We Need to Have a National Birds and Bees Talk

The most recent $1.7 trillion slap to the voter’s faces (known as the omnibus bill) includes almost $12 million to fund various LGBTQ+ museums, centers, advisors, and housing projects. According to our federal government, we shouldn’t just show tolerance to alternate lifestyles. We should admire, and perhaps even aspire to them. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s an epidemic of our most impressionable citizens claiming that they’re a different sex than nature assigned them. Our kids want approval and the Left is telling them that selecting an alternate lifestyle is a good way to get it.

It's time we had an adult discussion about the birds and the bees, because we seem to have forgotten how biology works. First, let’s cover some definitions. Sex and gender are not the same thing.

Sex is:

The male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated with reference to the reproductive functions.

Our sex is genetically defined at conception. Humans with XX chromosomes can give birth. Humans with XY chromosomes can impregnate those with XX chromosomes, but cannot give birth themselves. No amount of hormone therapy or surgery will change that fact.

Gender is:

Either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated by social and cultural roles and behavior.

Gender is how we choose to live. Our gender selection may be as feminine or toxically masculine as we choose. Our gender preference may facilitate attraction to a same-sex partner or an opposite-sex partner, but it does not change our genetic code -- or our sex.

But the Left is determined to confuse the sex/gender terminology. They insist that men who display feminine characteristics are actually women -- if they say so. They’re not men acting like women, mind you -- they’re actually women. This intentional confusion has given us

  • Men competing in women’s sports
  • Men bathing with young girls at health spas
  • Girls sharing their locker rooms and restrooms with boys
  • A woman Supreme Court justice who can’t figure out what a woman is
  • An epidemic of people using hormone therapy and surgery in a futile attempt to make reality conform with their perceptions

The “birds and bees” discussion we need is this: Perception does not define reality. Nature defines reality. Survival of most species requires the breeding of opposite sexes, not opposite genders. To think otherwise is not enlightened. It is deranged.

Let’s pose a hypothetical question. Let’s pretend that after some gain of function research at Wuhan, a mysterious virus is leaked. Further, let’s pretend the virus causes all animal life on earth to be sexually attracted to the same sex, and repulsed by the opposite sex. Would leftists want to fix it? If so, why? Their long-held position is that same-sex sexual relationships are perfectly normal -- hence their insistence on the normalization of man/man and woman/woman marriages.

Of course, we know the answer. Even the most devoted leftist would want to correct such a malady. Whether they admit it or not, they know that opposite-sex attractions are essential to survival. Breeding is necessary for life to continue, and no amount of legislation or propaganda can invalidate that truth.

We know the Left would work to “cure” the virus, because we’ve seen them take any measure necessary to protect endangered species from extinction. They’re concerned about the ongoing survival of all living things -- with the possible exception of homo sapiens. The left knows the truth about the natural need for heterosexual interaction -- whether they will admit it or not.

Let’s return to our “birds and bees” discussion. Heterosexual relationships are the natural order -- as they are required for survival of the species. I’m not saying that homosexual relationships are immoral -- I’m discussing science, not morality. I’m saying that same-sex sexual relationships are not part of nature’s design, and when taken to the extreme are a path to extinction.

I know the TQ+ contingent of the LGBTQ+ movement argues that claiming to be a different sex than assigned at birth is perfectly normal and not a sign of any irregularity. Okay, fine. I’d like them to explain how some men (claiming to me women) using frozen tomato paste to simulate menstrual cycles, is normal. Further, explain why it is incumbent on me to accept such a practitioner’s perception of reality.

Such people need our compassion. They do not need us to enable their continued denial of reality. They certainly don’t need funding from the federal government to perpetuate that denial.

This is the truth that the Left will not acknowledge: Opposite-sex interaction is required by nature -- same-sex interaction is not. We know it and the Left knows it. So why does the Left continue to perpetuate a false narrative? Perhaps the Left’s insistence that everyone believe something other than reality is because they don’t care about science, nature, compassion, tolerance, or even survival. They only care about the destruction of our social fabric as a tactic to undermine western civilization and replace it with their vision of mankind.

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network.  His work has been featured on The Dan Bongino Show, World View Weekend Broadcast with Brannon House, and Steel on Steel with John Loeffler. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

Image: Eli Christman

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