Stop the Pandemic Treaty WHO Power Grab

The World Health Organization (WHO) failed to forewarn the world about the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The measures it mandated did not prevent the loss of lives and collapse of economies but helped pharma giants make billions through enforced vaccination. Against all evidence, it gave China a pass on a possible lab leak of the virus.

Now, pursuing its massively funded left-elitist agenda, it wants member countries to surrender sovereignty over healthcare decisions. President Joe Biden is readily submitting to and endorsing this global power grab. He must be halted.

In May this year, the World Health Assembly – WHO’s decision-making body – is set to approve a pandemic treaty and amend the International Health Regulations (IHR). If ratified, these will centralize power in the hands of the WHO, world leaders, and designated stakeholders (read leftist NGOs, pharma companies, and the elite who own and fund them). Under the pretext of managing health emergencies, which they will unilaterally declare, these vested interests will be able to wrest control over nations’ sovereignty and people’s G-d-given rights. It is critical that our citizens know of the Orwellian implications of these measures and entreat senators and representatives to oppose the ratification.

After the pandemic broke out, President Donald Trump had cut American ties with the WHO, blaming it for “mismanaging and covering up the spread” of Covid-19, siding with communist China, and failing to hold the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) responsible for the deaths and economic devastation. It took guts and forcefulness to do that. But Biden reversed that immediately on assuming the presidency, rejoining the WHO, and assigning the discredited Dr. Anthony Fauci to represent the country on its executive committee. Ideologically aligned with the left-elite, Biden is in essence bestowing an American imprimatur on an initiative that is most un-American in spirit and fosters oppression and control.

In a video titled ‘100 Reasons to Exit the WHO,’ author and researcher James Roguski presents a strong basis for rejecting the pandemic treaty and the perilous IHR amendments, documenting the many threats they pose to our sovereignty. The treaty is a legally binding document significantly expanding the role of the WHO. It gives the WHO the central role in prevention, preparedness, and response to future pandemics, enabling it to preside over all healthcare systems and build a ‘pharmaceutical-hospital-emergency-industrial’ (PHEI) complex by directing funds to corporations that profit from pandemics and other public health emergencies. This will be achieved through a public-private-partnership bureaucracy between signatory countries and relevant stakeholders, among them the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI); the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, major funders of GAVI; the Rockefeller Foundation; the Population Council, which advocates population control;  the Clinton Health Access Initiative; the World Bank, which has launched a $1 billion pandemic fund; and – no surprises here – the George Soros Open Society Foundation, with its dangerous pursuit of a world government and the ultimate abdication of individual rights.

The chief ideas in the treaty are geared to achieve ‘open society’ goals. Inherent to the treaty is the concept of ‘One Health,’ to include humans, animals, plants, and other features of the natural environment. It advocates a ‘whole of government’ and ‘whole of society’ approach to handling pandemics. Behind the holistic façade, however, it will create oversight mechanisms to review healthcare systems for treaty compliance, giving government agencies and NGOs the authority to control the lives of the citizens of its 194 member nations.

The IHR amendments constitute the nuts and bolts of implementing global control by dictating to people on one of the most vital aspects of their lives – their health. Currently, the IHR is a non-binding set of rules for public health emergencies. It came into effect in 2007, following the 2002-04 SARS-CoV-1 outbreak. It allowed for collaboration between the WHO and the U.S. on emergencies like the recent pandemic. But the proposed changes give the WHO the exclusive right to declare health emergencies, propose remedies, and demand action. Countries will have to give mandatory access to WHO-designated experts and foreign care workers. Unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats will reign supreme, working under an emergency committee with the power to overrule governments’ policies; member countries will have to surrender autonomy, and their citizens their fundamental freedoms and individual rights.

During designated international emergencies, it’s the WHO that will order medical tests, vaccinations, health certificates, lockdowns, quarantines, and travel restrictions. It will also decide on the manufacture, donation, and distribution of pandemic-response products. It will have the power to control messaging, censor information running contrary to official positions, analyze social media and flag posts as ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation.’ Any barriers to the implementation of what it imposes could be rectified or eliminated.

Amended provisions to the IHR will also enrich Big Pharma, with the WHO having unbridled power to accelerate the approval process for drugs and vaccines, end prohibitions against gain-of-function research, and conduct simulations and biological war games (such as Event 201 and Clade X) whenever it chooses. 

The revisions will also enable the WHO to require contact tracing, review travel information, and refuse entry or departure into all countries. It could mandate health certificates under a global database system, permitting or denying travel, allowing or proscribing purchases, and monitoring adherence to treatments. Complete access to everyone’s digital health records will spell the end of privacy. Any changes to the proposed IHR revisions will be the exclusive province of the WHO, and its director general alone will have the authority to end declared health emergencies.

If this sounds like dystopic global governance, it could well be a reality – achieved through never-ending declaration of emergencies. For the pandemic treaty and the IHR amendments are meant for nothing short of a power grab, a global control of the world’s people and resources. They could usher in an unelected, unaccountable world government, unacceptable to the people of the United States of America.

And if more immediate and pragmatic reasons were needed for stopping the treaty and the IHR amendments, we need look no further than the miserable failure of the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The “two weeks to flatten the curve” stretched into two years without an end in sight. Mandated lockdowns, social distancing, travel restrictions, and masking failed; they only caused economic devastation, isolation, and mental health problems. Alternative treatments were blocked, tests were mandated, and vaccines were rushed through. There’s significant evidence now that the vaccines were unsafe and in fact damaged immune systems.

Perhaps there’s hope that Biden’s folly will be thwarted. Rep. Chip Roy (TX-21), supported by 15 colleagues in the House, has introduced legislation to prohibit U.S. funding for the WHO. “Funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to the corrupt WHO that serves the CCP,” he says, “is a slap in the face to hardworking American families struggling under record high inflation, and to all those whose lives and livelihoods were ruined and destroyed by the Covid pandemic.”

Straight talk, to which Americans must respond with vigor to avoid the sacrifice of our individual rights, privacy, and freedom. Meanwhile, China – where it all started, where information is censored, and whose citizens don’t know what freedom is – has officially reported 60,000 Covid deaths in the last 35 days. Experts say this could be a tenth of the true figure. Isn’t that reason enough for Americans to rise and thwart the insidious treaty and amendments that threaten to bring upon us a CCP-like world government?

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