White Supremacy, Racism and Malevolent Incitement

Per the legacy media, White supremacy and racism are the underlying reasons five Black policemen violently beat a Black suspect to death in Memphis.  Per academia, White supremacy and racism is the root of all race-related violence in the United States including Black on Asian crime.  Per the Biden Justice Department, despite the fact that Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate of whites, virtually all inner city violence is caused by White supremacist ideology and racism. 

What the hell is going on in this country?  Evidently the ruling elites have abandoned all of what used to be known as common sense.  In America of 2023, they have essentially proclaimed there is no violent or criminal behavior by a “person of color” that cannot be explained away and thus tolerated because of so-called White supremacy and non-existent institutional racism.

This seemingly concerted effort to mainstream racial animosity and potential racial upheaval is a manifestation of the insatiable need to acquire political power and/or monetary gain and societal status.  The ruling elites are following the playbook of the Fascist and Communist dictators of the 20thCentury by deliberately roiling the citizenry and pitting American against American in order to foment societal chaos.

Unfortunately, many people of all races are meekly acquiescing to this obviously malevolent narrative.  There is little doubt that among the primary reasons is decades of deliberate ill-education about world and American history.  Another is a naïve belief in the proclamations and promises from race-baiting politicians and self-styled celebrities.  But that does not fully explain why the 71% of the American population who identify as white are meekly acquiescing to this intentional targeting and slander.

So many pusillanimous Whites have been inculcated with so-called “White Guilt” that these absurd and mendacious accusations have being normalized.  Apparently among the self-abasing upper echelon of the White population, the threatened potential loss of wealth or social status for not wallowing in guilt is far more important than the future of their progeny or the nation.

Among far too many in the remaining balance of the white population is an unwillingness to stand up and loudly proclaim that they have nothing to feel guilty about, that America is not a racist country, and that rampant White Supremacy is a premeditated hoax

I am of a member of the Caucasian race and more importantly Western Civilization.  I am a naturalized citizen of the United States and an unabashed Christian.  I am extraordinarily proud of being all the above.  Further, even if I knew who my ancestors were, I do not have a scintilla of guilt nor do I care about what they may or may not have done over the centuries.  Nor am I about to roll over and allow the wannabe autocrats and the dimwitted acolytes within the allied American Marxist movement to use fictitious “racism” and “white supremacy” as vehicles to transform the nation.

Christianity, with its roots in Judaism and its philosophical underpinning in the Ten Commandments, has been the primary driver of Western Civilization.  The civilization that ended slavery, initiated and promoted universal human rights, originated women’s equality, created parliamentary democracy, brought about unparalleled global wealth and well-being, and recognized that as certain rights came from God and not man they cannot be abrogated.

Regardless of race or ethnicity, anyone born and raised in the nations of the Western Hemisphere, the nations of Europe as well Australia and New Zealand is a part of Western Civilization.  The fact that we are all part of Western Civilization is what should give everyone within these nations pride, a common purpose and identification -- not race or skin color. 

In reality, there is but one race as all mankind is the physically the same and subject to the same attributes and frailties.  But, as human beings have an inveterate need to classify themselves, the general consensus is that based on physical characteristics such as bone structure, skin color etc. there are four races of humanity. 

Slavery is believed to have existed in China at least 16,000+ years ago.  All four races have enslaved, violently subjugated and exploited others in and outside of their racial group.  In fact, it is estimated that a virtually everyone alive today has an ancestor that was captured or sold as either coerced or chattel slaves.

Sadly, slavery still exists to this day in multiple countries in Africa as well as in India, China and Pakistan among other Asian countries, and across almost the entirety of the Middle East. It is estimated that throughout the world today there are over 40 million human beings in slavery

None of these countries or regions are populated or controlled by the Caucasian race or the nations of Western Civilization.  Further, by 1863 all Western countries and the colonies governed by them had abolished slavery in perpetuity and turned their attention to guaranteeing the rights of former slaves.  It is the only civilization, on a collective basis, to ever do so.  It is also the only civilization in the forefront of movements to end modern slavery.

The United States, the current titular leader of Western Civilization, is the first nation in the annals of mankind to eliminate rigid class structure, recognize the rights of the individual, dramatically disburse governmental power and champion capitalism.  Further, it is also the first nation to create a written permanent Constitution with provisions to correct societal flaws, which were used for women’s suffrage in 1920 and with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s (in which I participated) to eliminate the last vestiges of institutional racism. 

The United States is not a racist nation and is, in fact, as Dennis Prager has eloquently detailed, the least racist multi-racial, multi-ethnic country in world history.

Every American should be proud of being a member of whatever race or ethnic group they may identify with, but more importantly of being a citizen of the United States and a part of Western Civilization.  However, every American, in particular Black Americans, must understand that they are currently being exploited by those with a megalomaniacal agenda.  They will not succeed if the citizenry stands up and tells these self-absorbed wannabe tyrants to take their malevolent attempts at manipulation and incitement and shove it.

Photo credit: (c) Tom Pierce CC BY 3.0 license

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