Democrat Plans Looking Bad, So Biden Pivots Again

The classic "Man Bites Dog" news story title is intended to catch the eye.  As the news of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failure and Joe Biden's proposed 2024 budget begins to unfold, the Biden administration begins to try to distract the American people from the sweeping and profound consequences of things like this.  For instance, Ben Shapiro points out that today, only a few days after the SVB failure, something that could be extremely dire and foreboding for the American economy, Biden decided to propose (again) banning assault-style rifles, and then proceeded to post on Twitter a handwritten letter, allegedly written by a child, that he received that decried what the "child" saw as an "unfair" pay disparity between men and women.

Why, amid all this recent chaos, did Biden decide to bring gun control and the "pay gap" (which is not a gap at all, but that is a discussion for another day) back into the national conversation?  He did this to distract the American people from a more fundamental, serious, and overarching problem, like the state of the American economy.  If the reader could read a story about a man biting a dog, why would he read the "current events" section of the paper?

This tactic is nothing new.  Democrats have always tried to distract people from the consequences of their catastrophic failures.

This tactic might also manifest itself, for instance, after a politically inspired radical Bernie Sanders–supporter tries to massacre congressional Republicans at a charity baseball game, or after a psychopathic, bloodthirsty person shoots up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  Immediately following both events, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), seized on the gun control narrative, which might be a fair issue to invoke if it were relevant to either situation at all, but it was not.  The shooter at the congressional baseball game, James Hodgkinson, was clearly motivated by politics.  The high school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, was flagged at the school previously for troubling behavior but was not expelled or disciplined because of the left-wing "Restorative Justice" program that the school had instituted, which basically promises that the school will not expel, suspend, or have arrested students who commit criminal or inappropriate acts.  Both shooters had enough ambition to carry out their crimes that they would have acquired a gun to do it any way possible, legally or illegally.

But if the media and the American people talked about the actual issues — left-wing political extremism and restorative justice — that would make the left look bad, and that is not something the Democrat Party can afford to do.  So they shift the narrative from the actual problems to a manufactured one, and a controversial and incendiary one at that, to preserve the reputation of the Democrat party.  "Man Bites Dog."

You can expect the left to use this tactic any and every time it makes a tremendous consequential blunder or is trying to fundamentally transform something.  President Biden announces a plan to spend $7 trillion in 2024, which will add $19 trillion to the national debt over ten years and spends tax payer dollars on useless and woke projects?  Time to start talking about guns again.  Joe Biden's communist-level spending habits jack up the inflation rate to a forty-year high of 7%?  Time to start talking about the "gender pay gap."  "Man Bites Dog."

Joe Biden brings up guns to bait 2nd Amendment–supporters and incite more controversy, and suddenly the national discourse shifts from how his economic and spending policies caused, over time, one of the biggest banks in the United States to fail to what the president of the NRA said today.  Joe Biden tries to evoke emotional reactions by showing a letter he got from a child, and suddenly the national discourse shifts from the Biden administration's proposal to invest $1.2 billion in the Department of Energy's "industrial decarbonization activities" (whose target, carbon, is an essential and necessary element to all life on Earth) to the few-cent differential between the payment of men and women.  "Man Bites Dog."

The left knows that the only way it can achieve its long-term goals is if the populace is not paying attention.  If the American people, or a large portion of them, at least, are spending all day on TikTok or Twitter or Facebook arguing about often petty and ridiculous ideas and fads, or, for the ones actually paying attention, are talking about irrelevant issues, the left knows that no one will notice when the left is doing something that will change the course of society for generations, in the most negative ways imaginable, or feverishly covering up the massive failures of their own ideology and policies. 

These distractions are not something, at this juncture, that any rational American can afford to pay attention to.  The left is launching an all-out assault on society and the culture, a battlefield maneuver that has failed time and again in the past and resulted in countless deaths around the world.  You cannot afford to be distracted by the media.  Uou must focus on the real issues at hand, and remind all those around you who are distracted to focus on them as well.

Perhaps if the executives of Signature Bank, which was also shuttered along with Silicon Valley Bank a few days ago, hadn't been distracted by trying to out-virtue-signal one another, instead of making wise investment decisions (not ESG-inspired garbage), they wouldn't have gone under.  But they were too concerned with having "Gender Queer Trans-Masculine" professional political activists lecture bank employees about proper "pronoun" usage at their "Pride Council."  Indeed, this nation is on the brink of collapse precisely because so many, especially those with power to make change or policy decisions, have been distracted by nonsense like this instead of real issues, which is by design and was fully intended by the left.

You must decide: will you allow yourself to be distracted by the spectacle of the man biting the dog, or will you instead focus on the fact that the bank across the street is being robbed?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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