A Hyper-Fixation on Racial Equality Only Yields Division

A reader told me, “My head hurts when I read your pieces!” I thought, “Good!  You’re thinking for yourself now.”  To a certain extent, writers are prisoners of a requirement to share stories that are either unique, new, or put a different spin on something you thought you knew about already.  Often, writings by well-known authors are either superficial or just plain inaccurate.  Sadly, that doesn’t seem to stop them, though!

I’m always looking for new or under-discussed subjects to tell important stories, which can enhance an understanding of familiar themes.  But taboo topics exist that have the power to hurt people, or are so controversial that some of us are not ready to engage in those potentially divisive conversations.  Yet, authors, thinkers, and others privately discuss subjects not generally aired openly.

Most of us agree our country is in crisis, but symptoms rather than root causes are frequently cited as causative.  Root cause analysis (RCA) is the process of discovering the root causes of problems to identify appropriate solutions.

RCA allows you to identify first-order issues that too many writers frequently bypass; namely, the idea of systemic racism. Such sidestepping though may be due to an underlying paradox.

Systemic racism is the idea that woven into the pillars of American society is racism, and it is a fundamental truth — the cards are stacked against people of color. And, because of their skin color, White people cannot help but reinforce this oppression. Yet, when you break it down, it’s quite the contradiction.

At its roots, racism is both logically untenable and simultaneously self-reinforcing. It’s an incredibly anti-social notion (hating large groups of people based on something as trivial as melanin levels), but we are supposed to believe all White people and “Uncle Toms” — the derogatory label Democrats give to Black conservatives — are working in concert to perpetuate an unequal race-centered environment. Really?

But is racism a cause or effect?  If it is more an effect, why do some push the racism narrative despite the considerable progress we’ve accomplished in rooting out old-style vestiges of racism?  Can everything bad about America be rooted in systemic racism allegedly enforced by White people and “race traitors”?

What if systemic racism is merely a falsehood perpetrated by a system using it to advance specific agendas such as:

  1. Create victims of virtually everyone except White males.

  2. Paralyze people of good character, and effectively neuter people through government policies, activist special interest groups, and even our educational systems.

  3. Create false narratives that creep through every aspect of society.  Such lies are often unquestioned by people who fear being ridiculed or canceled.

  4. Ensure that citizens will have less opportunity and less happiness to engender deep distrust toward a certain political faction (proponents of limited government). Instead, big government will be the solution.

America’s obsession with skin color is intentionally flawed, and official sources specifically reject identifying any racial differences in intelligence, ability, or just plain old circumstance.  Conversely, far too many governmental policies attempt to “fix” natural variances despite the lack of hard data to support such “initiatives.”

Although trillions have been spent in the name of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, we’re worse off than where we began.  Why?  Because DIE is not the actual objective; control of the individual is the Destroyer’s end game.  Since the early ‘70s, the government has increased its control of our people through laws, policies, and the millions of zealots and drones released on us by our failed educational systems.  For example, the go-to source of information for the masses, Wikipedia, too often uses one-sided pseudoscience on entries for controversial topics.

Regarding genetics and race, Wikipedia states:

Today, the scientific consensus is that genetics does not explain differences in IQ test performance between groups, and that observed differences are environmental in origin.

This statement is not true!  Of course different genetics are expressed different ways, but the assertion predominates online because definitive answers to scientific information regarding differences between the races are suppressed through overly broad assertions that cannot survive scientific rigor.  Big Tech controls much of what you see in search results.

Ask yourself the question, what if the Woke view is wrong?  What if our bedrock beliefs for the last 10,000 years are being subverted through intentional contrivance and misdirection solely to achieve absolute control over us?  Racism and the passage of time are the Destroyer’s tools of choice used to hammer us into submission with as little pushback as possible.

Regardless of where anyone falls on the intelligence scale, they have a God-given right to achieve without restraint.  However, outcomes in life are neither guaranteed nor assured.  Life is not fair.  Practical people understand this. The demi-gods who wish to control us, who promote their goals to achieve Marxism, one-world government, or control through climate change mania or even population control, are foreign and abhorrent to Americans.

If you reject racism as an insurmountable barrier in our country, these may be the results:

  • Excuses for failure are removed.  People try again to succeed, maybe this time catching the golden ring.  Hope and effort are the human conditions that the Destroyers seek to undo.

  • We begin to repair our fractured society, allowing individual accomplishment to be the only metric that matters.  Once we accept that humans live predictably along a scale from poverty to riches, from successful to unsuccessful, we once again become more comfortable in the skin tones God gave us.

  • Respect for personal achievement rather than through class protectionism, which manufactures victims by the tens of millions.

  • A reborn educational system.  We spend a gazillion dollars more than other countries on education and fail to teach fundamental topics like reading, writing, arithmetic, civics, and actual history, which should once again become our primary focus.

  • Identification of the Destroyers.  Name them to make them real to us.  Hold them accountable for the damage they have done to our young.  We must identify their selfish avarice and demand accountability for the millions who have perished already and their future victims yet to be consumed.  

  • A reformed electoral system. Same-day voting, such as is done in most of the world, should be mandatory.  A personal appearance at the ballot box is essential, and absentee voting should be reserved only for restricted, legitimate reasons. Despite what the left says, non-White Americans are in fact capable of obtaining identification.

  • God is returned to our pluralistic society, which has somehow forgotten His importance.

The concept of racism is cruel.  Hatred based on skin color is evil and should never be condoned.  Since racism lives in the hearts and minds of people, it is not something the government can prohibit or even eliminate through legislation.  Men and women must succeed or fail on individual merit.
White people created much of what is good and, unfortunately, some of what is bad in this country.  Now, efforts are being made by another group of mostly White people to enslave us all.  Government as constituted today is blasphemous.

The government today masquerades as Daddy, wreaking havoc among us!  The anger created by a government putting its thumb on the scale of each individual’s life must be countermanded.  Remove artificial constructs designed to erase the immutable truths of Natural Law.

And we must understand that freedom can never be free.  Every true American must instinctively realize that.  Individuals must rise up to accept the responsibility of maintaining freedom.  If we ignore the reality of that challenge, we and our democracy are well on our way to perishing from this earth.

God Bless America!

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot, Author, Businessman, and Thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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