Tucker Carlson and the January 6 Tapes

House speaker Kevin McCarthy is finally releasing all the official security tapes and other video evidence showing what really happened during the massive stolen election protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.  This evidence had been commandeered and hidden by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party for the last two years.

This material did not belong to Pelosi and the Democrats; it belongs to the American people.  In fact, wannabe mob boss Nancy Pelosi and her reprehensible Democrat party had been trying to arrange, just before the new Congress came in, to have all this evidence locked away in the National Archives, where it wouldn't have been available to the public for fifty years.

McCarthy's decision to release this purloined evidence to Fox News host Tucker Carlson has caused quite a panic.  The hyperbolic reactions of people like Hakeem Jeffries and Chuck Schumer aren't at all surprising.  These Democrat leaders know what really happened that day, and they've been knowingly lying to America all along.  They never imagined that those tapes would see the light of day.  When the evidence on those hidden tapes is finally seen by the public, the false "insurrection" narrative they've created and pushed about January 6 for the last two years will collapse, along with their credibility. 

I think this shows some solid strategic thinking by Kevin McCarthy.  A few months back, Elon Musk wisely chose to release the "Twitter Files" to a few credible reporters with solid reputations for unbiased reporting, like Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss.  Musk knew that these reporters would understand the significance of the files; see the truth in the materials; and prepare accurate, well-put-together news reports.  Musk understood that a solid, well constructed narrative was essential to the success of that project, with all the facts presented in a cohesive manner, or the truth wouldn't have gotten any traction at all.

If all the Twitter Files had simply been released immediately to everyone, then no cohesive narrative would ever have emerged.  The public would never have understood the significance of the uncollated information, and the mainstream media would have drowned out all other voices with confusing disinformation, as they always try to do.  Instead, the airtight narrative produced by these selected reporters has made the truth and accuracy of their result virtually unassailable.  Attempts by dishonest Democrat politicians to denigrate the Twitter Files look desperate.  Even better, the true story of the federal government's illegal censorship of Americans on Twitter has been so well put together that, even though the mainstream media won't report on it, they haven't succeeded in suppressing the information by ignoring it.  The truth has still gotten out.

McCarthy learned from watching Elon Musk and the Twitter Files saga that a cohesive, factual narrative must be put together for this January 6 evidence as well.  There is no other way to get this information to the public in any coherent form.  When the truth is put together and presented by a trusted source, the facts will stand against all assaults, and McCarthy realizes that.

Even though Fox News lost a lot of audience and credibility in 2020, it still has an enormous primetime audience, bigger than CNN and MSNBC put together.  Tucker Carlson is America's most watched TV host today, with a huge, loyal audience.  Even many Democrats watch Tucker Carlson.  He is so respected, and so important to the current success of Fox News, that no one there will dare try to prevent him from presenting the truth about January 6.  That means that everyone will eventually see it.  This is a masterstroke on the part of Kevin McCarthy.  Even if you don't like McCarthy, there is no doubt that this is a great move.

This is a development of major importance to the country.  If this January 6 video evidence is put together and presented properly by Tucker Carlson's team, it may have all the impact and all the "knock-on" effects that the release of the Twitter Files had.  Maybe more.  In fact, this evidence harmonizes with the Twitter Files.

Virtually all the abuses America has suffered at the hands of our out-of-control federal government for the last two years have been justified using the false January 6 narrative as the rationale.  There was never any "insurrection."  There are no "domestic terrorists" who need to be hunted down and kept in the D.C. gulag without a trial.  There is no "disinformation and misinformation" that the federal government needs to combat to protect Americans.  There are no "internal security threats" that the federal government needs to address by censoring conservatives on the internet.  There are no "security concerns" that justify removing Fox News from TV, as has been recently suggested.  It's all false, and it's all being pushed by bad actors who are trying to take over the country, subjugate the populace, and deprive us citizens of our guaranteed constitutional rights.  The release of this narrative by Tucker Carlson will help prove that. 

We've hardly finished processing the shocking information revealed in the "Twitter Files," yet here we are again, with even more compelling evidence of malfeasance.  The credibility of the mainstream media is at an all-time low now.  Several malevolent Democrat politicians (including our current president) were just proven to be colossal liars and now face further exposure.  The despicable Democrat party lost the House in 2022, in part because of the Twitter Files, and we are now approaching another election season.  Several government agencies like the DOJ and the FBI were just proven to be corrupt, and what's coming now looks far worse for them.

All these groups were damaged by the last cannonade and have been taking on water.  How will they hold up against even heavier broadsides of truth this time around?

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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