Russian Sanctions Have Proved as Useless as COVID Vaccines

In teasing an imminent re-election announcement from President Braindead, pretend medical doctor Jill Biden recently bragged that her husband had "brought us out of the chaos."  Brought us out of the chaos?  Both inflation and illegal immigration are out of control, Americans' financial security is in tatters, forced "vaccinations" did nothing to curb COVID, and we're closer to WWIII than ever before.  If this is Slow Joe's idea of "smooth sailing," then nuclear Armageddon is nothing but "a bit of a rough patch."  

Just what do Jill and her Marxist mavens smoke that so twists their noggins into thinking that the nation is in better shape since they took control of D.C. behind barbed-wire fences, sandbag barricades, and military troops?  Under President Trump — the guy they call "chaos" — the economy was roaring, America was energy independent, blue-collar jobs were returning, a border wall was being built, the U.S. was maneuvering around China to engage North Korea directly, Russia was not invading foreign territories, historic peace between Israel and her Muslim neighbors was breaking out, and the White House had refrained from starting any new wars.  The years between Trump's inauguration and the release of the "Chinese Flu" biological weapon were the most prosperous and tranquil in quite some time — unless you felt perpetually "triggered" by truthful "mean tweets."  

My goodness, the Triggered Generation — those poor, fragile saps who never learned that "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" — would rather enter a currency death spiral and rah-rah Ukraine right into some U.S.-Russia "mutually assured destruction" than suffer the indignity of living in a world where people are allowed to express ideas with which they might disagree!  From "disinformation boards" and government-directed social media censorship to government-funded blacklisting of websites accused of promoting something as moronically vaporous as "hate," the left's public enemy number one is none other than free speech.  So sorry food is expensive, toxic train spills and industrial fires keep inexplicably happening, and a forthcoming nuclear wasteland might crush Greta's "green" dreams, but at least President Mush-for-Mind never hurts your feelings!

Aside from his war on free speech, the Biden occupation has been primarily about vanquishing COVID and Vladimir Putin.  At the risk of hurting his dimwitted defenders' feelings, is it at least safe to say that neither forced "vaccinations" nor a year's worth of harsh financial sanctions did diddly-squat to tame the China Virus or thwart Russia's invasion of Ukraine?  "Effectiveness" should be the goal, right?  The question is not whether it is morally right to force people to inject an experimental serum into their bodies against their will.  (It is not.)  It's not whether Russia's actions against its neighbor required a NATO response.  (Ukraine may be known worldwide as a corrupt playground for prominent American political families to make big bucks, but it's not a member of NATO.)  Rather, the question is whether unethical "vaccination" mandates or dramatically cutting off Russia from the vaunted "rules-based international order" succeeded as Washington's "smart" class advertised.  

Today, living with COVID variants is begrudgingly accepted as part of everyday life, and after hundreds of thousands of lives lost and a European energy crisis that has wiped out the middle class, the War in Ukraine has never been more at risk of spiraling out of control.  So should either policy prescription from the Biden Politburo be seen as a roaring success?  Hello, McFly!  Anybody home?  Of course not.  

The reason I ask is because out of all the terrible decisions Biden's communist coalition of the wailing have made, their attempts to isolate COVID and Russia have been by far the most dangerous.  By first irrationally hyping COVID as a pathogen bringing certain death and then using that manufactured scare tactic to induce Americans into shredding their own constitutional rights in the name of safety, the balance between individual liberty and government power has been forever damaged.  Every petty tyrant — from tiny-town mayor to fascist Fauci — embraced an un-American falsehood that the Bill of Rights goes right out the window when screaming politicians erratically say so.  

Now when emergency strikes, no right is safe.  Government stormtroopers get to shut down private businesses willy-nilly, lock people in their homes, close places of worship, and squash freedom of assembly.  Federal thought police get to scour social media for speech and ideas that question the government's preferred "narratives" and censor any dissent.  Just-following-orders medical mercenaries and other bureaucratic brigades get to take a flamethrower to basic medical ethics and torch a century of international law recognizing coerced medical experimentation as a "crime against humanity."  

Runaway government tyranny and a charred Constitution have been the outrageous costs of COVID — far exceeding the trillions wasted on needlessly shutting down the economy and paying off interest groups to stay home.  And the final gut punch is that studies have shown that "vaccine" mandates did nothing to reduce viral spread or deaths, natural immunity is better than "vaccination," and mRNA "vaccines" have caused brain and heart damage.  If only common sense and the scientific method had guided public policy, instead of emotional fear-mongering, political posturing, and "speed of science" claptrap.  Maybe more American lives would have been saved, rather than tossed away as commie collateral damage

If Biden's COVID-1984 policies soaked the U.S. Constitution in kerosene while striking a match, his decision to worry more about Ukraine's borders than America's has brought us closer to a radioactive WWIII than at any time since the Cold War.  Put aside whether NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg's admission that NATO has been at war with Russia since 2014 should be seen as a contributing provocation for Russia's invasion. In that year, Obama's State Department helped overthrow the Ukraine government. Put aside also whether U.S.-led NATO's refusals to respect any Russian "red lines" against the military alliance expanding up to Russia's borders render Western nations somewhat culpable for turning Ukraine into a human meat grinder.  

The question is this: did the Biden regime's decision to punish Russia by cutting the nation off from international financial institutions and mechanisms for trade do anything to either save the Ukrainian people or prevent the regional war from expanding into a global conflagration?  Those should have been the goals, right?  To save lives, minimize destruction, and curtail any movement toward a Third World War?

If so, Biden has failed miserably.  Far from economically weakening Russia by depriving it of markets for its hydrocarbon energies and other natural resources, those commodities have become only more valuable, while Europe endures an energy crisis stemming from the loss of Russia's exports.  Far from isolating Russia from the global community, Biden's choice to use the "rules-based system" as a cudgel against a geopolitical foe has made closer allies of Russia, China, Iran, India, and much of the Global South now looking for workarounds to the West's institutional hegemony and penchant for punitive unilateralism.  Far from turning the Russian people against Vladimir Putin, both his popularity and Russians' support for the War in Ukraine remain steadily around 80% approval.  Far from successfully using economic and information warfare as alternatives to lethal bloodshed, U.S.-NATO's insistence on finding no middle ground with Putin, piling sanctions on top of sanctions, destroying critical infrastructure, and even haughtily advertising its intent to carve Russia into territorial pieces has dramatically heightened the potential for nuclear confrontation in the space of a single year.  By any measure, Russian sanctions have utterly failed.  

If Biden's COVID policies have broken the U.S. Constitution, his Russia policies have helped break the world.  That's an awful lot of destruction for a confused man who struggles to form sentences, control his temper, or remember names.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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