Nationalism Is the Antidote to One-World Government

Canada Free Press recently highlighted a quote from Liz Churchill, who, ironically, writes incisive tweets bunkered down from the "Prison State of Canada," according to her profile.  Churchill took note of another Bond villain speech from Klaus Schwab delivered last week in Dubai, in which the World Economic Forum führer furthered his demands for the global "elite" to cement their control over everyone else.  "NEVER let anyone tell you there isn't a 'One World Government,'" she wrote, "when these unelected Rat Bastards openly state there's a 'One World Government' the 'World Government Summit.'"  So very true.

In warfare, a good tactician always keeps his enemy confused and off-balance.  Deception and psychological manipulation directed at an opposing force will often cause more damage than missiles, shells, bullets, or bombs.  Ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu argued that calculating commanders can defeat their enemies without firing a shot.  For decades, media pundits and politicians have excoriated as pure "conspiracy theory" the idea that an insular group of wealthy and powerful "elites" were surreptitiously yet methodically creating a New World Order.  Anybody who has questioned the erosion of national sovereignty and the elevated authority of unelected and unaccountable international brokers is written off as a kook.  Still, when one-world government cultists hold swanky fêtes during which proto-tyrants raucously lay out their plans for world domination in great technical detail, it might be time for national populations to accept that they have been the targets of psychological warfare for some time.

Chalk this up as a good rule of thumb: so-called "conspiracy theories" may not always be one hundred percent right, but anyone denouncing them as such is covering something up one hundred percent of the time.

The fact that the one-world-government brigade is now veering 180 degrees from decades of condescending denials and letting the new-world-order cat out of the bag demonstrates that they feel the game is changing — either because they have amassed sufficient technology and power to enforce the vision they have been meticulously seeding since WWII or because enough ordinary people, intimately connected through modern communication platforms, finally grasp what is being done without their permission.  Either way, the same people who sneered at global government "conspiracy theories" yesterday now pretend as if One World Government has been obvious all along.

Speaking at the same World Government Summit in Dubai as Kaiser Klaus, political scientist Ian Bremmer acknowledged that stubborn forms of nationalism remain the principal obstacle to achieving "new world" globalization — specifically citing President Trump's America First platform as a countervailing force.  You cannot sustain an overarching global power structure if individual nation-states still insist on protecting their sovereign borders, authorities, traditions, and cultures.  For entities such as Schwab's World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization to thrive, you must first destroy national independence, representative government, and local ways of life.  Creative destruction by any means necessary — that's the globalists' stock in trade.

"How is this transition going to happen?" Professor Arturo Bris, another participant at the World Government Summit, rhetorically asked.  "It has to be driven," he answered, "by a certain shock that will happen."  Ah, a "shock" — that makes sense.  Perhaps something as simple as releasing a biological weapon that scares the bejesus out of the world; convinces formerly free peoples to accede to gross violations of their free speech, bodily integrity, and personal mobility; hands unscrupulous governments unprecedented emergency powers to tag and track their citizens; ushers in new health protocols enforcing medical mandates without consent; and furnishes the excuse to provide international bodies such as WHO with the appearance of legal authority to impose their bureaucratic will upon formerly sovereign nation-states.  

Heck, if that doesn't work, the shock troops could always engage U.S.-NATO forces in a shadowy tit-for-tat proxy war with Russia over the scarred remnants of Ukraine.  Nothing gets anxious citizens to trade their freedoms for illusory promises of future security more carelessly than the threat of impending nuclear strikes.  At the very least, cutting off Europe from Russian energy supplies conveniently jacks up the costs of food and fuel throughout the West and fortuitously hides the "green new deal" repercussions of a socialist takeover of the economy.  

I sure hope those "shocks" are all sufficiently shocking for the good professors who attended the World Government Summit to finally leave us alone!  If not, we still have cyber-warfare, the rise of malevolent artificial intelligence, electromagnetic pulse attacks, failing electrical grids, "green new deal"–initiated famine, new bouts of laboratory-engineered viral pandemics, and World War III against Russia and China up ahead.  Until we are colonized into plaintive submission, the "shocks" must...keep...coming.  No wonder the Biden Politburo is working pedal to the metal to disarm citizens, shut down gun stores, and finalize its illegal database of gun owners.  Shocking Americans into obedience works best when they can't shock back.

The avalanche of artificial crises launched to cripple free people with fear and advance ever more oppressive iterations of State control reminds me of a rather Machiavellian morsel that once dribbled from Karl Rove's mouth.  Bush's beloved "Turd Blossom" dispassionately remarked: "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.  And while you're studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study, too, and that's how things will sort out.  We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

Doesn't that calculated deviousness feel like what plagues us today?  It is U.S. Air Force fighter pilot John Boyd's OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) for tactical engagement in the skies redirected into a strategic form for keeping civilian populations perpetually confused while the organs of global government seize more and more power and control.  Colonel Boyd taught pilots that whoever moved through the OODA loop fastest would win the battle; Turd Blossom taught his Big Government disciples that whoever constructed, demolished, and rebuilt realities fastest would steer the course of history.  And now we have Herr Schwab and his World Economic Forum proto-tyrants implementing those same strategies to control the world.

Once you accept that One World Government is the goal and that the global power-players pushing for such a New World Order are doing everything they can to confuse the national populations while they're being conquered, most of the hot-button issues of the day become remarkably easy to understand.  U.S. and European governments don't just aid and abet massive waves of illegal immigration because endless cheap labor keeps domestic wages artificially deflated for their largest corporate campaign contributors; more importantly, driving a clash of civilizations inside national borders destroys cultural unity, regional identity, and shared history.  Race-baiting politicians haven't embraced notions of "systemic privilege," "white supremacy," and "racial reparations" simply because they can cynically exploit ancient hatreds for electoral gain; more importantly, driving wedges within society and rubbing salt in old wounds destroys historic pride and national self-worth.  Paragons of "political correctness" aren't sexualizing childhood, pushing to secretly "transition" impressionable kids against their parents' wishes, or justifying castration and sterilization procedures for pre-pubescents just because the "woke" barbarians are sick, evil, and twisted; more importantly, destroying the natural bonds of family and ushering in a Western "Cultural Revolution" on par with China's self-immolation last century is the surest path toward generational destruction and national obsolescence.

When the goal is to obliterate national loyalties, all the madness makes perfect sense.  What happens, however, if the One World Government saboteurs inadvertently produce anti-government, America First, liberty-loving patriots?  Maybe then the "shock" loop treatment breaks instead.

Image: Pashi via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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