Biden's Right: His Word Means Nothing

Installed (p)Resident Joe Biden loves to make promises secured by the supposed worth of his family name.  "I give you my word as a Biden," he said back in March of 2020, "When I'm president, I will lead with science, listen to the experts and heed their advice, and always tell you the truth."  Again giving his solemn word before the 2020 mail-in ballot presidential selection, he promised both "to turn division into unity and bring us together," as well as to "be an ally of the light, not the darkness."  Just over a week ago, he declared, "My word as a Biden: I've never been more optimistic about America's future than I am today."  My goodness, if only Biden's family name possessed more value than that of Benedict Arnold's, we would be blessed with a man in the White House committed to truth, unity, spiritual guidance, and American success.  Yet Biden's name is synonymous with none of those things, is it?

Instead, the Biden family name has really stood for only two things: buffoonery and corruption.  For fifty years, Joe Biden has managed to hold onto some slice of power in D.C. as a senator, vice president, and Oval Office stooge not because he is renowned for his erudition or virtue but rather because his doltish behavior and venal character make him ideal for others to control.  Perhaps no other Washington relic has accomplished so little for the American people over such a prolonged government career or managed to harness those defects for lucrative advancement more successfully than China Joe

He is known as a serial liar, a "public servant" who has somehow managed to accrue tremendous wealth, a race-baiting opportunist, a Catholic-in-name-only, and a bought-and-paid-for politician in bed with criminal cartels and foreign foes.  In another era, Joe Biden would have been run out of his country much the same way Benedict Arnold was two and a half centuries ago; in an era when integrity, honor, fortitude, fidelity, and grit have been jettisoned for immorality, unscrupulousness, weakness, betrayal, and craven pliability, however, he is elevated to king sleazeball in a city drowning in sleaze.

Perhaps when America's Scumbucket-in-Chief gives his "word as a Biden," he is depending upon the solid reputations of notable relatives.  Alas, no.  His brother James has been repeatedly implicated in allegations of fraud and quid-pro-quo financial schemes leveraging Joe's political office as a means to advance the Biden family's interests and wealth.  His daughter Ashley struggles with sex and drug addictions, problems she has attributed in part to her memories of taking showers with her dad at a young age (no wonder Creepy Joe excuses pedophilia and transgender madness so effortlessly).  And then there is the "smartest guy" Joe claims to know — his son Hunter — whose illegal drug usesexual debauchery with prostitutesemployees, and relatives alike; gun crimes; occupation as an undeclared foreign agent; and serially-excused role as the family's point man for turning the powers of Joe's political office into seedy profit are all well known to the American people (even if habitually ignored by the corrupt Department of [in]Justice).  In any other family concerned about its reputation for probity and honor, Hunter Biden would have been cast off as some sort of uncontrollable "black sheep."  In the Biden herd, though, Hunter blends right in with his unseemly, scuzzy kin.  The Biden pedigree is made from rotten stuff — more like a pustule than a bloodline and filled with dreck, mediocrity, selfishness, pusillanimity, and unrepentant sin.

When you stop to consider how shockingly meaningless Joe's "word as a Biden" schtick really is, it actually becomes tempting to consider whether the old, fatuous fraud is ironically — and just this once — telling the American people the truth!  Perhaps when he says, "I give you my word as a Biden," he is really saying: "I give you my word as an incestuous pervert who cannot learn to keep my hands off little girls or keep from sniffing and grabbing women against their will; as a shameless liar who distorts everything, including the circumstances of my own wife and daughter's tragic deaths, when those lies induce public sympathy or are otherwise advantageous; as a plagiarist with no original thoughts or accomplishments of my own; as a lifelong racist who has had many friendships with segregationists and race hustlers while lying about having been active in the civil rights movement; as a corrupt politician who has ties to the mob and whose family has profited generously from my public office; and as a traitor to the United States who has repeatedly sold out my country for the benefit of foreign interests in Ukraine, China, and anywhere else I can make a buck."  

I guess when you see how long it would take to vomit forth that mouthful of insidious nastiness, using the shorthand, "I give you my word as a Biden," just means that whatever is said next is almost certainly untrue.  

Seen from that perspective, Biden's time as installed president makes a lot more sense.  When he promised to unite the country by ridding it of petty divisions, what he really meant was that he planned to exacerbate racial animosities to the best of his abilities, rub salt in old wounds to ensure intolerance festers and anguish lingers, and incite hatred among groups of Americans who would otherwise get along.  When he promised to "bring us together," he meant that he would promote propaganda reframing the J6 protest for fair elections as an "insurrection" seeking to topple the government and use that laughably fraudulent pretense as an excuse to persecute and imprison his political enemies.  When he promised to be "an ally of the light, not the darkness," he meant that he would threaten concerned parents with criminal prosecution should they resist the government's program of sexualizing childhood, encouraging bodily mutilation, brainwashing innocents with "transgender" delusions, and promoting abortion-on-demand.

When he promised to "lead with science," he meant that he would use the unscrutinized declarations of unelected government health bureaucrats with secret political agendas as a sword and shield for imposing a dictatorship of unconstitutional mandates, censorship, ephemeral freedoms, and unjust orders contrary to established law.  When he promised to "listen to the experts and heed their advice," he meant that he would further empower an already-out-of-control Deep State to police Americans' thoughts and words for alleged "misinformation" and "hate"; expand the national security surveillance State to spy on Americans' every move; and target for criminal punishment those who nonetheless insist on engaging in "wrongthink."  When he promised to "always tell you the truth," he meant that his administration would construct "politically correct" falsehoods, propagate those falsehoods through a willingly compliant and compromised State-aligned news media, vilify dissent as harmful "disinformation," and characterize contrary viewpoints as mere "conspiracy theories."

Finally, when Biden recently claimed that he has "never been more optimistic about America's future," what he meant is that he has given China permission to send spy balloons loaded with explosives across the continent; criminal cartels permission to flood America with illegal aliens; the pharmaceutical companies permission to reap windfall profits from harmful, untested, yet government-mandated products; the World Health Organization and United Nations permission to usurp U.S. sovereignty; the Federal Reserve permission to print money on our way to economic Armageddon; and the World Economic Forum permission to usher in a "great reset" of centralized control and loss of individual liberty.  Surely all that carnage is worth a relatively small finder's fee of 10%.

When Commie Joe's statements are viewed in their proper context, he is just a presidential truth-teller.  Really.  After all, he gives us his word as a Biden!

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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