The Disturbing Precedent behind Dangerous COVID Shots

An incident from 100 years ago has a remarkable echo in the mRNA injection reality of today.

After radium's discovery by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898, one of its commercial applications was in the production of radiant watches for seeing time in the dark.  The U.S. Radium Corporation (USRC) extracted radium from carnotite ore and produced luminous paints — first in Newark and later in Orange, New Jersey.  From 1917 to 1926, these paints were used to paint watch dials at the company's factory.  In her 2018 book The Radium Girls, Kate Moore goes beyond statistics and anecdotes to the original sources to bring the young women who painted these watch dials to life.

Among the hundreds of watch dial painters over the years, there were Katherine Schaub (who started working at age 14); Marguerite Carlough; Grace Fryer; Hazel Kuser; and sisters Albina Maggia Larice, Mollie Maggia, and Quinta Maggia McDonald.  These young women felt excitement and pride working with the beautiful radium paint and earning substantial wages, which some used for stylish clothes and others used simply to support their families.  The painters enjoyed genuine camaraderie in the studio, and working with the fluorescent radium was fun.  Even though the painters were brushed off after every shift to conserve every grain of the expensive radium dust, some painters had a slight glow as they walked home at night.  The painters were instructed to point their brushes before dipping them in the paint in a technique known as "lip, dip, paint."  They were told that the paint was totally harmless.

The women painted for years while the radiation slowly, steadily, and silently sickened them.  Mollie Maggia went to the dentist in 1921 with a bad tooth.  That tooth was treated, but then other teeth decayed rapidly.  She suffered not only from the pain, but also from the unique smell of the rotting teeth and gums.  Soon Mollie's jaw broke off in pieces.  Her whole face was a large abscess from ear to ear, and the pain had spread to other bones.  On September 12, 1922, the radiation that had been destroying her body ate away at her jugular vein, and Mollie bled to death.  It was claimed that her death was from syphilis, even though that was an impossibility.  Many other painters met similar gruesome deaths.  Hazel Kuser's husband Theo and Theo's father both spent their life savings and impoverished themselves in a fruitless effort to diagnose and treat Hazel.  By 1927, over 50 workers had died from radiation poisoning.

Meanwhile, in 1923, the New Jersey Department of Labor was contacted about conditions in the plant, but it took no action against the company.  In 1924, Hazel Kuser's mother wrote to USRC threatening a lawsuit.  This letter and the ongoing difficulty of hiring new staff prompted the company to call in Dr. Cecil K. Drinker of the Harvard School of Public Health to conduct a study of the plant and the workers' conditions.  USRC sent a summary of the resulting study to the Department of Labor along with one out-of-context chart, claiming that its conclusion was that all of the workers were in perfect health.  In reality, the study correctly identified radium as the source of the harm.  Radium had a "similar chemical nature" to calcium, which caused it to be deposited in bones, destroying them from the inside.  No worker's blood was entirely normal — even that of a new hire of two weeks.  Later, when Dr. Drinker was told about the false summary, he replied that he was understanding of the company's position and refused to publicly contradict it.  The company doubled down and continued operations.  Eventually, a group of the injured workers successfully sued USRC, establishing legal precedents and spurring regulations governing labor safety standards.

The parallels between the radium paint fraud against the workers and our current COVID-19 mRNA fraud are numerous.

Disease and death: The first and most significant item in common is that both novel products undeniably cause disease and death.  It appears that the shots may not be as uniformly toxic as the radium paint (I pray that this remains true), but these shots are clearly harming and killing some people in large numbers.  A comprehensive catalogue of information about the shots can be found on this excellent website Totality of Evidence.  For a succinct summary of the stark numbers and smoking guns, see former BlackRock executive Ed Dowd's website.  Studies show that adverse events in the VAERS database track closely in time to the number of administered shots.

Possibly more troubling than those deaths is the evidence that shot injury is not limited to the immediate aftermath of the injection.  The CDC website shows that excess deaths have tracked above their upper bound threshold for many months.  During this same time, the number of shots administered has dramatically gone down, making near-term vaccine effects unlikely to be the cause.  In ordinary times, it is fairly rare for the excess deaths to ever get above this threshold.  These continued excess deaths are worrisome and could be a sign that something latent from the shots is continuing to harm people, just as the radiation silently ate away at the bones of the watch dial painters.

Doubling down on the fraud: The mountain of lies by USRC and the lack of any effort to protect, warn, or help the painters is unbelievable and heartbreaking.  Just as USRC had done, our COVID masters have doubled down on the "totally safe" fraud even while the body of contrary evidence explodes.  Ed Dowd talks frequently in interviews about his experience on Wall Street and how companies continue engaging in blatant fraud long after it becomes obvious, stopping only when they are forcefully stopped.  While the shots are documented to be not effective, we still get assaulted by admonitions to get injected such as this rancid holiday health alert and this odd ad.

Reluctance to see the truth: For some time after they and their coworkers began to experience symptoms, the watch dial painters continued painting, choosing to believe their employer's word that the paint was harmless.  They needed their wages and they were likely afraid to face the fact that they had already received a life-threatening injury.  Similarly, those who have taken the Pfizer and Moderna injections can continue living in denial that they have put themselves or their loved ones at risk as long as they ignore the truth, even though acknowledging the danger from the shots could be the first step in mitigating their effects.

Compliance of experts and government regulators: With the painters, the Department of Labor, local health authorities, and the Harvard School of Public Health (all of whom should have been protecting the workers) either sided with the company or looked the other way.  In our time, government regulators, the medical establishment, the press, the military, corporations, religious leaders, and experts worldwide speak with one voice about the safety of the jab and the need to keep taking it.

It is the worldwide nature of the power play of the forced COVID-19 shots that distinguishes it from the smaller, more contained industrial evil inflicted on the watch dial painters.  Indeed, the huge scope itself makes the fraud hard to believe and seemingly impossible to stop.

Kate Moore's book can bring one to tears over the suffering and deaths of young women from a century ago.  The radiation victims' numbers are dwarfed, however, by the huge number of innocent people in our time with names, lives, and loved ones who have been killed or disabled by the shots.  The perpetrators pushing the shots are not subject to persuasion and will not stop voluntarily.  We must use every legal means at our disposal to put the wheels of justice in motion to end this barbarous chapter of "public health."

Image: qimono via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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