The Biden Family Problems are Converging

The Biden family (as in crime family) legal problems are beginning to converge in an interesting way.  It may be the formation of a perfect political storm.

Objective observers (which excludes the MSM) recognize that the Biden clan has had some shady financial dealings.  With recent events, the evidence is becoming undeniable.  As criminals often do, one of the co-conspirators may need to turn on the other to cover his tail.  In this case, Hunter Biden may be the one protecting himself at his partner's expense — with Joe Biden being the partner left holding the bag.

I like those movies where a criminal mastermind pulls off an impossible heist and leaves no evidence behind.  A Hunter Biden caper doesn't look anything like that.  He traveled the world selling influence and information (some of which may have been classified) provided by his father.  His primary clients appear to be Ukraine and China.  That would be the very Ukraine that President Asterisk made generous military gifts to, and the China that he refuses to hold accountable for anything.

Hunter then:

  • loaded his laptop with evidence of the Biden family influence business;
  • dropped it off at a repair shop;
  • signed a contract granting ownership to the shop, should he abandon the laptop;
  • went on a dope- and hooker-fueled binge; and
  • abandoned the laptop — probably forgetting where he left it and what it contained.

Now an unknown number of people have copies of the laptop hard drive.  Hunter Biden fulfills only half of the "criminal mastermind" moniker — and it's not the "mastermind" half.

But for Hunter, it was no problem.  His dad has always had his six.  Pop could just ring up his Garland and Wray fixer department and have them fix it.  Problem solved — until now.

Now Joe's got his own problems.  He got caught doing what he said was inexcusable — if Donald Trump did it.  That would be mishandling, and maybe even stealing, classified documents.  The revelation has shattered the illusion of his integrity.  Don't laugh.  Some people actually believed that fairy tale.

Then, just when people were starting to forget about his Afghanistan surrender debacle, the Chinese seized air superiority over America using 19th-century technology — a balloon.  That also left the illusion of his competence shattered.

Now the Republican led House of Representatives is gearing up to investigate all things Biden.  This time, they actually appear serious.  Nobody saw that coming when Kevin McCarthy was elected speaker.

Now Joe's looking around and not finding many friends.  The Republicans want to push him out of office because he's dangerous to the country.  The Dems want to push him out of office because he's dangerous to the party.  And the MSM are suddenly doing some actual reporting because they need to regain some credibility before the 2024 propaganda season warms up.

Joe has his own rock and hard place to deal with.  He doesn't have the bandwidth to help his ne'er-do-well spawn.  The son who hasn't done anything but create problems his entire life now has a big problem he has to solve by himself.  That problem would be how to stay out of jail when 330 million people are aware of what he did.

Hunter Biden has decided to get aggressive with his "stay out of jail" plan and go on the offensive.  He's sent his legal team out to attack the admissibility of the evidence and the credibility of his critics.

His legal team is asserting that the dozen or so copies of Hunter's laptop that are floating around were illegally obtained.  The evidence from the laptop is the "fruit of the poisoned tree," if you will — unusable in court.  But that's also a tacit admission that the laptop is genuine and belonged to Hunter Biden — before he donated it to the repair shop.  You can't charge people with stealing your stuff if it's not your stuff — it's a legal thing.  And just like that, the Russian disinformation plausible deniability went poof.

That's a big problem for President "10 percent for the big guy."  The congressional investigators aren't going to care much if some "Obama judge" rules the evidence inadmissible.  As the Trump impeachments demonstrated, congressional investigations aren't bound by such legal technicalities.

Hunter's "get aggressive" strategy also includes efforts to intimidate his accusers into silence.  He went straight to Herr Garland himself and asked for a favor.  He asked the DoJ to initiate federally funded persecution prosecution of anybody from the right who has accessed the data on the laptop.  He's providing the names and asking Garland to use the Beria gambit to find the crime.  That's how it's done now, isn't it?

Hunter is also asking the IRS to pull the tax-exempt status of organizations like Marco Polo.  It seems the non-profit's leader, Garrett Ziegler, dared to talk about the laptop on a radio program.  I was unaware that freedom of speech had a charitable foundation exclusion.  Lois Lerner was unavailable for comment.

Hunter is even threatening (but not filing) a defamation lawsuit against Fox News — as if Fox could possibly defame Hunter's character more than Hunter has.  I'm sure Tucker Carlson would welcome such a lawsuit.  Just think of the opportunities afforded by discovery.  A deposition of Hunter Biden would probably be worth a year of prime-time monologues all by itself.

I have questions.  Do these threats by Hunter Biden telegraph strength or vulnerability?  Is a guy (like Tucker Carlson) who has over 3 million nightly viewers worried about Hunter's threats?  Even criminal action from the DoJ would be a huge ratings bonanza with little legal risk — because of this little thing called the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Are Hunter's attacks likely to quiet his critics or convince them that there's a big story behind the bluster?

Hunter Biden's scorched earth strategy may or may not help him legally.  It will definitely burn his father, Joe.

What Hunter is doing is putting his laptop back in the news, validating its authenticity, and juicing up interest in its contents.  Even if the laptop never makes an appearance in court, it's going to be all over the news, renewing interest in Joe Biden's sideline business — the business that made him a rich man while his only official income was a government salary.

All of this is happening just as people are looking for ways to help Joe out of the Oval Office. The timing of Hunter's new strategy couldn't be worse — for dear old dad.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He has written for American Thinker and American Free News Network.  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified Marco Polo and its legal status as a non-profit. We have since corrected those errors.

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