Will Any of You Leftists Wake Up?

Leftists lie. They lie relentlessly. They lie constantly. Their lies populate the minds and mouths of pundits and “news” reporters occupying the newsrooms of MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Fox News. Their lies fill the columns of practically every newspaper in America. Their lies are spouted by educators in practically every classroom and form the plots of countless movies, TV shows and documentaries. Our nation is drowning in their lies.

Words cannot adequately describe you, leftists. You are dishonest to the core, self-motivated to the core, and possessed of an incomprehensible, towering arrogance that takes one’s breath away. But even some of you must realize your house of cards is falling. The policies being pursued by Democrats at every level of government are visiting wholesale destruction on our economy, our culture and our future. Whether we’re talking about Biden and the Democrats spending trillions of dollars, drawing us into hyperinflation and unsustainable debt, or the freakish efforts of the LGBTQ educrats to proselytize, indoctrinate and impose horrific sex change surgeries on our children that have led to an unprecedented level of child suicide, the devastation is incalculable.

I suppose the rationale for deifying the LGBTQ agenda is to curb population growth? Have Gay, lesbian and transgender people become the modern heroes of the environment because they are not part of the contemptible “breeders” crowd? Meanwhile, at the same time, you leftists promote open borders to bring millions into this country precisely because our dwindling population doesn’t provide you with the goods and services you want at prices you want. The rationalizations would be hilarious were they not so universally destructive. And your (not so) secret goal is to create another class of captive voters to facilitate even more leftwing power. It is frightening.

You may actually believe that this is all necessary to “save the planet” or some similar self-aggrandizing nonsense, but even you must recognize your responsibility to your families, your children and your community, to see that they remain at least stable and fed, if not safe and prosperous. How does one square that circle, when every single policy pursued by Democrats is taking apart our economy and our nation brick-by-brick, while thousands die daily as the direct result of Democrat policies?

If you celebrate the calamity do you think falling on your swords is somehow noble—to die in the cause of “saving the earth”—or do you imagine some fantasy in which you will emerge unscathed by the absolute devastation created by the policies and lunatics you support? I suspect the latter. Leftists are always looking for someone else to sacrifice for the cause, while they continue to enjoy their brie and wine. Some even rationalize that it is about time America took a back seat to some other nation to lead, as if this is somehow noble. Like Obama’s idea to “lead from behind,” this never ends well, although Obama never paid a penny for his calamity of unforced errors. Neither is Joe Biden.

Among the nations of the world, all ruled by fallible human beings, ours has been the best, the most generous, the most noble perhaps in world history.

When there is an earthquake, or tsunami or some other natural disaster, which nation is the first to show up to help? The U.S., always. We have welcomed immigrants from every corner of the globe with open arms, even though many of those groups clash violently with each other elsewhere in the world. Our economic system has the magic of bringing all these people together, because it facilitates and encourages mutually beneficial exchange—where individuals and groups can prosper as they never have. And despite Democrats’ relentless efforts to kill the market economy, it almost always manages a workaround, because that ability to facilitate mutual exchange is its great quality.

The place where ethnic, religious or racial tensions mostly rear their ugly heads in America is where some politically motivated leftist group has seen fertile ground in provoking such sentiments. Groups like BLM and Antifa come immediately to mind. And these groups are financed and promoted by the professional Left in media, universities, foundations, Hollywood and the political class—who then decry the “racist,” “sexist,” “oppressive,” “imperialistic,” bad old USA. Meanwhile, every city and state run by Democrats rots from within.

We have sent men off to die in foreign wars in which we have no immediate interest, other than to see that part of the world rid of terrorists, communists or other forms of monstrosity—or merely to uphold our promises to some ally. Victory in almost every recent war, from Korea to Iraq and Afghanistan, has been sabotaged by the Democrats—Afghanistan being only the latest horrific example. Is there no sense of shame or regret for the unimaginable grief of those who now must accept that their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers or fathers sacrificed life and limb for a military defeat deliberately snatched from the jaws of victory? It is very clear that, for example, Joe Biden, couldn’t care less.

But your relentless, destructive policies have finally combined to create a perfect storm of crisis. Are any of you rethinking that? Can’t be bothered? Well wake up! We are absolutely fed up with paying for the messes you have created. If we could isolate you in cities and states where you alone would face the consequences you create, that would be fine with us. But since we are the law-abiding, loyal, patriotic class who pay most of the bills and do most of the sacrificing, we wind up paying for it. At the very least, remain in California, New York, Illinois and those other Democrat-controlled states currently visiting calamity on you. At some point, waking up will be your only recourse for survival. Based on what we are seeing now, it is doubtful if anything else will open your eyes.

James Simpson is an economist, businessman, investigative journalist and author. His latest book is the Amazon best-seller, Who Was Karl Marx? The Men, the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left. Follow Jim on Twitter & Facebook.

Photo credit: Jeremy Segrott (cropped)  CC BY 2.0 license

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