Peculiar Case of George Santos Exhibits the Media Double-Standard

“I am looking for an honest man.”

This was the answer of Diogenes the Cynic when asked why he carried a lighted lantern around Athens in broad daylight.

George Santos’s embarrassing lies are bare for all to see, and the mainstream media hasn’t been this happy since the heyday of their Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Since one cannot tolerate bold-faced liars in political positions, many Democrats, members of the media, and the occasional Republicans have called for Santos to resign his House seat. After all, Santos won his seat under false pretenses. This is unacceptable!

Let’s play a game shall we?

Given the number and magnitude of Santos’s lies, one can hardly blame his critics.  Santos claimed that the Obama administration did not use cages at the border; that he immediately came out against the Iraq war; and that he was always labelled as one of the most liberal members of congress.  Politico rates all three assertions as false.

Santos announced at a campaign rally that he attended law school on a full academic scholarship before finishing in the top half of his class. He announced that he graduated with three, count them, three, undergraduate degrees, and boasted that he was the outstanding student in the political science department.  None of that is true.

In his autobiography, Santos offers an excuse for the misstep: it had been an angry and flustered response to a supporter doubting his intelligence.  Unfortunately, Newsweek reveals that the supporter had politely asked him what law school he had attended and how well he had done. The reporter explained that Santos appears “hyper, glib and intellectually insecure.”  What else is new?

Years ago, a Santos campaign crashed and burned because he was caught lifting entire passages of a speech given by British Labour politician Neil Kinnock.  Further, Santos falsely stated that he was the first “in a thousand generations” to graduate from university, and repeated virtually the same story about his wife just as Kinnock had done.

Santos falsely alleged that his ancestors “worked in the Pennsylvania coal mines and would come up after 12 hours and play football for four hours,’’ so manly were they, even though no one in Santos’s family tree ever worked underground. That was Kinnock’s family.

In law school, Santos was caught plagiarizing when he “borrowed” five pages from a published law review article without attribution and had to beg not to be expelled.

Some Santos supporters might reply that this is all ancient history but Santos recently falsely claimed that he became a “teacher” at the University of Pennsylvania, when, in fact, he never taught students and only delivered a few speeches for a large fee.  Real teachers don’t get paid that well.  Politicians with feel-good platitudes do though.

Recently, while campaigning, Santos falsely claimed he had “a house burn down with [his] wife in it” and she only managed, “God willing”, to get out safely, when, in fact, it was a minor kitchen fire with no damage visible from outside.

Santos falsely claimed that he had a chat with an Amtrak conductor in 2015 when, in fact, the man died before that date.

Santos falsely claimed that he is such a man that he was offered a job by an Idaho lumber company but they have no record of the offer.  Similarly, Santos, being so manly, has claimed that he “used to drive” an 18-wheeler, but that too never happened.

Shockingly, Santos falsely claimed he visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue after the 2018 massacre, and spoke to the Rabbi.  The synagogue says he’s never been there.

Santos falsely claimed that he visited Afghanistan to honor a heroic naval officer, remarking, “This is God’s truth, my word as a Santos.”  The Washington Post denies that the incident occurred.

Santos has falsely claimed he was arrested long ago in South Africa when he tried to visit Nelson Mandela in prison.  In fact, that never happened.  And in a similar bout of outrageous virtue-signaling, Santos described himself as a civil rights activist and co-sponsor of the Endangered Species Act.  Neither of those assertions are true.

Of course, the astute reader knows that all of the above stories about Santos aren’t about Santos at all — they’re Joe Biden’s lies. Unfortunately, our “news” outlets appear blissfully uninterested.  In the past, occasional elements of the media have identified Biden’s shortcomings, but that was back when he was seen as a bumbling wooden presidential candidate of little utility to the left. All that changed when the evil Orange One humiliated the Democrat and Republican establishments when he brought inflation down to 1.4%; got Kim Jong Un to agree (in principle for the first time in history) to a denuclearization of the Korean peninsula; signed the Abraham Accords — which the usual geniuses had earlier predicted to be impossible to improve the chances for peace in the Middle East;  guided the U.S. to energy independence; and got the southern border under control for the first time in a generation, thereby severely restricting the cheap labor and flood of children that are so useful to the Mexican drug cartels and our elite overlords for so many things.

For some mysterious reason, perhaps related to that big “R” behind his name, the Democrat News-media Colluders (hereafter, the DNC) are suddenly obsessed with the danger posed by an obscure, newly-elected Republican congressman with almost no power, who has told a series of embarrassing lies during his political campaign.  By contrast, for some related mysterious reason, perhaps related to that big “D” behind his name, the DNC does not, at least recently, appear to be much concerned with the many decades of silly transparent lies and exaggerations by the bumbling confused commander-in-chief with his finger on the nuclear button and a reckless desire to put his thumb in Vladimir Putin’s nuclear-armed eye, apparently confusing him with the elusive Corn Pop. It’s good domestic policy to have an external enemy, no wonder they are so happy again — they have their latest diversion. Thankfully, the DNC has already made clear their real reason for wanting Santos to resign: “If he does resign or is expelled, that would set up a special election in a Long Island swing district and chip away at the House GOP’s razor-thin majority.”

Lest there be no misunderstanding, specifically, the usual kinds of intentional misunderstandings mechanically generated by the DNC to create a smokescreen to conceal the Biden administration’s massive identity politics incompetence.  When the present term expires, Santos should find a good therapist and never show his face again.  However, those inconsistent “election deniers” in the DNC who want to nullify the 2022 Santos-election should consider consequences for their own side of the aisle if the election-nullifying precedent they would thereby set, were suddenly, when the political winds change, to be rigorously applied to their own pathologically dishonest politicians.

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