A Gigantic Egg All Over Brad Raffensperger's Face

Last week, when Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger publicly supported ERIC after it was tossed out of Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri, we issued the Raffensperger Challenge. 

The Raffensperger Challenge is the application of Fractal analysis to any entity that currently uses ERIC. 

This week, we finished the first, in Washoe County, Nevada.

Brad Raffensperger says anyone outing ERIC is "extremist."

Today, two more extremists joined in: the secretaries of state of Iowa and Ohio.  Looks like lots of extremists showing up for work.

Is there anyone in politics who believes that elected officials in the two most benign states of Iowa and Ohio are extremist?  It is more like an attack of the moderates — as if moderates could attack anything.

Much in our complex lives is a matter of opinion.  Still, there are a few things that are a matter of data, and we are so looking forward to helping Brad Raffensperger, and the diminishing remaining Republican secretaries of state, see how useless ERIC truly is.

This week, we finished the first Raffensperger Challenge — in ERIC "cleaned" Washoe County, Nevada.

Let's go there.

This is a county with about 600,000 people on the voter rolls. 

Many are C = cancelled, others I = inactive. 

Our friends there want to include all voters in the analysis, since we have such a deep history of secretaries of state converting inactive voters to "active," voting them, and turning them back to inactive.

Every person on every Nevada voter roll we examined was "cleaned" by ERIC.  Not a couple of them, not the left-handed ones, but every single voter was ERIC-certified as being a real person, protected by our laws and needs to vote. 

We chose to use two data sources — both official — as our original data for comparison:  the official Nevada voter roll, published by its secretary of state.  We added the Washoe County property tax roll, published by the Washoe County tax authority.

We compared the address on the tax roll with the names and addresses on the voter roll:

  • People registered in vacant lots: over 4,200
  • Registered in hotels: over 2,000
  • Registered in parking lots: over 2,500
  • Registered in R.V. parks: 1,600

Amazing how voter rolls — cleaned by ERIC — grow voters like barnacles in hotels and vacant lots up to an even-year election date — then they disappear afterward.  This is in the data!

We have the official tax records saying a "residence" is a field and the voter roll saying the same address is a residence — leaving off that it is a field.

Some states who use ERIC, like Arizona, allow people to register in hotels, and we are told some states, again Arizona, allow voters to register in vacant lots.  Perhaps.  We are further informed that some states, like Arizona and Nevada, allow the registration of "no known address."

Voters are certainly registered there — at places that are no known address.  If it is legal or not, we leave to others.

We have a much bigger story to share with you, dear reader: how do people in hotels, R.V. parks, vacant lots, and "no known address" get a mail-in ballot? 

You cannot mail a ballot to a vacant lot — it doesn't get mail.  You can mail a ballot to the R.V. park, but the guy registered in 1991 — do you think he is still there in his camper?

In 2021, we worked with former sheriff Clarke and the Wisconsin team to find phantoms.  Phantoms were found by the trainload; they were unfortunately not able to be taken off voter rolls.

In 2023, we are focusing on addresses — conveniently and precisely provided by widely available property tax records.  We can now profile every address of every building in every city, town, or hamlet in America — down to square feet, number of baths and bedrooms, description, and category — updated monthly.

For every address in America, every single one, we can know with precision:

  • This address cannot receive mail (vacant lot, field).
  • This address can receive mail but not a ballot (bank, insurance company).
  • This address can receive mail, and a ballot, but it cannot receive a ballot for Jim Smith because Jim does not have his apartment number on his voter registration record.

Welcome to the Undeliverable Ballot Database.

Like it or not, the world of mail-in ballots is upon us. 

State after state is registering 16-year-olds, and the registration becomes active when they turn 18.  Every vagrant in every homeless shelter has at least one registration.  We found, in Michigan, some people with 17 registrations.

The issue in 2024 is "who can receive a mail-in ballot?" 

The presidency of the most powerful country in history rests on a single question: who can get a mail-in ballot?

Well, now we know.  ERIC doesn't.

We know with precision, or can know, for every physical entity in America, which is listed on a tax roll — even if it is not taxed, like a church — whether it can get a ballot or not.  We now can determine in every multi-unit apartment building in every city in every state for every voter — can that person legally be mailed a ballot or not?

Having better technology than the government is a very entertaining experience — as we are learning in Washoe County, and as Brad Raffensperger is about to learn when we publish Brad's Georgia tax comparison data.  It's really ugly — for Brad.

The Fractal team at Project Omega is working, again, with 14 states, many using ERIC, to deliver demonstration projects like Washoe County, Nevada.  We have enough experience in most of these states from 2022 to know the end of the movie.  Their voter rolls do not match their tax rolls — to a degree embarrassing to any secretary of state.

There's more.

Three county sheriff's departments contacted our team because they were interested in this kind of voter fraud — registered voters in vacant lots.  They each, separately, performed other analyses and found that vacant lots had accumulated fraud.

Many of those addresses harbored clearly fake voters — or real voters who were not there.  When they ran those addresses against the PPP (Payroll Protection Program), where Biden gave out free dough — guess what!  You got it!  Those address might not be able to get mail, but somehow, they got the dough! 

An intrepid team in Florida, working with law enforcement, found some of those scammy addresses harbored "contribution mules."  The contribution mule is the guy who has no discernible wealth but makes 4,000 donations a year, to candidates all over the country, in $50 increments.  So where does that guy get his dough?

ERIC protected voter rolls from scrutiny for years.  The Gateway Pundit guys busted the gig with their reporting.  The Fractal team started showing voter teams how inaccurate ERIC really is.

Now the game is up.  ERIC is bleeding clients.  It's just a matter of time until they are running lefty states with zero credibility.

So next time you get depressed because the good guys never seem to win, check in on ERIC and smile as you see it bleed into obscurity.

Jay Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud engine and runs Omega4America.com, applying Fractal technology to voter rolls.  Jay can be reached at Omega4America.com and on Twitter at @jayvalentine99.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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