Taking Back America

As I travel, I constantly see tattered American flags blowing in the wind.  They are a metaphor for the state of the Union. It is emblematic of how our country is being hollowed out. We have a Manchurian leader who is gutting us of our rights.  The latest assault is Biden’s determination to put us under the domination of the World Health Organization, who will determine our health care.

Despite widespread criticism of the WHO’s response to the COVID pandemic, U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra joined with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in September 2022 to announce ‘the U.S.-WHO Strategic Dialogue.’ Together, they developed a ‘platform to maximize the longstanding U.S. government-WHO partnership, and to protect and promote the health of all people around the globe, including the American people.’

What could possibly go wrong with America ceding its G-d given rights to an organization that could set up a “medical police state under the control of the WHO, and in particular WHO Director-General Tedros” who could “issue orders that will go all the way down the pipe to your primary care physicians?”

Consider that COVID dictators continue to look for a way out after “draconian Covid measures ruined the lives of millions of lower- and middle-class Americans while lining the pockets of the liberal cabal.”

Cultural Marxism continues to degrade every facet of our country.

With the end of the Cold War, many Americans justifiably believed communism had been defeated.  But American Marxists have gained more influence than ever before.  Cloaking their goals under the pretense of social justice, these cultural Marxists want to distort America’s history and dismantle its very foundations.

Everywhere we turn, the social justice warriors have invaded.  Endless ethics training courses are mandated in order for colleges to receive federal funding. These courses are Orwell’s nightmare of debasing language, gaslighting, and weakening common sense. 

A female educator virtue signals when she writes she/her next to her name.  What exactly is that supposed to mean? If a professor has a rainbow flag on her door signifying a “safe space” for the alphabet soup community, does that mean a white heterosexual male better think twice before entering?

Decades have passed since the warnings about our historical ignorance, but we are more historically illiterate than ever before.

If history is [even] taught in the United Sates, the version of the history given greatly distorts and defames the motives and truth about those who shaped our country, resulting in Americans pitted against each other, rather than living together in harmony. As a result, our very republic becomes increasingly wobbly as it struggles to remain standing while lurching from one cultural crisis to another.

Precisely as the Left has always desired.  In fact, the goal of Marxists is the total annihilation of freedom.  No matter how many times the communist dream is proven to result in nothing but misery, it seems to get resurrected.  And historical ignorance is the means by which the next generation gets sucked in.

Consequently, a statue of Teddy Roosevelt that used to invite visitors into the Museum of Natural History is taken down.  On the other hand, a statue of career criminal George Floyd is erected despite the fact that Floyd committed three armed robberies, three violent home invasions, six burglaries, three car thefts, beat four victims senseless and held a gun to a very pregnant belly of his robbery victim.

Everywhere I turn, I see American values being eviscerated. Our legislators are beyond senseless -- dare I say idiots? Sandy Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer haven’t a clue about the system they are supposed to represent.  

The Left has an insatiable need to be a wrecking ball.  The latest attack is a war on local zoning laws. Biden and Democrats are mandating that high-rise apartment buildings with ‘affordable’ units in tree-lined, single-family neighborhoods will be built.  This is all in the name of equity. Towns that do not meet the requirement for economic diversity will lose federal funding.  It is but another attack on local control and single-family zoning and would require re-zoning for high-density housing. 

And then there is the canard about gun control.  Forget the fact that both Honduras and Switzerland have a population of 8.2 million people.  Honduras bans citizens from owning guns and has the highest homicide rate in the entire world.  Switzerland requires citizens to own guns and has the lowest homicide rate in the entire world. 

Emerald Robinson reminds us that “the Australian people gave up their guns and are now on their fifth covid booster shot.  The Canadian people gave up their guns and they are now having their bank accounts seized illegally.”

Perhaps the most devastating and irrevocable assaults are the incessant attacks on the innocence of children.  Ayn Rand in her Return of the Primitive wrote about the comprachicos or comprapequenos or child buyers.

Comprachicos, as well as comprapequeños, is a compound Spanish word that means “child-buyers.” The comprachicos traded in children. They bought them and sold them. They did not steal them.  And what did they make of these children?


Why monsters?

To laugh.

The people need laughter; so do the kings. Cities require side-show freaks or clowns; palaces require jesters…

To succeed in producing a freak, one must get hold of him early.

Consider the drag show in Tennessee where a small child is seen rubbing the crotch of a drag performer.

Hence, an art. There were educators. It was a whole science.

Where God had put harmony, they put deformity.

Where God had put perfection, they brought back a botched attempt.

And, in the eyes of connoisseurs, it is the botched that was perfect…

The practice of degrading man leads one to the practice of deforming him.

Deformity completes the task of political suppression…

Mull over the spiraling increase in gender reassignment surgeries where perfectly healthy organs are cut off.

The comprachicos did not merely remove a child’s face, they removed his memory.

At least, they removed as much of it as they could. The child was not aware of the mutilation he had suffered. This horrible surgery left traces on his face, not in his mind. He could remember at most that one day he had been seized by some men, then had fallen asleep, and later they had cured him. Cured him of what? He did not know.

But the modern heirs of the comprachicos are smarter and subtler than their predecessors: they do not hide, they practice their trade in the open; they do not buy children, the children are delivered to them; …they achieve their goal without ever laying a finger on their little victims.

...the child is not aware of the mutilation he has suffered.

 ...they take a child before he is fully aware of reality and never let him develop that awareness. Where nature had put a normal brain, they put mental retardation. To make you unconscious for life by means of your own brain, nothing can be more ingenious.

This is the ingenuity practiced by most of today’s educators. They are the comprachicos of the mind. They place him into a ‘Progressive’ nursery school to adjust him to society.

The COVID masks and sex reassignment have severely damaged our children.  Schools have distorted their minds and politicians have stolen our children’s future.

We have to fight back with everything we have.

Eileen can be reached at middlemarch18@gmail.com

Image: Public Domain Pictures

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