bank you had never heard of was a key bank to the small and medium-sized businesses in the tech industry.  Remember, the FDIC guarantees up to $250,000 per account.  But, in a jaw-dropping move, Biden bailed out all accounts in a change not contemplated by the FDIC act.  Is this to be the new FDIC standard?

Where did Biden get such authority, and is this yet another abuse of his presidential powers?  Where’s Congress in all of this?  Given Biden’s extra-lawful money grabs, why have a Congress at all?

Early information about the bank’s demise gives a definite and suspected reason.  Long-term bonds, issued at low yields, secured many of the bank’s assets.  When liquidated early to cover cash calls, SVB suffered huge losses.  Why did SVB need cash?  Because the government spent trillions it did not have making the money supply massively inflated, thus creating runaway inflation.  The Fed’s only real inflation-fighting weapon is raising interest rates, which it has done so at a voracious rate, thereby making everyone poorer.  Biden’s wasteful spending is directly tied to the default of SVB and other banks.
Even more controversial is that SVB’s head of risk management spent considerable time spearheading multiple “woke” LGBTQ+ programs, including a “safe space” for coming-out stories, even as the firm catapulted toward collapse.  Like its tech clients, SVB embraced ESG and took its eyes off the ball while serving “higher interests.”

Willow Creek Oil Project

It would be difficult to find another oil field approval on public land since Biden came to office.  Biden’s earlier statements about ending our dependence on fossil fuels without regard for Americans going cold this winter; making electricity less and less affordable for the everyday citizen; and seizing the freedom a personal vehicle brings all show he believes such suffering will make us more pliable as the only alternatives are those that fold into his “green” energy agenda.

So why has the Willow Creek project just been approved?  Look no further than the imminent announcement of Biden’s reelection.  His overlords use Clinton’s famous triangulation tactic to win support from people who would otherwise not consider voting for him in 2024 and are not aligned with his climate politics.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm praises China

What at first would appear to be a head-scratcher comes sharply into focus only when you understand that China is constantly increasing its greenhouse gas output without U.S. rebuke.  Its output is now greater than all the other developed nations combined!  Nothing the rest of the world (i.e. America and Europe both committed to net zero) does will achieve Biden’s stated goals to “save” the planet.  China greenlights two coal plants a week while the U.S. and Europe shutter their own, risking brownouts and people dying from the cold!
Why are we such zealots for dumping our traditional sources of energy with nothing on the near horizon to replace our needs?  Granholm knows what’s going on, and, like our President, both are in the tank for an ever-ascendant China.  Why?  This seems to continue our government’s ever-firming control over us.  Do you see a different answer?  I certainly don’t! 

Biden releases his vision for our next budget

I can’t express the staggering numbers within Biden’s proposed budget meaningfully.  Key takeaways include; A record-breaking $6.9 Trillion to fund all of Biden’s priorities.  This budget breaks new ground by proposing the confiscation of some individuals’ assets outright, departing from our tradition of only taxing realized income.  U.S. dollars will be sent worldwide to further “woke” agendas.  We will see our budget deficit grow to $50.7 Trillion over the next ten years, according to his numbers, even though he promises a magical $3 trillion in deficit reduction.  Unfortunately, it’s all smoke and mirrors, so deficit reduction in our years will never occur.  (Remember, government spending will increase by double digits this year.)  Spending is accelerating, not slowing.
No one expects Biden’s budget to become a reality, and it is as much a political budget to gin up his constituency as a fiscal one.  But if you discounted his budget entirely, you would be missing something important.  His budget does not deal with extending Social Security’s life, the realities of our deficit spending, or the interest we will be paying on our debts, soon to become the single largest item in our Federal budget.  God save our children!

40,000 additional hours of security footage inside the Capitol on January 6th were released

What’s the difference between an “insurrection” and a riot?

For the first time I know of, since that incident, our country has been holding prisoners of conscience in solitary confinement without a trial. Democrats had free rein on prime-time television to sell the American people a narrative of an insurrection, yet many rightfully remain unconvinced.  A stink is attached to the entire process with a kangaroo court, scripted television, and zero defense of those accused of high crimes.  Process matters.

Dozens died in the streets due to rioting during the pandemic, and property damages were billions of dollars.  Comparing the differences in how these two series of actions were spun is instructive, and analyzing the different approaches to how we reacted is reasonable and proper.  It is an inconvenient truth that an overwhelming majority of participants at the Capitol did no physical damage and harmed no one.  The only known violent death was Ashli Babbitt, who was unnecessarily shot.

We, the People, used to mean something.  Now, it's little more than a catchphrase with the government going after a thousand people (many who never set foot in the Capitol building).  They are targets because of what they think.  What does that portend?

Freedom today is defined by what some Democrats decide it to be.  You can riot in American streets almost without consequence, but demand change at our Capitol, and you will be imprisoned and the key thrown away.  How does this square in our “free” country?  

ESG is an additional control measure that helps to point us down a path that today’s Democratic/Marxist leaders demand.  Ask the financial institutions you deal with to explain their ESG policy.  Then decide what you will do with your money, politics, and future.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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