Stealth Jihad is Alive and Well

Thirteen years ago, the Center for Security Policy Press published Shariah: The Threat to America, Report of Team BII.  They pointed out that “[t]he most important entity promoting Islamic supremacism, shariah, and the caliphate... is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), or in Arabic, the Ikhwan.” 

Moreover, “The MB defined this form of warfare as ‘civilization jihad’ in its strategic document for North America [.]”

The “Movement” is a ‘settlement’ process to establish itself inside the United States and, once rooted, to undertake a ‘grand jihad’ characterized as a ‘civilization jihadist’ mission that is likewise led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Specifically, the document explained that the civilization jihadist process involves a ‘grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated [.]

Known as “stealth jihad” it is meant to “employ whatever tactics are most expedient... and take control of the political authority.” [emphasis mine].

Despite this warning, rather than go full force to root out this campaign, U.S. national intelligence, law enforcement, and security leadership hid the Islamic origins of jihadist terrorism from the public.  In fact, for years, “senior Pentagon commanders have labored to define the threat out of existence.”

So it should be no surprise that “The Muslim vote may have helped secure Democratic Party control of the Senate.”  Consequently, the Red-Green Alliance is in full force.

In 2018, Trevor Loudon explained “how Muslims intent on fundamentally transforming America have achieved an ominous beachhead in Minnesota, thanks in large measure to that state’s long-dominant radical left.

Mr. Loudon’s “Red Minnesota: How a State’s Communist Roots Produced the Hard-Left Politics that is Enabling Its Burgeoning Sharia-supremacism” reveals a chilling reality: The ‘Land of Lakes’ has become one of the most Islamized states in the Union because it is one of its most socialist states. A man who personifies this ‘Red-Green axis’ is the Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood-tied Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress in 2006 who has just won the Democratic nomination for the state’s Attorney General. His candidacy has become a crucible for the further coalescing of the far-left and Sharia-supremacist movements into one great stream dedicated to undermining and eventually supplanting the traditions of political freedom, Western values and religious tolerance.

These leftist political institutions have established close ties with Minnesota’s predominantly Somali Muslim immigrant community and are now enabling the latter’s Sharia-supremacist agenda and helping empower its proponents, politically and otherwise.

More recently, Benjamin Baird highlights the “tight network of politically active Islamist organizations [that] have employed sophisticated electioneering techniques to multiply their political power and play a major role in the outcome of U.S. elections.

Aligned with the far left, these so-called Muslim civic action groups seek to create a consolidated Muslim voter bloc that can swing elections and promote candidates who will back their radical agenda.” 

The Muslim vote may have decided the winner of key congressional and statewide races during the 2022 midterm elections and even helped secure Democratic Party control of the Senate. 

Islamists, or practicing Muslims who believe their religion should vigorously apply to many social and political aspects of public life, have commandeered the Muslim vote and are using the political influence it affords to advance their own ends. 

These groups have orchestrated massive “Get Out the Vote” campaigns, , targeting Muslim households with millions of phone calls, emails, and text messages, and pressuring their co-religionists to show up at local mosques that are repurposed as polling places. They hold political grooming workshops and fundraisers for Muslim candidates, and they publish Congressional scorecards urging Muslims to elect pro-Islamist candidates.  

The Islamic organizations behind this monumental undertaking include an odd mixture of Islamist, progressive, and anti-Israel activist groups. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), responsible for a “Muslims.Vote” campaign, is perhaps the most well-known among them. 

Founded in 1994… CAIR was listed as an ‘unindicted co-conspirator’ in a landmark terror finance trial involving Hamas, and seven senior CAIR officials have faced serious criminal convictions in terrorism-related cases

CAIR vigorously works to thwart counterterrorism efforts, open the U.S. border to unchecked immigration from Muslim-majority countries, and punish any criticism of Islamism.

Despite this history, CAIR enjoyed privileged access to the Obama administration and today markets itself as “America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization.” It is committed to various progressive causes that happen to align with Islamist interests. 

Other Islamist advocacy groups include Emgage USA which is the current White House’s favorite liaison to the Muslim American community and MPower Change, a digital advocacy organization that sponsors Muslim voter registration. Linda Sarsour, MPower Change’s founder has made overt antisemitic remarks and has ties to radical Islamist organizations.

In a single weekend prior to the midterms, CAIR sponsored a robocall targeting 200,000 landlines belonging to Muslim households, and 600,000 personal cell phones belonging to registered Muslim voters.

Emgage’s Million Muslim Votes 2.0 completed over 1 million voter contacts. Local civic groups like the Georgia Muslim Voter Project canvassed Muslim neighborhoods, while Latino & Muslim Unity (LMU) helped sign up 500 Muslims in Southern California for early voting. 

The final result?

Registered Muslim voters rose from 60 percent of the total adult Muslim population in 2016, to 82 percent in 2022. During the 2020 presidential race, which broke records for voter turnout in the 21st century, 71 percent of eligible Muslim voters cast a ballot, up from 59 percent in 2016 and 4 points higher than the national average.

In fact, “Despite claims of non-partisanship, Islamists view their fellow Muslims as a voting bloc that, properly harnessed, will elect progressive candidates who are more likely to support Islamist priorities.” 

Baird asserts that “[u]ntil politicians recognize that there are meaningful alternatives to represent the Muslim American community, [radical] Islamists will continue to assume that they have a mandate from their co-religionists to pursue fringe policies that are at odds with American interests. As they gradually grow their base of power, Islamists like CAIR and Emgage will graduate from electing pro-Islamist candidates to building a Congressional Muslim caucus with the consensus needed to pass radical legislation.”

Bruce Bawer warned about this in his 2009 book Surrender; Appeasing Islam, Sacrificing Freedom when he clearly demonstrated that America was entering “a new era of pressure and intimidation designed to bring down Western freedom of speech -- and with it, freedom generally.”

Appeasing Islamists or whitewashing their ideas under the claim of religious tolerance and multiculturalism only strengthens the jihadists’ aims and results in sacrificing freedom in the country. 

Moreover, Islamists never compromise because “they have a goal, a vision, a determination, and even a sense of identity and values that Western multiculturalists cannot even imagine. Over the years, Islamists have taken... the ‘soft jihad’ into America’s classrooms.  Under cover of ‘Arabic instruction,’ public schools and taxpayer funded private and charter schools were ‘implementing a religious curriculum.’”

Americans need to take the Islamists at their word.  Their goal is the total evisceration of American values and liberty and the establishment of an Islamic caliphate.  The exquisite irony is that they use our democracy to destroy our democracy unless we stop them.

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