The GOP will win by making voting harder for everyone

Now that the midterms are over, this is not the time to relax. Here is an early warning for the GOP: Today is the day you must begin securing 2024’s election. Not a year from now. Not six months from now. Not next week. Today.  Make voting much, much harder for everyone. Here at American Thinker, several contributors listed in detail what must be done in order to keep 2022 from being stolen. It almost was.

Not nearly enough was done by Americans to secure the midterms. We barely took the House and came this close > < to losing it. Why? Because we didn’t take Democrat cheating seriously enough to do anything about it years ago or even in 2016. We were vocal, yes, but did we actually do anything?

GOP voters must infiltrate every election office in the country -- legally. We must clean the voter rolls of dead people. "Voters” who live at addresses that are really vacant lots should not be allowed to vote mail-in or in person, which means addresses must be validated. Voter integrity must take priority before 2024 rolls around.

Vote harvesting must end. No one should be permitted to submit ballots in any other person’s name. Thousands of “harvested” ballots were submitted by live people on behalf of dead ones, people who were coerced into voting a certain way, and people who were paid for their Democrat votes. We learned via Dinesh D'Souza's expose, 2000 Mules, that drop boxes were being stuffed with phony ballots to a degree that would make Chicago blush.

Suspect machines and printers were used in Arizona, no doubt tampered with so that wait times to “fix” the machines were often several hours long, disallowing a voter to vote. In this way, votes were suppressed. Kari Lake should have won her election, but her voters were turned away and told to go to another precinct sometimes hours away and with long waits once again. This was deliberate and obvious fraud in only her heavily Republican county. All voting machines should be tested a week before the elections, again on voting day before polls open, and any anomalies fixed before polls open.

Republicans must get themselves on election boards. Newt Gingrich has more suggestions and revelations here, and here is a 2020 Andrea Widburg column that still holds valuable information and advice. 

I wrote several columns herehere, and here about fixes that must be in place before 2022 but I was predictably ignored, just like other conservatives were ignored by RINOs and the GOP organization. "You can't go back," they said.

Yes, we can go back, because "back" worked far better than what we've got now. Republicans are only now learning that their "polite" way of doing politics only emboldens Democrat cheaters because the latter don't believe we are serious opponents. Disabusing them of this notion will be hard, but with the feisty new House members, maybe they will make the difference.

I feel obliged to put to rest the absurd notion of making voting easier. American citizenship is a pearl of great price. Its voting privilege should be closely guarded. It should not be farmed out to mail-in ballots where people who don't exist, people who are not citizens, imprisoned felons, and foreign nationals, all of whom seem eager to vote, can. Worse, they are allowed to vote. Voting in America should be made harder, not easier. It should be mandatory that:

  • Voting should be on a single day and in person
  • Photo ID must be required to vote
  • Signature and address must be checked against a database. If the address is not valid, no vote.
  • Mail in ballots should be permitted only for the disabled, those overseas, and the military. Proof of any of those things must be required before sending a ballot.
  • Oversight at every polling place by registered overseers of both parties should be zealously administered.
  • Paper ballots; we know enough now to realize that electronic voting presents myriad validation problems and in fact, flips votes from Republican to Democrat if so programmed, which is not hard for any 14-year-old miscreant to do. This was unearthed in the last election by hundreds of disenfranchised voters who were told to “file a form.”
  • No votes will be counted after midnight of election day, and no halting or slowing of the vote count for any reason other than an H-bomb shall take place.
  • In the event that mail-in voting doesn't go away, the GOP should mobilize a D-Day-sized operation to use mail-ins to their advantage. They had better learn how now, not six months from now.


This is not hard to implement, but if it isn’t done now (how many warnings does the GOP need?), we will suffer greater losses than in the last two elections because our enemies now know what works well and what doesn’t. They know they can walk all over us. Make no mistake that the Left is at this moment thinking up new ways to queer 2024, regardless if Trump runs or not.

The notoriously procrastinating GOP needs to get off its knees and off its collective ass. We need the blood lust to win what Democrats already have - passion. We must act today or be ridiculed once again by our own people, who are already gagging on Republican ineffectualness. We are being called “The Stupid Party” by our enemies. Worse, our own people are now doing so.

America deserves better. Here’s hoping the new crop of House firebrands can blow some smoke down the Democrat chimney and suffocate their efforts to steal the next election. We can no longer afford McConnell & his merry band of RINO cowards who put us where we are now. Let’s not lay all the blame at the Democrats’ feet, though. Romney and the Newsom would sell us out to China the first chance they got, so that’s a non-starter. We need a mean, lean, sharp military-grade candidate who is not afraid to tell Democrats where to put their cheating.

Photo credit: Tony Webster CC BY 2.0 license

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