'Democrat Leadership' is an Oxymoron

A Gallup poll taken between Jan 2 to 22, 2023, indicates that the most important problem in the U.S. is government and its poor leadership.  Since the opinions expressed were formed while Democrats were in control of most of the federal government, and the country's major population centers, this reflects particularly poorly on them.  Republicans aren’t blameless, but Democrat leadership is an oxymoron.

At least Republicans have political diversity, as evidenced in the manner of extracting concessions from Speaker Kevin McCarthy, whereas Democrat authoritarians abhor conscientious dissent.  Their conformity is ironic, considering that Congress has more racial diversity than ever; in fact, 133 members identify as non-white.  Most of them are Democrats, and some of them are in the so-called Squad.

Squad member antics after Ilan Omar was voted off the House Foreign Affairs committee were unbecoming.  Rashida Tlaib and AOC were the antithesis of role models as their hysterical deportment harkened back to old stereotypes.  Their petulant behavior suggest that their liberal college professors never challenged them to think critically, but encouraged them to stumble onto the grievance bandwagon.

Leadership in the wider caucus is also on hiatus.  Inflation is sticky, but rather than make sound fiscal choices, they spend like drunken Democrats.  When not pursuing Modern Monetary Policy, they engender a culture of fear by imposing soul-destroying DEI and ESG imperatives.  It’s further evidence, in addition to Biden’s contemptible cabinet, that their definition of diversity is not necessarily a strength.  Instead, today’s demented Dems foster resentment and division, and are a big reason that poor leadership ranks as the top problem facing the nation.

Research shows that grandiose narcissists lack self-awareness, exaggerate their skills and experience, and are not the best leaders. Unfortunately, today’s Democrat leaders are riddled with grandiose narcissism as they determine to save us from ourselves.  One example:  it’s ludicrous that those so full of hot air would contemplate banning our gas stoves , and clean gas in general.  They are more bullies wielding a cudgel than leaders with a gavel. Such forceful tactics may work in battle or other emergency situations where there’s no time for debate, but not in a government of checks and balances designed for deliberate debate. 

We expect politicians to be extroverts, but contrasted to old frenemies like Reagan and Tip O’Neil, today’s cohort are often egotistical schemers who are skilled at self-promotion -- including imprinting their name on sponsored infrastructure projects. Unfortunately, being a big mouth is not the same as being a leader.  In fact, big-mouth liberals relish the privileges of “leadership,” but shun the responsibilities and accountability.  With those pompous pretenders, the buck stops elsewhere.

One doesn’t naturally associate grandiosity with Biden; indeed, he exhibits traits of a vulnerable narcissist. Respect is due the office of the President, but this incumbent is a really pathetic personage doing his utmost to give seniors a bad name even as calls crescendo for a new generation of leaders.  

Biden, who plays the blame game to the hilt, is a big reason why poor leadership, at 21%, far outranks the second most important problem of inflation, at 15%, according to Gallup. Unlike previous Presidents, he’s not a vibrant leader, but a puppet of scatterbrain liberals whose values reflect a small minority of legal voters, and a majority of illegal aliens.   

Consider Biden’s initial insistence to not negotiate debt limit and spending plans with leaders of a co-equal branch of government with power of the purse.  He’s just a petulant child who’s quick to anger if he doesn’t get his way or is asked a challenging question. That’s a fair critique, because childlike behaviors often manifest in those with dementia

Leader of the Free World?   Biden is not even leader of his own being -- that would be Jill Biden, who substitutes for his free will by ushering him around.  Americans see that, with 64% in a Fox News poll corroborating the Gallup results -- Biden is not a strong leader.  That’s a very large majority in a polarized populace, but it makes me wonder if the other 36% are on planet TikTok, for apparently they’re not aware of his proclivity for shirking responsibility

Interestingly, over three quarters of the veterans who are members of the 118th Congress are Republicans.  Unlike the mollycoddled drama queens in the Squad, they are well versed in the principles of leadership.  Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink is not one of them (yet), but he’s a legend who points out that a key element of leadership is to admit mistakes.  By taking ownership, one can build trust, without which leadership is undermined. 

Willink emphasizes humility, but our political “leaders” often have delusions of grandeur.  That’s troubling because researchers have discovered a definite link between grandiose narcissism and multiple indicators of inauthenticity -- the exact opposite of Willink’s wisdom.  I’ll go with Jocko over just about anyone in Congress any day of the week, especially in a constitutional republic which flourishes with some trust between government branches.

Willink also emphasizes that clear communication is important in leaders, yet Biden added to his vast collection of incomprehensible utterances by asserting that “more than half of the women on his team are women.”  His point should be obvious, but then again, maybe the other half are not women but ‘birthing people.” Clearly, clear communication is more important than ever for a leader amidst ever-changing woke absurdities.

Democrats have been in charge for a while, but “Democrat leadership” is an oxymoron.  No wonder government and poor leadership far outranks even inflation and immigration as our most pressing problem. 

Image: Hippopx

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