America’s Disarray Is A Stark Contrast To China’s Unity

Listening carefully during the State of the Union, you could hear roaring laughter in Beijing when President Biden again said that J6 was the greatest threat to America since the Civil War. Biden is China’s perfect stooge. China has a long-term mission to retaliate against the West, with a bullseye on America, for a Century of Humiliation (1839-1949). To succeed, China must have political and racial unity and opportunities to strike, like an American president driving political, racial, and military disunity and invested in the mythical J6 monster.

It was easy to humiliate the Chinese in the 19th century because they believed that the use of military force was a sign of weakness. For more than a millennium, the Chinese brought nations into their fold using psychology. However, psychology was no match for foreigners firing modern weapons.

Successive humiliations inspired Chinese intellectuals to postulate what was occurring. The stickiest theory reads like the seminal thinking on Critical Race Theory (CRT). The world was divided into five races. The inferior Brown, Black, and Red races, collectively called the colored races, and the superior fair-skinned White and Yellow races. The Yellow race would remain in a long-term struggle with the White rulers, but eventually, the Yellow would win because the Whites were arrogant and lazy, while Yellows were humble and diligent. A belief in Han Chinese superiority is sacrosanct and as old as China.

In 1912, the Father of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen, oversaw early preparations for the long-term mission. He believed China’s success lay in its biological, religious, and cultural purity relative to the impure white race. However, China first needed to expand racial purity to conquered populations.

Image: Military parade in Beijing. YouTube screen grab.

China did this by forcing Sincization, which transformed non-Han ethnicities to a 90% Han racial majority, and by teaching schoolchildren the five-fold racial taxonomy, along with the Yellow race’s final victory over the White race. In 1927, the Chinese Civil War began. It was a stark reminder of the elusiveness and importance of political unity for the long-term mission.

In 1949, Mao Zedong, the first leader of the People’s Republic of China, delivered political unity. Consistent with the goal of global communism, Mao had to revise the Chinese CRT. The Yellow race was joining and leading the colored races against the white race with its western democratic capitalists.

Mao’s belief was that China’s one-party communist state was superior to democracy and capitalism, and it would deliver the economic heft necessary to develop China to settle the score. However, communism underperformed. The Chinese now had a Cold War loss to add to the humiliation. The West’s assumption of victory, though, was premature.

In 1991, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its “Patriotic Re-education Campaign“ to unite students and the nation on a heavily propagandized version of the who, what, and why of China’s humiliation and the long-term mission. In brief, it’s the history of the victimization of China by White oppressors.

Fast forward to 2012 and Xi Jinping’s ascension. The finance and technology (some stolen) from China’s alleged white oppressors have facilitated the fastest creation of a military and economic superpower in history. China’s political unity is made of stone, and it will soon be 100% racially unified. The 10% non-Han population, the Uighurs from Xinjiang and the Tibetans that live in the border regions, are undergoing forced Sinicization, including Patriotic Re-Education. Xi is taking no chances with weaknesses, either at the border or with a unified Chinese race.

While the CCP’s Xi executes an impressive strategy to achieve the long-term mission, he can take time to enjoy the American superpower, arrogantly or lazily, watching a Chinese spy balloon sauntering across the United States while collecting military intelligence before the grand finale in which America uses an F22-Raptor to pop a spy balloon. For China, this was a brilliant psychological and military win and a grand humiliation to savor. America should expect more humiliation.

Xi will continue to present himself humbly as he diligently keeps his nation racially/culturally, militarily, and politically united. He will also continue aligning the nations of “colored people” with Chinese CRT and the illusory truth of arrogant white oppressors while overseeing the Belt and Road initiative, where all roads lead to China.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration must remain silent on China’s secret weapon for achieving China’s mission: unifying children and the nation with the indoctrination that they are victims of white [American] oppression. This is so because Biden’s party is helping China by indoctrinating Americans in schools, universities, and at home with the same CCP propaganda.

There is so much irony in the President of the United States opening opportunities for the CCP to strike at America by disunifying the nation militarily, politically, and racially. Biden is leveraging the CRT offshoot of woke ideology, with both CRT and wokeness having roots in China’s racial and Marxist theories.

But what if none of this is ironic to Xi? What if the white spy balloon was a successful diversionary tactic while the CCP clandestinely works to facilitate divisions in America through the indoctrination of CRT and wokism? This would be an espionage masterstroke to advance the CCP’s long-term mission to humiliate America and achieve global supremacy. This could be a bigger threat to America than the mythical J6 domestic-extremist monster, right?

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